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Excuse Me, Sir - Can You Take Our Picture?

9/19/2008 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Arquette had the pasta with a side of humiliation last night.

A fan of Courteney Cox -- and clearly not someone who's familiar with "Eight Legged Freaks" -- wanted a pic of Courteney. So he handed the camera to Davey boy.

On three say, "I need a new agent."


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Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

I like David Arquette...He's a CLASS act which is unusual in Hollyweird. Leave him alone STUPID TMZ

2225 days ago


I think the FBI should comb through TMZ blog comments and basically arrest all you people who just throw nasty comments at everyone. We know you'll never be employed, never be well off enough to be independent, never contribute to society, never learn anything and you'll probably never have kids (good!) and probably always be mean to animals and never cut your lawn or keep your house clean. SO OFF TO THE GUILLOTINES WITH YA!! CATTLE NEED CHEAP FEED!!

Comments? Rebuttals? Promises to shape up?

2225 days ago


HEY! There's an arm showing in the lower right, carrying a menu. Do you mean to tell me that the slacker restuarant staff don't have the courtesy to take the picture for their primo clients? That's worth three demerit points and I hope that the place David and Courtney were at takes note and points out to staff that hey, courtesy is sometimes in the realm of improv and you should keep your eyes open, not just make sure the carpets aren't tangled.

We live in an age of the humaton. That's why they made the movie "The Matrix". It's time to WAKE UP.

I love you all, please proceed.

OBAMA / BIDEN in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2225 days ago

Dawn Day    

I'm glad to see that David is not so fully of himself to step aside and be so nice to take a picture of his wife and a fan. I can't the celebs that hide and ignore their fans like they can't be bothered. Without fans, what good are you if you are a celebrity?

2225 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Why did'nt Jennifer Aniston take the picture? She is always hanging around Courteney.

2224 days ago


David Arquette had a song written about him called, "You Cannot Kill David Arquette". I don't think anyone's ever written a song about Courtney Cox.

2224 days ago


I'm sure the guy knew who David Arquette is. David is a classy guy and he is cool as hell. TMZ u suck. Stop bashing nice ppl. I dont know why i keep coming here, maybe cuz I enjoy telling you guys how much u suck during my down time.

2224 days ago


No-one's ever written a song about Courtney Cox? Then I might. Or perhaps FOR her, not ABOUT her. I've never met her, so I'd be way out of my area of knowledge writing ABOUT.

2224 days ago

frogs and gravel    

The next time you meet David Arquette refer to him as Courteney Cox's Husband, He will Love it. I heard that
Bob Dylan's son (Jakob, the one in the band the "Wallflowers") HATED it when people called him Bob Dylan's son and
went into somewhat of a fit. I

2224 days ago


David Arquette is cool, a little strange, but in a cool way.

2224 days ago

Erin A    

That guy looks so much like Mark Paul Gosselaar from Saved by the Bell!!!

2224 days ago


omg he does look like zac from saved by the bell!!!!! lolz!!!! ive been trying to find this kids myspace, he hot!! post it on here if you find it

2224 days ago


I know hes friends with my friend. They were in Hollywood yesterday. Hes 20 and lives in Los Angeles and i think I can help you find him.

2224 days ago

you really should...    

Ummm, while the songs did noy have Courteney's name in the titles, atleast one Counting Crow's song, "A Long December" was written about Courteney Arquette while she was dating Adam Duritz. Even starred in the video for the song.
It's about Adam and Courteney's relationship giving him hope for a happy Christmas...but she dumped him for David. Worked out for her well. She deserves fame way more than Aniston...but Kudrow had the most talent of the three "Friends". But Courteney is a hard worker. She'll keep pushing and working. I actually liked the first season of DIRT alot. The first episode of the second season covered every story over the past year of celebrity gossip and was just too much...complete turn off. They needed to scale it waaaaay back to just a couple stories an episode and maybe they would have kept their viewers. Plus, they promoted it for three friggin months before finally airing the dang show! Took too long... Just MO.

2220 days ago
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