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Ryan O'Neal Busted in Meth Mess

9/17/2008 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is no father/son bonding activity quite like being busted together for methamphetamine.
Ryan O'Neal and son Redmond were booked on suspicion of narcotics possession this morning.

Ryan O'Neal: Click to watchAuthorities said they were doing a probation search at the family's Malibu home when they found Redmond O'Neal in possession of methamphetamine and a vial of the drug was allegedly found in Ryan's bedroom.

The father/son are being held on $10,000 bail.

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Is it me or is Ryan a bad seed? I mean, every child he has raised has had run-ins and all sorts of other bad behavior. After reading Tatum's book and hearing everyone bash her for what she shared, you've got to believe that 98% of her bad life is true and that it's all due to Ryan. I feel bad for all of them.

2224 days ago


Btw, Remond is ADOPTED.

2224 days ago


drugs and drink does run in families, inherited.

2224 days ago


Well duh!! The father and son that does drugs together, stays together. Now they may be doing time special and such a bonding moment.
Their kid has been a looser from the get go, what do you expect, look at the examples he has had.

2224 days ago


And I am really discussed that before this upcoming election only about 30 to 35% of the total United States population was a registered voter. What is the matter with this country ? Even thou I don’t think that anyone that is running for office is worth a thing it is not going to stop me for casting my vote I am just going to do as much research on all of them as I can and if I can find just one thing that one of them will do for the United States population is better than the other than that is who I will vote for. But to tell the truth I think the reason most people don’t vote is because most all that are running for office are nothing but a bunch of liars. And to tell the truth I think that all of them that are running for office should be forced into taking A lie detector test. What do you think of that ?

2224 days ago


Douche X 2.

2224 days ago


The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

2224 days ago


"91. drugs and drink does run in families, inherited.

Posted at 6:30PM on Sep 17th 2008 by Mar"

What a load of crap. Are you that dense as to believe that??? Inherited?? *L* Big Brother sure did a job on the majority didn't they? That mentality keeps Big Pharma and the Government in "control."

Sure, blame it on the family genetics. Such a wad of crap that we've bought into as a society over the figurative centuries and it has evolved into a money making giant. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!!! THINK OUTSIDE OF THIS BOX!

It is so much more like monkey see, monkey do. Wise up. It is not genetic and it is NOT inherited. It is nothing more than "learned" behavior. Nothing more. Sorry to burst your lazy way of thinking bubble pal.

2224 days ago


I first I thought it was Prince HArry that got busted. Redmund and Harry look like twins.

2224 days ago


All one has to do is look at Ryan O'Neal's eyes, they are telling the picture. Maybe he went into his son's stash. I can't believe father and son are in on this together, no way! Ryan does look like he is speeding and he may have found his son's stash and lifted some for himself. And to the jerk who said they couldn't believe people in their 60's could do drugs, come on, they are oldies but goodies ... been doing it for over 35 years and still going these older people.

2224 days ago


The O'Neal family sure has had its share of problems. Since Ryan is in his 60's, is it, I guess drugs haven't proven to be the answer to his problems, nor will drugs be the answer to his children's pain and problems. Since they live in Malibu, I checked it out, and there's a Calvary Chapel Malibu there. I suggest the family check out this church and see what the word of God has to say and how powerful God's healing can be in their lives. I think enough time has passed with the drug use and abuse that now it's time to try something different. O'Neals, are you ready? Check it out, it can't hurt, but drugs definitely do. I think if you're open, you'll find some healing. I say this only from personal experience. God is always there, you just need to be. God bless this family.

2224 days ago


Looks like a down & out druggie version red haired Lyly Lovette!!!

2224 days ago


Damn, only if I had done hard drugs with my parents, I guess I would have felt less guilty. IT'S TRAGIC, IT'S TRAGIC

2224 days ago


This kid has been a f**k-up for years. Farrah and Ryan need to do something with his silly a** before he winds up dead in a gutter somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised if that was his sh** in Ryan's room. I know Ryan's got some issues, but I sure hope drugs isn't one of them. I sure hope they get their sh** together. It's very sad.

2224 days ago

Big Bear    

The only way to get the drug problem cleaned up once and for all is to get really tough on the drug sellers and the drug users. We need a minimum of 10 years with no probation or suspended sentences. 10 years would scare off a lot of people who like to sell drugs or use drugs. Tougher drug laws would work!!! Fewer drugs would mean less violence and fewer crimes. People who take drugs do not deserve to live free with all the folks who faithfully follow the law. Druggies are the dirt under our feet. Clean up the dirt with long prison terms!!!!!! Let these 2 clowns be the first!!!!!

2224 days ago
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