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Dr. Phil Pays the Piper

9/15/2008 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are lots of peeps to tip when you leave STK. Dr. Phil was generous with the security guy, then got in his car. But the valet had some unfinished business and came a callin'.
Dr. Phil: Click to watch
But D.P. ain't no cheapskate -- the good doc paid the $9 parking fee and tipped $11on top of it.


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Farmer Ted    

Breaking News: Dr Phil pays for parking and adds tip

... and we gotz the vid

Another crowning achievement in the annals of investigative journalism.

2229 days ago


Good grief, this is no big deal. Dr. Phil has gone into the realm of Jerry Springer at times, but I still think he is an ok dad and husband. Robin probably gets anything she wants. I mean look at her and then look at him.

I have no problem with those people. Leave em alone. I just don't watch the show anymore because is leans into the trailer trash arena. I mean this cannot be what he invisioned when he first started the show...but The Doctors is good.

2229 days ago


"Well, gee.. if I wer'nt a gold darn chicken in a roosters nest". Whatever. I get it. He paid a valet. Big deal.

2229 days ago



Damn him?

2229 days ago


Having to have Oprah in your back pocket is a pain in the azz.

2229 days ago


Nice shot of him. He should put it on the cover of his next how-to diet book.

2229 days ago


Oprah sure has her men confused.
While Dr. Phil is all about keeping the change, Obama only hopes for change.

2229 days ago


Hey no5. How the hell would you know? By the way, Dr. Phil would be back in Dallas working for peanuts. Remember this about Oprah. It's only the white people she helps in the country so you should keep your mouth shut. I guarantee you she won't have a dr. oz or Rachael Ray type black person sitting on stage with her.

2229 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

oprah just dosen't help white people>>>number 8... she won't even have sarah palin on her show... she just wants her obama and she is afraid of sarah palin.... looser oprah... i never watch her oprah.. obama show anymore

dr phil paying a valet ??? must be a slow newsday.... paying a valet ??? well i will sleep good tonight...

2229 days ago


Oh Dr. Phil......Where're your seatbelts???

2229 days ago


I thought he was caught getin head.

2229 days ago


Well, I'm about to give up!! It's news when Dr. Phil pays for parking, but not when he allows Paul Mooney to be verbally abusive to audience members and everyone watching at home on his "N-word" show from 9/12/08? What is the matter with people? I really do not understand. Is Dr. Phil a "reverse racist," or is he just afraid to speak out when enraged black comedians lose their cover on stage? Michael Where is the outrage at Mr. Mooney? Why doesn't the good Dr. Phil address what happened on his own show?? For one who's been a psychologist "doin' this for a looong time," as he says frequently, he sure wants to stuff the feelings, anger, hurt--whatever his audience and viewers may have experienced. Shame on Paul Mooney, and shame on YOU, Dr. Phil!!

2228 days ago

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