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Bernhard Banned for Palin "Gang-Rape" Gag

10/2/2008 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unlike Sandra Bernhard, not everyone thinks joking about gang-rape is high-larious.

The bigmouthed Bernhard just got axed from a benefit for a women's shelter because of her now-infamous "joke" that veep-seeker Sarah Palin would get "gang-raped by my big black brothers" when she came to NYC. "In light of our mission, we don't think violence against women is a laughing matter," says the PR rep of Rosie's Place.

Saucy Sandy's rep didn't immediately comment on the situation.


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Your mom    

Bad choice of words, and I don't care for "brainless" Sarah. Hmmm, beans and cornbread sound good.

2212 days ago


i don't know if the organization was necessarily "offended," but when you have a group thats purpose is to take a stand against violence towards women, it really doesn't help the cause to have someone like bernhard representing said group. i mean, people make jokes, we have freedom of speech, all that good stuff, but this foundation would've made a big mistake had they kept this crazy woman on board.

2212 days ago


What a trash mouth. To those who think people need to lighten up on garbage passed off as comedy - grow up.

2212 days ago


NICE! And let's all just over look the statement about her "BIG BLACK BROTHER" raping someone. Why isn't is her HGH Italian Brothers? Or her Matzo Ball soup eating Jewish brothers? Furthermore, why does Barrack Obama have to be a baboon because this white lady talked about another white lady. Did he write the joke?

And EFF you, number 4. Beans and cornbread? I bet you have black friends that come to your house all the time and you're not racist at all. Stupid in-bread Kentucky EFFer!

2212 days ago


Is she still around? Well, at least her vile remark got her some coverage................stupid bitch!

2212 days ago


She should have been axed just for her looks. She is absolutely skanky looking. She is disgusting and always looks dirty. What sewer hole did she come out of? I think her joke was really an invitation for ANYone to hook up with her. She's a horny slut who's pissed off at the world because no one will do her.

2212 days ago


What a pig to make such a horrific joke about any person, man or woman. You don't have to have been a victim of such an evil deed to be outraged by Bernhard's mouth. She needs to crawl back under the rock she was born under.

2212 days ago


Sandra is a frigging pig...........unhappy bitch

2212 days ago


Oh my gosh! What a complete loser. How DID this woman ever become famous? No talent and a trashy mouth. Very distasteful!

2212 days ago


Is this UGLY Bit*ch still around????????????????

2212 days ago


She's disgusting and irrelevant. Why does anyone even take any notice of her?

2212 days ago

Rug Rat    

Dear Sandra-

Please do the planet a favor...............go away. Forever. Now. You are one reason why birth control was invented. Shameon your parents.

2212 days ago

Papa Bear    

Sandra's a DOUCHE! Her face is BEYOND fixing with plastic surgery! She's so ugly she doesn't even look human! Maybe that's why she's so damned mad at Palin, because Palin is good looking and Sandra couldn't get Sarah's leftover's with a gun and a blank check. SHE'S BEYONG DISGUSTING...beyond Hideous even. I swear the guy (or girl) that has to get naked with Sandra is tainted for life!

2212 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

what a horrible thing to say to eve suggest.. how callous and uncaring for anyone who has been raped or abused... that is lousy.. she is so cheap and common , just like the dolts on the view.. stupid whoppie and stupid behar and walter..( this old chick will agree wirh anyone and dosen't have the guts to stand up on her own 2 feet) ....

i am voting mc cain/ palin and not the baboon obama...

2212 days ago


Ms. Bernhard's comments are tantamount to a threat and not remotely funny. Threating a political candidate with violence is not only despicable, but is contrary to our democratic process. Additionally, Ms. Bernhard is clearly a racist, as she implies that the ethnicity of a rapist is relevant. Is she suggesting that being raped by "big black brothers" is somehow more or less egregious than rape by attackers of another color?

2212 days ago
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