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You'll Never Guess Who This Used to Be!

9/26/2008 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Back in the day, this natural looking and CGI-free actress helped save the human race from being annihilated. Guess what she used to look like!
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Chew on This

Not all stars in Hollywood are starving themselves to maintain their stick-like figures. And we've got the proof!
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Our Little Girl Is All Growed Up!

Four short years ago, Amy Winehouse was a track-markless wonder and the only pipes she brought to mind were her vocal chords.
Amy Winehouse
But after a few short lessons with Keith Richards' Guide to Aging, this chanteuse is ready to rock in the afterlife ... any day now.

Hangin' Tough with the People

Fans at last night's New Kids on the Block concert at Nassau Coliseum got a close-up view of their favorite middle-aged boybanders.

The grown men appeared on a small stage in the middle of the crowd and performed a few songs, much to the delight of thousands of people whose musical tastes haven't aged as much as they have.

Hail to the Flower Power

It's not all glitz and glamour in Hollywood. Some stars are holding on tight to their love beads and hookas. These hippies are out of sight.
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Miss Washington is Still Misbehavin'

Elyse Umemoto, Miss Washington 2007, has been laying low since pictures of her flipping off the camera, getting her Beer Pong on, and of course making suggestive girl-on-girl oral sex signs surfaced in July.
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So it's kind of ironic that the first time she's spotted out after her controversy was at a Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest in Las Vegas last night. For her part, and sadly, Elyse (left) was one of the few ladies who kept her clothes on.


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2181 days ago

brad's a doucebag    

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2181 days ago

brad's a doucebag    

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2181 days ago

brad's a doucebag    

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2181 days ago


linda hamilton was married to the director of terminator and titanic. she must be a very wealthy something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2181 days ago


Hell I knew in a minute who the actress was. Damn. Did she party it up or something? If that's the case I better stop now while I'm ahead. The big 50 isn't too far for me.

2181 days ago


I met Linda Hamilton when she filmed the tv show " Thief " in my hometown. She was hanging out at a building I worked at, where a scene was being filmed upstairs. She was the NICEST, most unassuming celeb you could ever meet. She wanted to know about me,about the town, etc. She was just awesome! Someone took a pic of us,but then lost it from their camera, I was soo mad. Theyve filmed about 30 movies in my town since then,and Ive met tons of celebs,but I will always remember her and how gracious she was.

2181 days ago


Don't worry about hitting the big 50. Most women do not look like this! Heck, I am 60, and I look half her age!

Here is how I stay young looking: I stay out of the sun; I eat fresh, wholesome, mostly vegan food; I don't smoke and I don't do drugs; I sleep well, at least 8 hours a night; I get rid of toxic people, including abusive family members; I avoid stressful situations; I don't use questionable, OTC cosmetics but I use dermatological grade cold creams, moisturizers, and sun blocks; I exfoliate daily; I see a dermatologist once a year; and get an annual chemical peel. If you follow these rules, you'll have no wrinkles at 50 or even 60.

Remember to have fun, love, friendships, and/or a loving pet or two. All of these will add to your youthful look. The key is clean living!

2181 days ago


She always looked natural and it's nice to see that she's still the same. Why is it all these people with botox injected into them are the ones we compare a naturally aging person to? True some age better than other but let's not say just because she has money that she needs to do something about it.

2181 days ago


Linda Hamilton is still pretty....that is just an exceptionally bad photo. Those nasty celeb photographers cream for a shot of an aging celebrity so they can make money humiliating them..I bet all these photographers are something to look at themselves!! How horrible it must be to be an aging celebrity...I'm happy I'm a nobody and nobody gives a s__t what I look like. I say leave them alone...everybody gets old....EVERYBODY!!! Now Amy Weinhouse is another story...her ugly is self induced. If anyone should take a good long look at themselves it should be her, she is repulsive. All she needs is a big nose ring to top off her total SKANK look....if she ain't smoking meth nobody is.....

2181 days ago


Linda Hamilton looks TERRIBLE! Thats what happens when someone does not take care of themselves. Major skin care neglect. Probably drinks, smokes, and goes out in the sun. She looks about 80. What a shame.

2181 days ago


I still think she is pretty. One bad picture does not make a person. Do a GOOGLE search on her. She is very pretty.

2181 days ago


I still think the photo of "Linda Hamilton" looks more like Anne Bancroft.

2181 days ago


Amy Winehouse was lovely. I wish she hadn't destroyed herself like that.

2181 days ago

Show Me    

Ms. no lines., Well I'm 55, going on 56. I've worked since I was 14, so no life of leisure here. My daughter is 37 and has 3 boys. When we're out many many people assume we are sisters, and when I have the boys, they assume I'm the mom, not the grandma. I don't smoke and never have - except for 2nd hand I couldn't avoid, never did drugs period, not even one little experiment, I never had the patience to lay and cook myself in the sun,( literally what happens ), I eat fairly healthy, but don't watch it that close and will NEVER be a vegatarian! I exfoliate when I think about it, haven't seen a dermatologist since I had singles on my face, When I do use makeup, it's mostly Mascara, and when the occasion calls for it, I use Clinique foundation, because of allergies to perfume. My skin gets to breath. I always wore makeup to school, but it was never applied with paint knife. I'm pretty lax on sunscreen unless going swimming. I use ponds cold cream to remove makeup if i happen to have it. I do moisturize in the winter and like a fragrance free one with oatmeal or a genreric Lubriderm. I wear a hat if I think about it if I'm going to be working in the yard, and I usually do that in the early AM or late evening. Soo... the point, keeping yourself from cooking in the sun is No 1. Keeping your face clean so it can breath and renew itself just like the insides of you need to do are paramount. I've never had a peel of any kind. Then there is the big really important one you can't do a dad gun thing about. Genes. You get good ones or you don't. All the $ in the world won't do anything with out a little common sense, but it can make you look like Phyllis Dillar or Joan Rivers, weird, like you are an alien from another planet. Besides, it's whats inside that counts.

2181 days ago
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