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Quaid to Meg -- Shut It, For Jack's Sake!

9/29/2008 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid has heard just about enough squawking from Meg Ryan about their messy divorce.

And now he's swinging back at her, telling Rush & Molloy she's "unbelievable" for dishing on the breakup while pushing her latest flick, "The Women." He's especially PO'd that their son Jack has to relive the whole thing again in the press.

Meg told mags and shows Dennis was unfaithful and wanted to "fill in the gaps" for people.

Hasselbeck "Really Upset" with Left Leaners

Not that she doesn't make this entirely obvious on the show, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck is apparently "really upset" with her left-field co-stars Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

Of course, as a "longtime staff member" tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "It's not as bad as during the Rosie era," but Barbara Walters has had to intervene and call a "cooling off" meeting to keep things from boiling over.

Buzz is -- Elisabeth might spend some time over at FOX News, possibly anchoring her own show.

Dupri Gives Back on His Birthday

As TMZ knows – because we were there -- Jermaine Dupri had a great time on his birthday. And now we're finding out just how great.

Spies at Tenjune tell the New York Post Jermaine was partying with Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes, and Ice-T into the night, but things ended a bit abruptly for Dupri when he booted into Ms. Jackson's lap. Janet bailed immediately.

The poison of choice for revelers was Jay-Z's Ace of Spades and Patron. Jackson and Dupri's reps didn't comment.


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Elisabeth H. was just on Huckabee on Fox Saturday and said they ALL get along on The View. I personally can't stand the show anymore as Joy Behar is so RUDE to the GUESTS and her coworkers. I watch Kathie Lee on Today that is in the same time slot now.

2161 days ago

pink lady    

#28 your sales tax is not the highest in the country in orange county, new york there is a 8.25% state sales tax and then we also pay a 4.25 percent county tax.........

2160 days ago


About Hasselbeck- Can't stand her and her total unprofessionalism. She is not working in her true profession and it shows. This has nothing to do with politics. I hope they finally get rid of her and she won't be good having her own show. There are millions of other replacements for her and can't wait for 'The View" to finally get rid of her. Such an annoying girl!

2160 days ago


Typical right wing response...can't take or tolerate another opinion that doesn't completely mimick their own. If she truly believed everything she spews from her mouth, she wouldn't be afraid to stand and defend it.

2160 days ago


I don't blame her at all for leaving. I cannot believe the immaturity that I see on here, calling her Elisabitch. The show is called the view and Joy, Whoopi and Barbara don't like Elisabeth's view so everytime she talks they are rude to her. I cannot stand Joy at all. She is disgusting with every word that comes out of her mouth and frankly I am tired of all the "celebrities" touting Obama. Why don't they give their money to the bailout instead of 9 million in one night to support him. Elisabeth I hope you get a show on Fox, more people will watch it and without you on the view, I won't be tuning in again because the others are nauseating to say the least.

2160 days ago


Elisabeth Hasselbeck DOES have the right to her opinon, BUT, that doesn't give her the right to be a broken bloody record and go on and on and on about the same thing! Yep, we got her point a LONG time ago! This show is about voicing your view and to be honest, I think she's had her fair share in that department. Her voice, her pronunciation, her intelligence are just becoming a little long in the tooth ... boring and repetitious. It's like trying to have a discussion with a Christian, you just can't win, it's their way or the highway! Someone give her a tissue, hold a pity party and kick her butt off that show. Hell, let her have her own show PLEASE! Within a week the ratings or lack there of will be so dismal, she'll be kicked off and we won't have to hear from her or her political views again ... and again ... If they can't find a show for her, give her to Hefner and he can make her a Playmate!!

As for 'The View,' keep it going, and with Elisabeth Hasselbeck gone, we can hear discussions with both mature and varied opinions.

2110 days ago
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