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Britney & Jamie Lynn: Mommies Night Out

9/15/2008 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like the ghost of her pre-conservatorship past in a mangled weave, Daisy Dukes and flip-flops, Britney Spears browsed the aisles of a video store on Sunday night with her reblondered unwed teen mother of a sister Jamie Lynn.

"When duz 'The Britney Spears Story' come out, y'all?"


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You have got to be kidding... they were looking for video's. what wenches. OMG those spears girls.
What will they do next. TMZ you people must really have a lot of time on your hands. What couldnt find
Lindsey and her lover, Paris not pole dancing anywhere?? What about FATASS Kim K or her WHOREY sisters,
must be a slow day.

2192 days ago


They don't look bad at all, just like two normal girls out looking at DVDs to bring home. Big deal. They look clean, neat, and casual. What's wrong with that? Not all of us want to put on make up, do our hair, put on our best clothes, etc. just to make a run to Blockbuster at night. Jeez, cut the girls some slack. If they'd dressed up you'd have crucified them for playing up to the paps. They really can't win with you guys. Stop hating on them already. They're both staying out of trouble so just leave them alone.

2192 days ago


She'lll be needing her face worked on pretty soon.

2192 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

NO. 44 It's crawdads, not crawl dads (technically: crawfish) and we don't want them down here, let them both stay in CA.

2192 days ago


To # 26 Jen

Ha-ha-ha! Your question was why would Britney rent videos when she can buy them? Well, last time I was there, you could still buy movies at Blockbuster. MY question would be why would anyone care whether she's renting or buying? In fact, why does anyone care that she was at Blockbuster in the first place, or be concerned about what she was wearing?

Granted, it would be newsworthy if she wasn't wearing anything or if Jamie Lynn had shaved her head, but otherwise, it's just two chicks at Blockbuster.

2192 days ago


Man she hiding a pair in them shorts?

2192 days ago


They both look pretty good. Brit does not look fat. But even if they were all fixed up, they would still be talentless, useless, loser skanks.

2192 days ago


I at least try to look decent when I leave my home. It is amazing what makeup does for her. She looks so old and used.

2192 days ago


wouldnt it be great if harvey gets hit by a commuter train while high on an 8-ball on his way to his dead-from-plastic-surgery lover's funeral, and that fox news will be there for live coverage while his illegitemate siamese twin boys (connected at the penis) cry out from the crowd for recognition from their heshe poppa as brit, angie, shia and lindsay are accepting their nobel prizes in literature, science medicine and peace.

that would be newsworthy!

2192 days ago


'Crossroads' and 'Best of Zoey 101' were probably in Blockbuster's $1 bargain bin. Ding dang y'all i'se goin to the vide-oh store!

2192 days ago


It's not crawdad, crawfish, etc.

It's crayfish.

(Don't mean to bite your head off)

2192 days ago


Cankles. Just sayin'

2192 days ago


To # 57 chicken stripper

Hey, we call 'em mudbugs around here. If you say crayfish or crawdad, people laugh at you. ; )

2192 days ago


hey guess what thats how i dress to go to the vidoe store too, alot of times i see people in worse that that, atleast they are not dumping their kids off on someone and going to a club.

2192 days ago

Big Bear    

Why does Britney not have a man in her life?? I understand having a man in your life is not required. Britney has, from time to time, had a fella but not over the long term. Does her sever mental illness keep her from a meaningful relationship??

2192 days ago
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