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Cindy Crawford -- Palin Minion?

10/12/2008 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is speaking to the hockey moms of America. But really, how much difference is there between soccer and hockey?

Cindy Crawford was carting her kid to and from soccer practice yesterday. Could it be -- Cindy is a Palin recruit? We're guessing not. Check out what's on her chest.


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reality check = simpleton

2170 days ago


I see there are McCain supporters on here pretending to be disgruntled Democrats. Pretty pathetic.

2170 days ago

BOEING 787    

No suprise that another Hollywood actor is for Obama, but forget that, forget Hollywood, forget
all those left-wing liberals for damn once in your life that can't stop talking about him, forget about
your hatred of the mainstream media, NYT, WaPo, LAT, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, BBC, NPR, Newsweek and the others. Let's discuss MCCAIN'S temperament, how would he deal with an international crisis like the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, would he keep a cool head like Kennedy or ask for an initiating missile strike like Gen. LeMay wanted ? If you ask me, with
MCCAIN'S temperament he would be more like the latter, and Kennedy cool head kept us from
nuclear war with the USSR. How about MCCAIN'S economic policy for almost no economic regulation, and trickle-down economics, this has lead to our economic downfall and the worst
economic crisis since the depression. Look at SARAH PALIN, what is she qualified for, reading
a teleprompter, shooting moose from a helicopter, stifling her own investigation, bridge to
no where, end times believer, to the right of Attila the Hun about where Ann Culter is, Not Qualified. CINDY MCCAIN is about as smart as Paris Hilton. and the JOHN MCCAIN campaign
is the dirtiest and most hate filled campaign in history, that's his fellow Republicans saying that.


2170 days ago


I say we vote Obama for new lifetime President !

2170 days ago


32. I see there are McCain supporters on here pretending to be disgruntled Democrats. Pretty pathetic.

Posted at 3:34PM on Oct 12th 2008 by Kay


Why can't you stupid obots get over the fact that not every democrat is enamored of ObamaRamadan anymore than not eery republican is enamored of John McCain. Just because you see him as the saviour doesn't mean he is. Another thing...Wasn't Chicago under martial law in April this year due to over one hundred murders there, and isn't Obama the community activist there? What a lousy job so far! Get over yourselves! He isn't going to fart a purple rainblow and bring world peace and enrich your life.

2170 days ago


The likes of McCain/Palin have ruined the Republican Party. For years, we have witnessed a change in the Republican Party. What used to be described as moderate, fiscally responsible and responsive to people, has changed into a group of religious nuts that have sold out to the neocons, fundamentalists, homophobes, hypocrites and others who equate intelligence and education with elitism.

We are now forced to watch as people channel the fear and hatred of McCarthyism.
Now they are trying to make Obama out to be someone who is involved in the voter registration fraud because of a few overzealous canvassers. Unbelievable. They know nothing of any of the bills Obama sponsored or co-sponsored, legislation that he has helped to pass, pro or con positions, or any of his many accomplishments. They just attack on this stupid “guilt by association” tactic.

The fact that McCain’s VP candidate has been caught red-handed abusing her power, violating the trust of her constiuents, and violating the ethics laws of Alaska means nothing, I guess. McCain’s direct involvement and very close friendship with Keating means nothing as well. What is this country coming to?

2170 days ago


To Kay - #31. You can't argue with ignorance. I'm a Republican who has no intentions of voting for McCain/Palin. The trash comments here sound like they are coming from red-neck members of the KKK.

2170 days ago


#38 you seem like a nice person yes nice and small you must be jealous that Obama made something of himself and you are just a nobody!

2170 days ago


originl # 38 see how small you are they removed your post!

2170 days ago


And .. that low end furniture line she promotes. It annoys me that Rooms To Go pays her for her endorsement. And the commercial with the entire family as if they have that stuff in their home. Just another no-brain celebrity with endless money, Last week was a bad week for Jennifer Aniston ... guess it was a couple more packs of smokes, endless pots of coffee, diet coke, and extra suntanning to get over Pitt/Angie latest hoopla to top their last hoopla. Ouch!

2170 days ago


frankly Scarlrtt I don't give a damn

2170 days ago


ha! We have Cindy Crawford's RTG furniture in our home- it is very attractive and has stood up to 3 kids for a few years. Scarlett, it is great that you can afford Ethan Allen or whatever "high end" furniture you buy. Best of luck to you and remember the little people.

2170 days ago


WOW! I wonder if she thought she would elicit such a catfight in the blogging world?
She may be a celeb, but she still gets to vote! And she's still taking her kid to practice.
To answer the question Hockey Mom's vs Soccer Mom's... "Gee I thought it was all about the kids?"
I suppose hockey Mom's need to spend more on the kids' sport. Perhaps there's the difference.

In the Suburbs, at lunch with co-workers and clients. "Soccer Moms" are what we call the young women who are out to lunch during the week (Mon-Fri). They are not in suits or even business casual and have an enormous diamond on their left hand.
Some have a baby with them. They are the envy of all the working women I know; they are the stay at home Moms who get to actually see their children grow-up, help them with homework, generally on the PTA and go to the all the child's school events. These women travel in packs and spend the family money at a 50/50 ratio. 50% on themselves and 50% on the family.
They seem to love the lifestyle and money. They have the heartless abillity to coldly send their spouse to work many jobs and/or hours while they spend his money. If any of the women I know were this selfish, I spose I'd have never met them. My friends and co-workers love their spouses, and envy the time that the "Soccer Moms" spend with kids.
Sorry, Sarah Palin but as Vice President of the United States you won't have the time to be a Mom at all. Be it Soccer, Hockey, Football, Paintball, Ping Pong, or Checkers.
America comes first!!!

2170 days ago


Poor gulible Cindy. She's just been brainwashed by the Liberal extremists of Hollywood. I guess it's for the best. There's never been a 10 but Cindy if she had a brain would be darn close.
As for Obama, just wait and see what happens when a man that in his own book says:
From Audacity of Hope:

'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'

If that's the attitude you want running this country, then good luck. The business community will move to the Carribean.

2170 days ago


Yeah - these celebs really matter to me. Not.

2170 days ago
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