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Hayden: No More Pencils, No More Books ...

9/25/2008 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out Hayden's dirty look!
Hayden Panettiere: Click to watch
The "Heroes" babe tells us she ain't going to college -- but after "Heroes" returned this week with some of its lowest numbers ever, she might want to rethink that.


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Haha stupid bitch!

2221 days ago


Ah yes the old "I get just as good an education by traveling around the world excuse". An oldy but goody when it comes to the non educated acting community.

2221 days ago


hope nobody is using her as a role model

this short little gal should have her parents telling her the importance of an education in being a well rounded individual

living in a Hollywood bubble and calling that an education should not be an option

the younger stars that I have admired like Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields took time out to get their education and because they are multi-dimensional and truly talented, their careers did not suffer from the break and they have flourished

I guess if you are worried that you don't really have talent that you should "strike while the iron is hot" and grab all the cash you can as fast as you can before you are no longer the flavor of the day

her being with an older man maybe has influenced her too-he must know that if she went to college she soon would see that she has more in common with those kids than with him and their relationship would be short lived

hope she doesn't regret the decision as a person-as an actress she never might regret it-but as an individual she might someday because she might be limiting her future in ways that she's never thought of

I remember at 18 I also thought I was all grown up and knew everything about the world and life and myself

now I can look back and see what foolishness that was and luckily I had parents who knew more than myself and I was able to see their reasoning about my future-had I followed the path that I was going to set out for my life then-I'd not be the person I am today

2221 days ago


For the love of Pete, get an education child.

2221 days ago

d to the izzle    

Just cause she's hot doesn't mean she's smart......

2221 days ago

Molly K.    

I used to be a huge Heros fan, that was until they kept taking several month long hiatuses from the show. It made the new series hard to follow and quite annoying to come back, loyally each week, to find reruns in the place of new episodes. Maybe this explains the whole low ratings thing, and the fact that they never tied up looses ends before starting the "Heros Villains" plots. Back to the topic, any young actor should get an education at some point. I'm sure when Heros runs it's course, Hayden will rethink the whole college scene.

2221 days ago


rumor has it that she goes to Pepperdine University, not sure

PS: Get well Tom Brady!!!

2221 days ago


lol@ everybody looking down on her. millionaires dont have to go to college and it would be a waste of time to do so. you so called "educated" people sure are stupid.

2221 days ago


She can make money being a whore like all the other talentless bimbos in Hollywood.

2221 days ago


She is boring.

2221 days ago

dj d'more    

I'm just waiting for the future Playboy pictorials of her.

2221 days ago

pattie in cali    

what?????????? i thought heroes brought in high numbers, (high ratings) its got my vote, i love that show and all the cast.

2221 days ago


How old is she again? Maybe she thinks she's past that age when she needs to finish school because she's got the money now...AND she has that 30(+?) year old boyfriend...hmmm...she's just a kid who wants to be an "adult"...thus her way of dressing up...oh ...she has to act older because her boyfriend is much older than she is.....There are celebrities who have pursued their education while acting....there's Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman, Misha Barton(?) to name a few....Education is still the best....

2221 days ago


What a classy girl and raised right =( A beater dad and parents who tell her ok not to go to college =( pathetic. She needs to go away!

2221 days ago


Josh - It isnt all about the money. Its about bettering yourself, learnign about the world & about yourself, among many other things. If you have the opportunity to go to college, mainly the funds, as Hayden clearly does, to pass it up is very UNINTELLIGENT. There are thousands who would give anything to have the funds she has avail for college!

2221 days ago
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