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Locklear 911 Call:

'What Is She Doing?'

9/30/2008 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call that lead to Heather Locklear's weekend arrest.

The woman on the phone described Heather as a "drunk driver." She says she spotted Locklear first in the market, looking "drunk." Then she saw Heather, pulled over to the side of the road in a black Mercedes, revving her engine. She gave the cops Heather's location and license plate number.

Cops arrived to the scene later and never actually saw Heather driving.


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So Jill Ishkanian, AKA KM Press Group, the paparazzi agency that took the pictures of Locklear getting arrested, set her up by calling 911. That's not a very nice way to treat your sources!

2152 days ago

Brenda Armstrong    


2152 days ago


Um Hello. I hope charges get dropped. If she wasn't driving a car, how could she get a DWI? Please, she needs help. She's over 40, her career is washed-up, and her second rocker hubby dumped her. She's Depressed!!! Pills Kill!

2152 days ago


I thought she was driving a BMW 7 series. That's what it shows in all the pictures...not a mercedes

2152 days ago


This whole thing sounds like a setup and the role of the cops smells like old fish. First, found on the side of the road seemingly drunk should prevoke a call for an ambulance. She could have been diabetic and going into shock. Cops using their personal cell phone to take pictures when she had no visable injuries and was not resisting is extremely questionable. Since there was no alcohol any charges should have been delayed until the tox screen is analyized.

2152 days ago


Snitches are a dying breed.

2152 days ago


You do not actually have to have the car in motion to be arrested for drunk driving. The actual charge (at least in my neck of the woods) is operating a vehicle. Operating a vehicle is not limited to making the wheels go round. If she was in the car, and keys in the ignition, she was operating the vehicle.

2152 days ago


Are you KIDDING ME??? A woman here recently ran through my childrens stopped school bus stop sign. There wasn't anything iffy about it-it' wasn't in the process of stopping or going and in fact everyone had already been stopped at 3 out of the 4 corners. All lights flashing, sign out, big yellow bus, children in line and all...couldn't ,iss it. THANKFULLY all the children were on the other side of the street in line. Several parents (probably 20 or so) were screaming at her and trying to wave her down. I watched her turn 1/4 block away and after the bus left I followed (1/2 block) where she was getting out of her car (with HER small child no less) going into a Subway. Yes, the food chain. I went home, called the police and gave them a license #, car description, and told them where she was right at that exact moment. Mind you this all took place in a matter of a couple minutes. The police told me that there was nothing they could do because they didn't see it for themselves. I said "Well the bus driver saw it and about 20 other parents saw it too (including daycare center operators AT the stop)-most of them are still there". So how is it that this person who called-who quite frankly sounded like someone with an axe to grind, can stir up such a mini (wo) man hunt?? And why was she following her from inside the grocery store to walking up and down the street to the revving? Something sounds VERY fishy to me!!!

2152 days ago


FIBiker should be blocked from the site since he blocks everyone frmo the usmag site who doesn't kiss his b*tt. Hi feloow tmz fans - did you know that ALL these comments are written by the same "professional" blogger (who btw can't write to save his life).....

2152 days ago


Actually a similar thing happened to me in my state. (I realize that this ruins my credibility a I went to a job interview half asleep and was having difficulty finding the building. I asked a woman working in a nearby building for directions and afterwards she apparently called the police stating that I was confused, which I was because I couldnt find the building and I was lost! The cops arrived and my car was there b/c I obviously drove myself and even after begging the police to give me a breathalizer test and doing (and passing) a sobriety test they STILL made me call a friend to come pick me up. I missed the job interview altogether, and called to report both of them and the lady for false charges. No charges were ever filed against me, but the officers got in a fair share of trouble! I asked their sargeant why they didnt breathalize me, and under law, since the car was not in motion even though I obviously drove there...they couldnt really do much aside from give me grief and harrass me...which they did.

This situation just smells bad all around. Heather looks like she had been crying and they obviously caught her on a bad day and milked it for what it was worth. BOOOO to the cops with their camera phones and the paps for obviously setting this up. Its almost like you want to look these people up, find out when they get into their next argument with their spouse and hide outside their house waiting to take pictures of them with no make-up and swollen eyes from crying....and just keep snapping pictures until they fall over to a crumpled heap, sucking their thumbs. lol


2152 days ago


Paul Killfea is a stalker!!

2152 days ago


FIBiker, go d*e of a heart asap...noone wants you on here! This site would be a much better place w/out your comments.

2152 days ago


friend of mine who is a diabetic got pulled over by the cops for wreckless driving. her blood sugar had dropped very low. she had a diabetic license plate on her car and they arrested her for drug driving figuring she was high. at the police station someone figured out she needed medical help and called an ambulance. probably saved her life. the sheriff went nuts on the deputies who arrested her. an attorney tried to get her to sue the department but she didn't. not her style. at least the sheriff's dept has learned a lesson i hope they don't forget.

2152 days ago


Glad to forward this to the FBI so they can see the depths that this evil woman Jill Ishkanian will go
to get money. Good work Harvey you did us proud.

2152 days ago

something smells    


2152 days ago
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