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Mama Spears: Casey's Feet Talked to Me, Y'all!

9/17/2008 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This little piggy ... told Lynne Spears her daughter was pregnant?! WTF!!
Lynne Spears: Click to watch
Mama Spears told the "Today" show how she found out Jamie Lynn was pregnant -- and it involves note-passing and Casey Aldridge's feet on the table.

We couldn't make this up if we tried, folks.


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Phillies #1    

Why is this loser being interviewed to begin with??? She ought to be home with her dysfunctional family doing what a mother is supposed to do: put her family first and take care of them!! I'd be so embarrassed if that were my mom. I can't stand this family; I wish they'd fall off the face of the earth already!!

2195 days ago


I wonder if he got to come over on school nights after that.

2195 days ago


Just watched a video of Lynne on tv promoting her book. She says they didn't know what they were doing. Well, I don't know exactly who she means by "they" but she sure as hell didn't know what she was doing to her daughter. However, she did know she was going to get rich quick. She cut herself into Brit's money faster than lightning and knew just exactly what she was doing there. I don't think she's ever known what she was doing raising kids. And notice how she never ever mentions her son. Just her little female money makers. And she mentioned on the tv show that her husband was an alcoholic, but did she mention she cheated on him when they were still married? Nooooooooo, she conveniently didn't bring that up. Oh, and if any of you watched that interview, did you notice how she surely did know how to evade the real question with a lot of "you know what's" and psycho-babble.

2195 days ago

Moan Ica    

Mama Spears - shallow, greedy, attention whore?

Just look at the hair highlights, eye & brow lift, make-up, and designer duds

Where was she when Britney's life tanked? Probably Rodeo Drive.

2195 days ago


Congratulations, Lynne! You are awarded the first annual "Can't Do Anything on My Own" award. You couldn't even write your book without a ghost writer, as you clearly admitted in that tv interview. Can you do anything on your own? You had to use your daughters to get rich and "famous" and even now with this book, you -- a school teacher with a college education -- couldn't even write it on your own. You can't even face up to the mistakes you personally made and admit them, and you still can't understand how everytime you open your mouth something really stupid comes out. Well, I'm sure many people will buy "your" book and put more money in your bank account. I wonder how much your ghost writer makes from it all? You can't even give their name and give them credit for helping you get a book written, for God's sake.

2195 days ago


This person has always wanted to be famous and was using her children as her meal ticket. She is a disgusting low down dirty piece of trash. No respectable mother in her right mind would pimp out her 14 year old daughter to the entertainment industry. Britney is mess because this woman screwed up her developmental years. Now Lynne basking in the spotlight like people actually care about what she has to say about anything. I feel really bad for Britney because she didn't have a mother, just some fame-hungry skank.

2195 days ago


Well, number 17, he moved in with Jamie Lynne and cheated on her and humliated her before the whole world. I heard but am not sure if it's true, that he quit work when he moved in with her. But get this -- we're taling about Lynne Irene now. Here is Miss Educated Spiritual Martyred Saint Lynne on nationwide television promoting a book she admits had a ghost writer (check up on what a ghost writer really does -- all the work but no recognition), and this ditzy dumbass Lynne is talking about Casey's feet on the table. yeah, I understand what she was saying and tmz did make an idiotic title for the segment, but Lynne talks stupid, says dumb things like that. The hell with his damned feet, the question was about how Jamie Lynne told that she was pregnant. And oh, how I wish somebody would have the nerve to ask her face to face about that comment she made when Britney was much younger - "I don't worry about her, etc." I would love to see how she responds to that question.

2195 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

I instantly get a boner whenever I see "Spears" and "feet" in the same sentence.

2195 days ago

Big Bear    

The photo shows Mama Spears with a crazy look in her eyes. We now know where Britney got her "crazy" genes!!! The crazy apple does not fall far from the tree!!!!!!

2195 days ago


Lynne love attention and she loves being rich and she has proven over and over that she will do anything to have both. But she wants the world worshiping at her feet and when her ugly side came to light she couldn't take it. She wants to "clean up" her image and this ghost written book (and the big gold cross on her neck) are her pathetic attempts. Hey, anybody ever notice how "back in the day" when she was running all over LA with Britney and mugging for the cameras and glorying in the attention, she didn't wear a cross -- that only came after people started telling the dirty truth about her.

2195 days ago


I wish somebody could know how her son Brian feels when she never mentions him, like he didn't exist. On that interview she said she had to stay with "Jamie Lynne' was why she left young dumb vulnerable Britney alone to deal with the sudden fame and lifestyle. She never mentions her son at all. And anyway, she could have taken jamie lynne along and been with britney and hired tutors to teach her. She could afford it by the time Brit hit the big time. But anyway, what about her son? Anybody know or have thoughts on that?

2195 days ago


She does look like she's had some kind of lift to her face. She's usually has saggy jowls and her eyes not so wide. Her age was showing really bad for a while there. Either that or they did a super makeover before she went in front the cameras for the interview. Hey, I don't blame her for trying to look better, any woman would if she had the money for what it takes. But I hate the way she lies about her part in the whole Spears Family Tragedy.

2195 days ago


Lynne Spears - who is she really? I mean "on her own" without riding the coattails of her famous daughters? She's nobody. She's not smart or beautiful or talented. She's just nothing.

2195 days ago


Seems like Britney has got her mess straightened out and is getting back on track with her dad's help. Now Lynne the "author" who paid somebody to ghost write a book for her, is making a fool of herself in front of the whole world with her stupid commentary and her book of lies. That woman is a total dumbass and ought never to speak in public.

2195 days ago


another lame ass headline and topic from the lame ass website.

how about the fact this biotch mama tried to play the innocent, we were duped card? watch the whole interview. no question as to why her kids are so screwed in the head.

2195 days ago
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