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Quaid to Meg -- Shut It, For Jack's Sake!

9/29/2008 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid has heard just about enough squawking from Meg Ryan about their messy divorce.

And now he's swinging back at her, telling Rush & Molloy she's "unbelievable" for dishing on the breakup while pushing her latest flick, "The Women." He's especially PO'd that their son Jack has to relive the whole thing again in the press.

Meg told mags and shows Dennis was unfaithful and wanted to "fill in the gaps" for people.

Hasselbeck "Really Upset" with Left Leaners

Not that she doesn't make this entirely obvious on the show, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck is apparently "really upset" with her left-field co-stars Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

Of course, as a "longtime staff member" tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "It's not as bad as during the Rosie era," but Barbara Walters has had to intervene and call a "cooling off" meeting to keep things from boiling over.

Buzz is -- Elisabeth might spend some time over at FOX News, possibly anchoring her own show.

Dupri Gives Back on His Birthday

As TMZ knows – because we were there -- Jermaine Dupri had a great time on his birthday. And now we're finding out just how great.

Spies at Tenjune tell the New York Post Jermaine was partying with Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes, and Ice-T into the night, but things ended a bit abruptly for Dupri when he booted into Ms. Jackson's lap. Janet bailed immediately.

The poison of choice for revelers was Jay-Z's Ace of Spades and Patron. Jackson and Dupri's reps didn't comment.


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The view is so biased, having different opinions is what I thought the show was about. Might as well rename the show Obama central or viewing Obamas anatomy. After Sherri Shepard bragged about having to many abortions to count or Whoopi saying it's a black thing about Vince killing dogs I stopped watching. Why does it bother Whoopi, Barbara, Joy and Sherri so much that EH is republican? This is like a repeat of the Jena six(5) beating.

2180 days ago


Popeater (reporting what PageSix said) said it in English:

A Page Six source says that while celebrating his 36th birthday this weekend, Dupri "vomited in Janet's lap" after imbibing in a good deal of champagne and tequila with celeb pals. Janet, who's been dating Dupri for years, reportedly "bolted out of the scene and sped off in her chauffered Maybach." At least she got to ride home with class.

2180 days ago


If memory serves, didn't the not-so-innocent Ms. Ryan hook up with Russell Crowe while married to Dennis Quaid? Is she spouting about that too?

2180 days ago


waaah waah elisabeth.... if you don't like it, leave the show! No one is holding a gun to your head!

2180 days ago


Get Elizabeth Hasselbitch to go over to FOX and maybe I'll start watchig The View again.

This silly girl is about as immature as they come and it's difficult to listen to her inane blathering each day.
She behaves like a 15 year old with no life experience whatsoever. Dumbass.

2180 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

McGramps and VPILF '08

2180 days ago


The fixed news channel is a perfect environment for Elizabitch, let's hope she stays there permanently.
The rest of us don't have the patience to wait for her to grow up.

Twenty years down the road, after her divorce and with a few kids but no health insurance, she might sing a different tune and appreciate a social safety net. But the rest of us can't wait that long.
Be gone you stupid little girl !!

2180 days ago


BOOTED INTO HER LAP? HUH? IN an effort to be cute/funny, please don't lose the message!

2180 days ago


It's true what Megan is doing isn't right, but at the same time, she had to put up with so much crap from the media when she had her affair with Russell Crowe and everyone crowned Dennis as the ultimate victim when he cheated on her on multiple occasions. He of course kept mum about it, he was in the comfortable side.

As for Elizabeth, it's hard to agree with her, but she has the right to express her opinion. If only her voice wasn't so annoying.

2180 days ago


Please just leave Elizabitch I hate her on the View waaa...

2180 days ago


I thought it was just one big happy family over at the view. They are always talking about how much they care about each other. Is it possible that its all a facade? (Is a pigs pooter pork?)

2180 days ago


Hmmm....maybe now people will see that the proplem was Elisabeth the whole time, not Rosie. If she can't handle other people expressing their views as passionately as she does hers, then maybe she should leave. Then bring back Rosie!

2180 days ago


Please Elizabeth leave the View and go to Fox.
The View is a bunch of no talent screaming -man-hating Libs who can't stand it that they are so old and ugly and Eliz is cute and wonderful. Barbara msust be at least 90 and my gosh the face lifts...

But, Joy has GOT to be the worst. What in the world do they need her for? Oh I forgot --to dispense the hate.

The ratings for The View are always in the toilet. I guess we know why. Barbara Walters should be ashamed. She used to be a decent news reporter. Now she is a shill for the Liberal Press. Whoopi I could understand. But Barbara has truly lost her way. When she told Obama he was sexy, oh my gosh. I thought I would throw up. I wasn't watching the show I never do, but I saw the clip on O'REilly. Talk about a pinhead. Barbara you embarrassed yourself.

Baba Wawa, take off the wig and go home and do some knitting. Try to regain your soul before you die. You sold it to the devil for ratings. And Elizaabeth get out of that den of snakes before they kill any chance you have of getting another gig.

And why do they hate Eliz? Because they are soooo afraid she represents most of America's views, and they are going to lose another election. Sad, really sad.

2180 days ago


I'm so glad Elizabeth is finally getting off that horrible show. She has the same right as Joy and Whoopi do to express themselves. That show is so unfair - Elizabeth is the only republican and if you want to have a show that talks about politics it needs to be fair not totally liberal. Joy is such a jackass - she is so mean to Elizabeth even when they aren't even talkin about politics she takes cheap shots at her. Joy needs to get a life. Elizabeth would be better off on FOX.. YOU GO GIRL ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2180 days ago

not bad    

I think Elisabeth has a right to express her opinions... I just wish she wasn't so damn annoying while she did it. Seriously, just speaking louder doesn't clarify a point.

2180 days ago
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