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Famous People Support Sarah Palin

10/3/2008 7:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't believe us? Just look at this ad that showed up on today.

The quote actually belongs to Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan -- she said it on NBC last night.

It was eventually switched and a McCain spokesman joked to WaPo, "Is she not a famous person? OK, so what's the problem?" You betcha!


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"George Clinton"- the man pauses before he speaks, as opposed to just filling the room with hot air. He is actually thinking, which is a little bit rare these days. I've seen him speak several times without a teleprompter, and he is just fine. Contemplating or pausing before opening your mouth is not a bad thing. Apparently you'd rather just hear zingers, which is apparently all the McBush/Flailin ticket has. Do us both a favor, and don't vote in the election this fall. Save your vote for reality TV shows.

2174 days ago

George Clinton    

What makes Obama the best choice for prez:

1. He was a community organizer, so was I, I was the prez of my faternity.

2. He is an admitted drug user including hard drugs, cocaine etc.

3. He is a great speaker, when he has a teleprompter

4. He was married by and mentored by an admitted racist, bigit., oh i forgot, he attened the church for 20 yrs but never heard anything hateful.

5. He is half white half black, but he claims he is an african american. which part of him makes him more african than caucassain?

2174 days ago


as usual, haters want to hate!

2174 days ago

George Clinton    

"ummmmm" "ummmmm" Just like the last two elections, all of the liberals who come out and complain about everything, will lose again because there are more people like me than you. which makes you a loser. "ummmm" sorry I had to pause before I typed

2174 days ago


How many of you actually have any type of education? Do research? Watch the news? What a bunch of a--h--es!
Let the media make your decisions and pay for it dearly in a few more years!!!!
Scarey as hell!!!!

2174 days ago

George Clinton    

The truth hurts, and I am sorry for all of the liberals because at the end of the day, there are a lot of people who are not polled, they are not interviewed, they are not patronized by the politicans, and they will vote republican. the libs thought they had iti n the bag for the last two elections. i even thought kerry would beat bush, but those voters who the libs call idiots, backwards, etc. will never vote for a man with the name barack obama. maybe he should still use the name Barry like he did in college. Barry Obama sounds kinda gay though, so that might be worse. sorry libs, there are just more backward, stupid, ignorant, out of touch voters than lib voters.

2174 days ago



Obama is very inexperienced and he is at the top of the Democratic ticket, while I appreciate education, it doesn't make up for lack of experience and you seem to have forgotten that during the past eight years there was a Congress with a Democratic majority helping to make those decisions that you are blaming on the Bush administration. Imagine what will happen with a Democratic Congress and Democratic President with no checks and balances.

2174 days ago


Funny how you only post what you want! TMZ.. the Nazi News of this election!!!

2174 days ago

Laine Zane    

You betcha! I'm not voting for Palin! She couldn't even answer the questions properly. She kept changing the subject. She is so incompetent and I hope people realize how bad she would be for our country. Obama '08

2174 days ago


Why do Republicans hate America so much?

2174 days ago


Wow, George, your thinly veiled racism shines through. I suppose that everyone that's interested in a change is a liberal, no? I'm a former Registered Republican, but the party went south a long time ago. Now it's turning into a fringe wing, drawing most of it's support from religious zealots and people that don't pay attention. Besides, I've gone to see McCain as well. Does that fact that I've checked out both sides make me weak? The last seven years are indefensible! Please tell me how a continuation of the same policies will improve our standing? Your response is that there's more of you than of me, which means what? I'll bet that if your favorite sports team had seven awful seasons in a row, you'd call for a change in coaching, We need critical thinking skills, not another dose of stupidity. This independent is quite proud to vote D in this election.

2174 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I realize that TMZ is left-leaning, and that many of the so-called "stars" of entertainment are left-leaning, but come on, - the rest of the country isn't left-leaning. People in entertainment, are a very small percentage of the population in the USA. There has been outright lies and distortions of facts from BOTH major political parties. Most people, are moderate in their political views. The democrats parrot their biggest talking point of "eight years of George Bush's failed policies are enough", and are doing everything they can to convince the public that McCain is Bush2.0. The republicans parrot that Obama is inexperienced, and "just another tax and spend liberal". Both parties blame the other party for all that has gone wrong, and try to take the credit when something goes right.

The responsible way to vote, is to look at what bills they sponsored, and what they were about, and how they voted. Of course, not too many people are going to do that. People are too busy living their lives. Congress actually makes the laws, not the president. I think we should be more concerned on who we vote for to go to congress.

Right now, our country is in a financial crisis, that I personally believe happened because of the dogma of the democratic party. Legislation and regulations were put into effect by the majority party in congress - the democrats. The kingpin of this mess, is all the mortgages that were granted to unqualified borrowers, on homes that were overvalued. The wars? Yes, Bush does has to take responsibility for them, because he is commander-in-chief, but John McCain is not.

The main thing I like about John McCain is, that he does his best to be non-partisan, and tries to compromise to actually accomplish something. He's more of a moderate, than far-right. Neither party will come out for gay marriage, and both parties believe that same-sex partners should have full contractual rights. I like Sarah Palin, and she has something that Hillary Clinton is greatly lacking - charisma. That's why Hillary did not get the nomination from her party.

2174 days ago

Zomba Fett    

Sarah Palin is an outstanding woman who has bigger balls to take on Vladimir Putin than Obama and Bined combined. I definitely will give her my vote and encourage you all to do the same. OBAMA IS DANGEROUS! He will bring America to the point when we will be consider "third world country". Biden lied through his teeth throughout the debate, but no one in liberal media tols us about that. Come on, wake up people!

2174 days ago


That video of Palin on Youtube showing the crazy-looking preacher doing the ceremony to protect her from witchcraft was pretty weird. WITCHCRAFT. Does anyone know what kind of church that is? Doesn't sound like something you'd find in Alaska!

2174 days ago


When I saw the TMZ headline I thought the story was going to be about Sarah Palin having an affair and everyone sticking up for her or something. The National Enquirer said she did, and they broke the news about the John Edwards affair, so I think it could be true. They're sleazy but they have good snoops.

2174 days ago
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