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Oprah's Mom -- I Can't Read the Small Print!

10/1/2008 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey's mom is refusing to pay back a $155K bill to a clothing store, and her defense is basically to play dumb.

Vernita Lee claims she shouldn't have to pay the gigantic bill to Valentina, a boutique in Wisconsin, because they took advantage of her "lack of knowledge ... and/or capacity" when they opened the account, reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. What's more, her lawyer says the store didn't disclose finance charges prominently enough.

And to think, this could all go away with the change lying around Oprah's chintz-covered cushions.


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The store "didn't disclose the finacial charges clear enough"....? If she couldn't read the fine print, why didn't she ask the clerk or someone to read it for her? It seems like she is trying to slide by using that excuse as well as the fact her daughter is Oprah. Its' her debt...everyone else would have to pay...she isn't special.

2180 days ago

hot snot    

is this where the term "ignorance is bliss" comes in? if she owes that much obviously Oprah isn't that into taking care of 'ol mommy dearest here. If the big O was taking care of her, this never would have happened. Why we should never "assume" anything. Pay your f'n debt lady and quit trying to make excuses to sponge off others. Get a job and quit being a drain

2180 days ago


I live near this store and this has been on the news here. She apparently opened an account there 10-15 years ago and has never paid for an item once. Really? You think that a store is just going to let you take clothes and then not pay for them... Maybe I should stop paying my credit cards and act like I didn't know I had to pay them back. Although you would think the store would stop letting her buy things on credit if she had that high of an outstanding bill.

2180 days ago


I'm from Wisconsin and this was in our news last month. It's kind of sad because Oprah's mom is well loved I'm sure and this is not something that one would expect. She did get the royal treatment but that doesn't mean she didn't have to pay for what she got. Since when does anyone think they can go to a store, buy things and not have to pay the bill?

I wish Oprah would pay for her mother's expenses and let her keep her dignity if she truly is not mentally capable of understanding this concept of; you like, you take, you pay for.

2180 days ago


I work in retail, and anyone who signs using credit, it does read on the receipt that you are responsible for payment of the item, has seen this. Oprah's idiot mother should know this, it is common knowledge. Heck, people have been thrown into jail for debts less than this. I hope she goes to jail for non-payment.

2180 days ago


She has a "lack of knowledge and/or capacity" to read the fine print ????????.......she sure seems to have the knowledge to know the difference between K-Mart & Valentina!

2180 days ago


Fat, ugly, and stupid is no way to go through life.

2180 days ago


Where would she be going that she would need all those expensive clothes ? No, Oprah should not pay the bill, that is what her mother expects her to do!!

2180 days ago

Scott Brown    

That's it! I am going out to buy a house, a car, sign up for a lot of store credit cards, and a mobile phone plan contract. Then when I get bill, I'll say put it on the USA BailOutBill. Thank You America. The land of the FREE and the home of the Craves.

2180 days ago


WOWZA!!!! Now I see where OKRAH got her ugly genes

2180 days ago

Bite Me !    

When you buy items in any store and not pay for it that's a crime.
"Shop lifting or Scam" Cop needs to lock her fat ass in jail.

2180 days ago


Am I reading this correctly?
$155,000.00 in clothing?
Are you kidding me?
What type of power position does this woman hold in life, in her community that would require her to spend $155K on clothing? Frankly, I think that spending that kind of money on a wardrobe is excessive and obscene.
Yes, she should be required to pay her bill.
If you have credit you MUST pay the bills that you incur.
Of course, if you are a Democrat you expect other people to pay for your clothing, insurance, food, housing, medical care and anything else that the Democrats consider to be a right of birth instead of a privledge of life.

I'm sick and tired of hearing from and/or about Oprah Winfrey.
Mary Tyler Moore once said "You always want to leave them wanting more".
How can we miss you, Opray, if you don't go away?

I do know this, if I had all the money in the world I would happily be paying every bill my parents could send me.

Perhaps Ms. Winfrey should be taking care of her own family the way she is taking care of young girls in a foreign country.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...she had a tough life as a child and probably doesn't have the greatest relationship with her mom.
Get over it.


2180 days ago


What her rich-ass daughter cant pay that debt. Are u kidding me?!?! And did she not realize she had 155k worth of crap. Give me a break, lock her ass up.

2180 days ago

you guys are great    

well, obviously, the federal government should bail her out. It's not her fault that people actually may want to get paid for what they sell. Capitalist wonder she's an Obama supporter! He wouldn't dare make her pay...she's entitled!

2180 days ago


why should Oprah have to pay for her mom's indiscretion. why did Valentina allow her her to rack up such a whopping bill.
Hmmmmmm!!!! Seems like everyone was out to cash in on Oprah's money. LET HER MOM PAY HER OWN DAMN DEBT OR STAND THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!

2180 days ago
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