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Beyonce Leaves Destiny to Security

10/4/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Beyonce in the running for the White House? Because her security is in ridiculous full secret service mode.

All bootyliciousness aside -- It's not like someone is going to kidnap the diva as she's returning to her South Beach hotel.

Wait ... where exactly is Solange?


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Reminds me a bit of Tom Cruise, who could probably walk around unnoticed if he didn't look like a circus sideshow - a midget surrounded by six giant bodyguards.

2175 days ago


shes ugly look at her flat chest, without make up and everything else, shes your typical black girl, nothing wrong withthat

shes no beyonce in make up, lol

2175 days ago


she aint all that without the make up and the lift up bra.

2175 days ago


Ok, listen Beyonce is doin her thing n she looks great! Who cares how many security people she got around her!! Y yal gotta hate so much, I mean their is no reason to hate!! Beyonce is highly respected out there and she deserves it!! Some of yal said nice things but da rest of yal need to quit!! Beyonce is not arrogant nor ugly, she is beautiful, kind, and respectful! on top of that she is the greatest singer out there!! one more thing have u ever read 1 thing bad about her!?! n u never will cuz of the way she carries herself!! luv ya Beyonce!!!!!!!!

2175 days ago

Joe Mama    

she looks so good.

2175 days ago


cant wait to see the camel baby

2175 days ago


Just one question.. Why the airbrushed abs?? come on, just do some crunches, Hire a trainer she can afford it. airbrushed abs at the beach!! haha!! id be afraid that they would run when i got out the water!!

2175 days ago

The View's missHASSELBECK got GONG!!! stupid bitch ^.^    


2175 days ago

Nasty Tempers BOTH    

So's in LA saw her band at LAX last night.

2175 days ago


Why can't she dress like a normal woman instead of a slut? Every photo I have seen of her she looks like a tramp.. What kind of husband does she have that he doesn't seem to mind that she dresses like that??????

2175 days ago


Britney Spears Doesnt even have that many, what the hell is beyonce trying to iffing prove damn

2175 days ago


mrs B this is very unecessary,why would you do that?I dont understand how big headed this girl is becoming,she is no royalty and even if people come near her its for good intention ,scared because of your ring leave it at home ,shame on you,Im begining to not like the girl at all....get over yourself B...

2175 days ago


The "security" (usually large/out of shape/diabetic/earpiece wearing sycophants) is usually just for show and ego. A proper protective detail, made up of current and or former law enforcement officers, is usually never found "protecting" celebs like Beyonce. The celebs' security usually consists of nothing more than a bunch of untrained bouncers and goons. The wrist mic, shades and covert earpieces do not make the untrained a professional provider of protective services.

2175 days ago

Young E    

Here is the height of envy and frustration. Hire even a woman for bodyguarg if uou can afford one. Poor, ignorant, racists and unknown people who are here just to escort the rich and famous. Very typical of poor frustrated people. Beyonce has done nothing to hurt any of you. Leave her alone. Not even Britney nor Madonna deserves all the hate you pour out on this gossip zones. Pathetic.

2175 days ago


What a LardAss ... What are they going to kidnap, her weave.
Dumb Hoe

2175 days ago
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