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Brit Goes Near Car - Bad Things Happen

10/8/2008 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was in a car accident today, but if prosecutors are listening, don't even think about it.

Britney was in the back seat of her Cadillac Escalade, shopping in West Hollywood, when a paparazzi's vehicle lurched forward, striking Brit's vehicle in the rear -- at least that's Brit's version. Photogs are saying her car backed up and hit the papper. Sources say Britney's peeps are filing a police report this afternoon.

Britney Spears: Click to view!The Escalade took a pretty big dent. As far as we know, no one was hurt. Britney went shopping afterward ... at Wasteland on Melrose. Perfect.


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Britney is making progress everyday. I think she wants to be more involved with her kids, its obnious she misses them. If the media stops focusing on what sells and spends time on what matters, I think she could heal even more:)

2174 days ago

Bob Booie    

I'm sure thats not the first time Britney got rear ended

2174 days ago


Would you all please for all that is pure and holy.....stop using a gossip website to post your political views. Get over it already. I can hardly wait until these damn elections are over. There has never been a worse pair to represent this country since the last presidential elections. Bottom line! Black people are going to vote for Obama for one main reason FIRST! He is mostly African American. People are going to vote against McCain simply because he is in the same party as that HUGE loser Bush!! Do people REALLY know what these 2 stand for. Most don't!!!

2174 days ago


At least her kids are safe.......

2174 days ago

Maria Buenrostro    


2174 days ago


Why is it that all of a sudden people who never voted before are coming out the woodwork campaigning and wearing political gear and URGING people to vote now and to vote for Obama....? Why not before? I mean there has been Democrats running over years in the past. Why is this year so important where everyone is so invloved..this many people should of been involved a long time ago? HMMM. Why is it when you ask these people why they are voting for this particular person and they look at you with a blank expression b/c they have no idea what that candidate is about or believes do you decide who to vote for when you have no idea what they are about????? Hmm, just wondering.....I mean I had a group of 5 people today on the subway TELLING me to vote for Obama....TELLING ME...and so I figured hey they must be really educated on him and I want to learn about what they know.... and so I asked them to explain to me what they have found that attracts them to Obama..I love to hear facts/opinions on both the candidates b/c I am not deciding WHO I AM voting for until the day has come for me to vote...b/c see I look at the real issues....ANYWAYS....I asked what did he stand for in their minds and what they thought he could bring to the table not just to the country but to these 5 individuals......3 couldn't tell me anything...they walked off grinning....and the other two told me b/c he was black. REALLY? THAT'S WHY YOU WANT THIS MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE? REALLY? If that isn't the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.....WE NEED TO DECIDE ON THEIR VIEWS......THEIR AGENDAS...NOT THEIR COLOR. I AM SO OVER THIS RACE BEING ALL ABOUT RACE. LETS THINK LONG TERM PEOPLE....WE ARE STUCK WITH WHOMEVER WE VOTE IN FOR AT LEAST FOUR YEARS....THINK LONG TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2174 days ago


#2 you are ignorant and in the world can you call McCain/Palin racist when Obama has MANY MANY ties to RACIST PEOPLE/LEADERS?????????????? HE IS RACIST! Or how about racist being the tons of black people who have never voted coming out to vote Obama in because he is partially black....even though he's half white and was raised by white people. I mean I read blogs everyday with black people stating they are voting him b/c he is black. SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT ON WHO IS RACIST. Right Rev. Wright?

2174 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

So Harvey. What is the going rate for a papper to purposely cause an accident?

2174 days ago


i was there.
it was the paparrazis fault.
britney looked amazing.

2174 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Beautiful Britney, my baby girl. Love me again.

2174 days ago

Big Bear    

Why does everyone blame the girl for everything that happens?? Britney may be crazy but she does not cause that many problems. You going to blame her for the stock market problems??

2174 days ago


Umm TMZ you have that headline all wrong it should be: Brit goes near paparazzi....Bad things happen!

2174 days ago

brazen weep    

Keep this chick away from cars and keep her sister's holes plugged.

2174 days ago


looking at the dent it's apparent the Paps hit her, you guys are pathetic!

2174 days ago

just shut up about britney!!    

what i wanna know is, why aren't more papps being arrested and being blamed for these 'accidents'? i don't buy for 1 minute that britney caused this minor accident...these guys have caused so many hit and runs, taking their pics and then speeding away before the cops get there. that's a hit and run! these papps have to understand, they're not above the law just cuz they work for tmz or other tabloids. only emergency vehicles have the right to break traffic laws, not someone trying to take pics of britney.

i mean, some of these papps run stop signs, red lights, they drive on the wrong way of the road to make that celeb slam on their brakes, they drive over the double yellow line, they drive over sidewalks, drive @ insane speeds to reach their destinations, etc. i think the police should go undercover as 'tips', tipping these guys where britney is and catch them driving unsafely.

2174 days ago
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