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Jake "The Snake" Implodes

9/15/2008 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget everything you knew about wrestling legend Jake "the Snake" Roberts -- all that appears to remain is Jake the Junkie.
Jake Roberts: Click to view!
TMZ has obtained extremely disturbing footage of the former WWF superstar -- and former substance abuse rehab patient -- self-destructing during a live benefit event in Ohio over the weekend.

The footage shows a stumbling, overweight, rambling Roberts struggling to form a coherent sentence, while addressing the crowd moments before his match in the Firestorm Pro Wrestling league.

But the story behind the scenes is even more tragic. According to several sources, the 53-year-old legend was found passed out backstage moments before he was scheduled to perform. We're told when Snake was woken up, he was aggressive, violent and asking for "an 8-ball."

We're also told nearly two dozen empty airplane bottles of vodka were found by his gear.

During the match, Roberts was clearly unable to perform, barely responding to the barrage of "fake blows" he received from the other wrestler, J.T. Lightning. Around one minute into the match, Roberts' opponent -- clearly frustrated with the situation -- whispers to the ref to end the fight. Afterwards, Lightning grabbed the mic and told Roberts, "I've wrestled drug addicts ... you are a piece of s**t, Snake. You gypped these people. F**k you."

Click to view the gallery!After the verbal assault, Jake pulled down the front of his pants and exposed his penis to the crowd.

Backstage, the madness continued. People close to the situation tell us Snake broke his hand punching a wall, then ran into the street crying. An ambulance and police were called to the scene, but Roberts, who refused medical treatment, was not arrested.

Calls to Jake's rep have not yet been returned.
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No Avatar

The Angel 2008    

Yeah Wonderful Team Snake. Wonderful believable respsonce that Shannon chose to share. Poor BS I agree with Baby Doll Shannon is not out to help Jake she is the one killing him. I read that on legendschampionshipwrestling.com. Read it if you dont believe me! I dont care!

2138 days ago


One of the sickest wrestlers of the 80's; that was painful to watch, I feel bad for the guy.

2138 days ago


this is not gossip - this is sad. Take it down.

2138 days ago


This is sad but I don't blame WWE entirely. Jake did it to himself just like Jeff Hardy did it to himself and Chris Benoit brought his fate on himself (though I don't think the WWE is telling the WHOLE truth on that sad incident). On that note, I hope Hardy has finally learned his lesson.

Back to Jake, I do hope he gets help and stays there until he's really over it! By the way, I agree with the writer that said Jake still has more class than the whole Hogan clan! LOL!

2138 days ago


Wow... he's fallen a long way. And just when you think that's he's made it, he falls again. We need more education on male survivors of sexual abuse. I hope he doesn't die.

2137 days ago


WOW.....ummm Jake the Snake was my dad's fav. wrestler, this is sad.. please take this down, why does TMZ want to ruin the thoughts and admiration someone(s) might have for these people. When I was a kid Jake was a hero to lots of kids I knew, so why ruin that? These people are human and they have human pain and make human mistakes, its doesent make you better people by putting things like this up

2137 days ago


So that's why they call him Jake "The Snake"

2137 days ago


Unless some drastic measures are taken to help this poor man, he will be dead before the end of 2009, that's a guarantee!

2137 days ago

Chris Ford    

What a load of total crap.

He's on drugs for sure, but this is ACTING, not wrestling.

2137 days ago

Glenn Q.    

I think that it may not have been his fault. I agree with Tink & Chere, he has been pretty honest so far about when he has fallen. The lack of compassion and negativity that everyone is expressing here shows just how messed up the world can be sometimes. No one rallies to help someone in trouble, but as soon as someone is down, like a group of vultures everyone is quick to attack and judge, not to his face of course, but on sites like this where they can remain anonymous and stroke their ego by putting someone down that they don't know. If you don't have anything constructive to say, shut up and be ready for the time when you fall and everyone trashes you, since thats what you believe in. Jake if you read this know that there are people who know that tough times happen to all of us. Stay strong and get through this. You were my hero growing up, I used to watch WWF all of the time and you were my favorite.

2137 days ago


He's a wrestler? He looks like an obese grandfather.

2137 days ago


Who are they trying to kid??? It is a well known fact many wrestlers have had steroid problems as well as drug and booze problems.

Is this really the type of people you want your kids looking up to ??

Nobody did this to this guy. Stop blaming everyone else for their own stupidity.

2134 days ago


is this where you wanna be when jesus comes back? making fun of old jake the snake? seriously, though vince mcmahon is going to hell.

2076 days ago

g. Powell    

Jake has had all kinds of help,but he keeps sliping back into the drugs. wwe has a new plan for any wrestler who has worked for them to get help now.

1520 days ago


For anyone that still remembers this debacle, there is some recent sad news. Jake's opponent in this match, JT Lightning, lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Many of you may not care, but JT was an awesome guy and a main staple in the Cleveland Music and Wrestling scene. Say a prayer for his family and friends.

1084 days ago
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