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Sabrina -- The Witch Ditched by "Dancing"

9/23/2008 6:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Joan Hart spewed a laughable sob story on live radio, whining that "Dancing with the Stars" has passed her over more times than DMX has seen a jail cell.
Melissa Joan Hart: Click to hear!
The broken Hart explained on the Valentine in the Morning show the reason she was denied for every single season, and even admits she had the all-powerful Mario Lopez lobby for her and still couldn't get on.

Just let it go ...


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I would actually watch it if she was on!!

2229 days ago


I doubt very much that Hart was too terribly broken up about this, just frustrated with the on-again off-again way the show's producers were treating her. I think she's taking at least a semi-break because she has two or three very young kids at home (a new baby a few months ago, yes? wasn't TMZ snarking at her because she wasn't one of those who-can-tell-if-she's-pregnant types they prefer?). She must be pulling in good money from the several years worth of Sabrina the Teenage Witch shows, which are still very alive and well in syndication.

Lots of women put any career more or less on hold for a while until the kids are older even when they could make big bucks working outside the home and so could afford to hire lots of help. Kids change rapidly during those years, and you never get those years back if you miss them. A friend who is a chemist (Ph.D.) did it, waited until the kiddo was established in school to get back into it at least part-time. They could live on her husband's income for the duration. Even people with less income-producing capabilities will do that when possible, making other sacrifices to get everything paid for on one income.

Acting in a movie or tv show is a huge time commitment (very long days, very intense during production) that doesn't mix too well with parenting these days, especially for very young childen. I don't know why they don't just slow things down to a more humane schedule, and just have shows air less frequently. What good is the big money if you miss so much of life? I'm sure viewers could get used to every-other-week schedules.

Hart apparently has some good directing skills, my guess is that she might be more likely to go in that direction eventually. She's quite bright - I remember when she started Sabrina the Teenage Witch fresh off of the Nickelodeon thing Clarissa Explains It All, and for the first season she wasn't really up to speed (not much had been expected of her on Clarissa). But the other actors (both guest stars and the regulars playing Sabrina's aunts and of course the cat) were really good comic actors - by the second season, so was Hart. Gasp! She actually watched and learned!!!! How unusual.

2229 days ago


To all the people who come on comment boards to corresct spelling, Who the heck cares who spells what which way? These are casual boards . Get over yourself already and just comment like normal people. If you want to spend all day correcting peoples english skills then teach a class in school and stay off the boards.

2228 days ago


To all the people who come on comment boards to corresct mean CORRECT lol

2228 days ago

get a grip    

DeeDee- It's a flipping blog get a friend or a life! People like you suck!!!!

2228 days ago


Very funny Pat. Yes I know how to spell correct but thank you for proving my point. When typing these comments sometimes you hit a wrong key or you dont notice a mispelled word and others go biserk trying to make you look bad. People need to lighten up and just enjoy commenting.

2228 days ago

Just me    

Zoya, I think Doris meant Corky Ballas as in DWTS's Mark Ballas' father who is dancing w/Cloris Leachman.

2228 days ago


#17 jwoolman - 'blah, blah, blah, blah,..........' Are you her BFF, or what? Calm down with your MJH advocacy.

2227 days ago


Who do you think is sexier, Melissa Joan Hart or Danielle Fishel?

2217 days ago
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