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Forget AVN Award, We Smell Oscar!

10/3/2008 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We don't read a lot of porn here at TMZ -- but when the folks at Hustler decided to slip us a sneak peek of their Sarah Palin parody porn, we just had to check it out ... and it's actually pretty funny. You betcha!
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This proves just how sexist this country is and I find it disgusting. The things people are doing and saying is insane. I hope like hell she is our next vice president and then all of the sexist as*holes out there can kiss her female a**!

2181 days ago


Disgusting and low. And TMZ thinks it's funny. No surprise.

2181 days ago


This is so disrespectful.

2181 days ago


Once again TMZ takes the low road.

She doesn't even look like Sarah Palin.

What a bunch of douche bags.

2181 days ago

Roxanne F.    

You have hit an all time low TMZ. I liked you better when you were chasing Brittany. I'm done with you.

2181 days ago



2181 days ago

Just Saying.........    

Sarah Kicked A$$ last night!!! She looked hot doing it too! :)


2181 days ago

Your mom    

Yeah, I don't care for the bim-bo...BUT this is disrespectful, and sexist. Does BUSH have a porno after him? ewwww

2181 days ago


******* Tina Fey might be the FUNNIEST lady on TV as of this moment. She's brilliant, but the Sarah Pailn thing is so bang on, it takes it to whole 'nother level lol. If AMerica is serious, I mean I don't expect much from us, especially those Confederate States, I mean we did REPEAT the whole Bush DISASTER. By the way, how'd that work out for us again?

Did ANYTHING positive come out of the last 8 yrs, at all? Anything? Palin and McCain are from that same party, both are extremely UNFIT to lead. Palin because she's, lets face it, an idiot with no real experience on this stage. And McCain because all McCain's foundation is built on is the fact that he was a decorated vet, served our country and he's hugely PRO-WAR. Serving your country is great, but it doesn't make you qualififed to be President.

McCain has NO gameplan, doesn't care about the middle class, could care less about the sick with his ridiculous $5000 health care idea. Are you kidding me? His party completly WRECKED the current economy. And all this old man wants to do is stay in Iraq for the better part of the next decade, with no clear exit strategy, while the real terrorists plot in mountains far away.

Republicans are a narrow-minded, stubborn bunch. They need to get with the ;program, open their minds, and not be so set in their generally me-first, ignorant ways and put the greater good of America, first.

Obama would be a breath of fresh air, along with an experienced, confident #2 in Biden. ******

2181 days ago

Get Over Yourselves    

I find it funny that people are complaining about a PORNO SCRIPT! A porno script, people. You CAN'T take it seriously. It's SUPPOSE to be a spoof. And if TMZ finds this funny, I can only imagine them laughing at you guys getting a bug up your behinds (my language could have been more of a pornographic nature to fit the mood, but I decided to refrain, just for you uptight folks.) If you think it's disrespectful, don't watch the porno. Simple as that. Move on.

2181 days ago


Oh, come on, people; lighten up! It is pretty funny, at least to me (and I'm a self-identified feminist). How else are we supposed to survive this ridiculous, utterly insane election unless we laugh at it?!
I guess Sarah P. really wasn't kidding last night when she defensively suggested that she's "tolerant."

2181 days ago


Yes, we get it already. TMZ is in the tank for Obama...

2181 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Sarah Palin is such a hot commodity, that everyone seems to be using her to make money. Maybe she should be paid royalties. Saturday Night Live is getting viewers back because of her; Katie Couric is at the top of the fame meter because of her; and all the blog sites are getting record comments because of her.

I like Sarah Palin very much. She's charismatic in the political style of (John) Kennedy, Regan, and (Bill) Clinton. People are naturally drawn to them. If she and McClain lose the election, I'd expect to see her as a national candidate in 2012. Wouldn't that be something, if she and Hillary Clinton were running against each other in 2012?

2181 days ago



What are you doing on the computer..

you should be cookin and pumpin out babies...

know your place woman..

2181 days ago


Grow up you fools.

2181 days ago
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