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Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero

10/15/2008 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 69-year-old resurfaced at a NYC event, looking stunning.
Connie Francis
In 1974, Connie was raped at a Howard Johnson's Lodge after a performance at the Westbury Music Fair. The rapist was never found.

Connie has been divorced four times and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


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Gay everyday    

Connie Francis is a very caring person,who has done alot for people with illnesses such as aids.and victums of violent crime.What have some of you done besides write hateful coments ? What will you looklike at 69,I'll bet you don't look as good as Connie now! It's sad that you young people don't know who or what you're talking about. I'm glad I grew up with people like Connie to admire. She still inspires me now. I saw two of her fabulous concerts last year in San Francisco.,and she's still got it.! A great talent ,a great American,a beautiful human being. She would be the first to say she has been blessed with incredible heights in life as well as incredible challanges. She is a true survivor. She is an entertainer who gives her audiences a lot. If you can't appreciate her I feel sorry for you,but she has plenty of people who love her. Ross

2142 days ago


Looks like she bought one of Michael Jackson's old noses.

2142 days ago


Hi Ross, Happy to see someone who has a brian on here. Thanks for setting the record staright on our girl.
Whoever was so ignorant to say "Don't mind me I am an old bitch" I am SURE YOU ARE!
But I am old and I can be a bitch, especially when someone trashes someone I care about, and I care a lot about Connie. but the fact is you are obviously a bigger one than I am.
Ross is right, Connie does so much for others. She is truly and amazing and very LOYAL woman. She treats her fans like friends and with respect. Some of you should wish you even close to the person she is!

2142 days ago


i saw Connie last year at the Neil Sedaka tribute in NYC...she looked beautiful and sounded AMAZING...among all the performers...Natalie Cole, Neil himself, Dion, The Captain & Tennille, Clay Aiken...Connie received the biggest ovation...she was that good...people were weeping during "Where the Boys Are"...her notes just soared!! When she dueted with Neil it was like watching a classic talk show...their patter was charming...Connie was informative and funny. She is a survivor...go study her music...or see her perform when she comes to your can't trade her layers of talent. God bless Connie!!!

2142 days ago


You could cut a loaf of bread with her nose.

2142 days ago


You know the woman is nearly 70 for heaven's sake. At least she is smiling. The rape damaged her emotionally very badly. She quit performing for quite awhile and was never the same after. She is a gifted lady and those making smart aleck comments or making fun of her should be ashamed.

2140 days ago

rob kennedy    

Connie Francis had one of the best voices back then in the 50's and I do own some of her cd's and she went through the heinous attack and really was never the same after that but her voice in my humble opinon was one of the best.Who Sorry Now.Lipstick on you collar,Where The Boys Are were just a few of her hits.God bless you Connie wherever you are and you will be always one of the greats as far as I'm concerned.

2140 days ago


Connie looks great. She is a natural beauty and very talented.

2140 days ago


I have always had a lot of Respect for Connie Frances.

When I was in Vietnam my base was not a safe place. The only singer who ever came out to entertain us was Connie Frances. She came in put on show and they left her helicopter running.... "just in case".

Bob Hope never did any shows out where the Purple Hearts grow. Connie Frances risked her life to come out and sing for us. I will never forget, as she was the only one I ever saw take that kind of risk.

Most of Hopes people were beautiful women who gave special "attention" to high ranking military....

Connie Frances was a classy lady and patriot who's life was almost destroyed a low life POS who was never caught.

They earned, EARNED the respect that Combat Troops have for her, as did Ann Margret another special lady.


2140 days ago


Connie was never a fav. of mine anyway and looks just as bad today as she did than

2140 days ago


WHAT////// Only 69 years old? I'm 77 years old and I was a kid when she was singing. I did love her voice though.

2140 days ago

My opinion    

I LOVE CONNIE FRANCIS (lipstick on your collar)

2140 days ago


God everytime i come read this crap.theres someone younger that thinks their all you will never get can only hope so long as theres not a drive by on your mothers trashy shut least she was pretty one time..some can never say that because they even born butt ass ugly............

2140 days ago


A trainwreck for sure. It looks like she doesn't have any teeth with the way she has her tongue in the way. With the lipstick totally smeared on. She does look better than she used to, face lifts, etc. She is a totally has been, that uses her attack & so called bipolar disease as an excuse for all her public outbursts. yuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2140 days ago


Beautiful lady - as opposed to the brief article , her accomplishments far outshadow the difficulties she has endured. Her voice was angelic and she bought much joy and happy memories to so many of her fans.

2140 days ago
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