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Tim McGraw -- My Own Greatest Hits Suck!

10/15/2008 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tim McGraw is PO'd because his label jacked his greatest hits for an album.

The country star says he's "saddened and disappointed" about a hits album and calls yet another best-of disc "confusing" to fans. He adds he didn't have any involvement in the record, and says "the whole concept is an embarrassment."

His message to fans: "I'm Tim McGraw, and I don't approve their message."

We smell lawsuit.


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EVERY album is a disappointment - he sucks.

2200 days ago


Smell a lawsuit? I just thought I smelled failure.

2200 days ago


Seriously, #2... 'failure'? While you may not care for his music, the fact this story is about a record label putting out a 2nd 'greatest hits' album kinda makes 'failure' a poor word choice, donchya think?

2200 days ago


Hey now...just because you guys obviously don't like country music #'s 1 and 2, doesn't mean the guy sucks! I love Tim! You've totally got a 100% right to not like him, but you don't have to make everyone that does like him feel like an idiot. I bet I don't like all the music you listen to, but I'm not going to bash the artists you listen to...

I was going to go buy the album, but if he doesn't think it's good enough and didn't have any input I'm not gonna go get it!

2200 days ago


I am from Louisiana, also where Tim is from. I think he should worry more about helping people in his state from Katrina. Why is it Brad Pitt has done so much for this city and Tim who made 100 million on his last 2 summer tours doesn't have his own Make it Right program to help the poor. His record label was there for him when he was a nobody, and so was his hometown. I know I use to go to ALL and I mean ALL of his concerts. If his record label wants to make some money so what? It's the nature of the business. So I suggest Tim worry less about the money his record label will make, and more about his hometown who could us the help.

2200 days ago


#1, LMAO! This guy is a hillbilly freak that rode a wave of nohting but cornball crappy music after a couple of early decent songs. Come on.This is a guy that sang about a "screw was a screw". Oh, and remember the poor girl he was an ass to and insulted at one of his concerts over a ring she didnt take? How can anyone stand to be around him and his ridiculous plastic wrap hat and arrogance?

2200 days ago

I saw this CD -- Greatest Hits Volume 3 -- at the Target the other day and thought, didn't he put out Volume 2 like two years ago. I mean, you have to have more than one CD ("Let it Go") and two years between greatest hits collection. I love Tim and usually buy all his CDs, but had to pass on this one.

2200 days ago


Curb still has you under contract DUMB ASS! Did you read the contract before signing? This Case is Closed. The only other case you have to deal with is "Impersonating Someone Famous"!!!!!!

2200 days ago


Here's an idea: Take your no singin' on stage vocal tuners, your greatest hits 3 package, and shove them up both Tims and Curb's Collective talentless Asses

2200 days ago


Tim is a Arrogant, Ignorant Hillbilly. Can't stand him or his horse-haired wife. Wy is he even getting air time on this? Maybe just to show how dumb he really is????

2199 days ago


Nice Drunken picture of Tim. I heard he hits the bottle quite often. Maybe will see him on Skid Row soon.

2199 days ago


"6. #1, LMAO! This guy is a hillbilly freak that rode a wave of nohting but cornball crappy music after a couple of early decent songs."

I still like Tim McGraw's later stuff, but if you noticed a big difference in the quality of his songs, it might be because his earlier stuff was written by Phil Vassar. When Vassar started getting popular, Tim went to other songwriters.

2199 days ago


Tim's fans are upset because he has a new CD ready and waiting - great songs which he previewed on his summer tour. He stated at that time that it would be out in October. Now Curb has decided to put out another greatest hits. That is why he made this statment. I cannot believe how negative you people are........sheesh.

2199 days ago


Don't like country but he's hot...

2199 days ago


I wouldn't listen to a Tim Mcgraw album if it was given to me for free. He is classless. I have a feeling he's gay with all the tight pants and sleeves T-shirts he wears. He's the George Michael of country music. I know he's married with children but I think there is a SECRET in that household. Don't tell the children Daddy is GAY!

2199 days ago
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