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Jen's Friends -- Mayer's a Wiener

10/16/2008 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That's what friends -- or "Friends" -- are for ... to undermine your relationships, right?

Apparently so: Jen Aniston's pal Courteney Cox, hubby David Arquette, and other close friends are "upset," says the Chicago Sun-Times, about the rekindling of the Mayniston flame. "Jen's friends are just worried that she will again be hurt by John," says a source.

But they're not that worried: One Aniston pal is convinced the thing will be kaput by Christmas.


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How does the Chicago Sun-Times, of all newspapers, get so much celebrity scoop?

2200 days ago


TMZ you suck big time. If Mayer doesn't wanna be friends with anymore it doesn't mean you have to trash them.

2200 days ago


He has porno lips.

2200 days ago


When you lust someone it is hard to get a grip... but honestly, Jen, he only wants you for the publicity. He has not been mentioned on the internet since your split. he has to be famous somehow and anyone with sense would realize that no other famous girl is going to give him the time of day. He is a man whore who need to have someone famous - honestly if it had not been for all the famous girls he has played, like Jessica you, etc.... I would not even know who the hell he was. I have never even heard one song he sings. Drop him.... how embarrassing for you.

2200 days ago


Unless it was a business-related thing, I wouldn't waste time with any of my exes. Come on, Jen, focus on your future, not your past.

2200 days ago


Why do her freinds even bother at this point? She makes the WORST decisions when it comes to men. She needs therapy! If JOhn hurts her again she desreves it for being so stupid to go back to someone who publicly mocked her! She must have zero self esteem-sad.

2200 days ago

the loser    

lets hope that is true... by Christmas no more

2199 days ago


I do not know why people do not say it as it is. She is pathetic. And how awful do you think she feels seeing her ex Brad, who dumped her, happy with the most beautiful girl in the world. And worst of all for her, he is soooo happy with Angie. That is because Angelina has depth and loves other people more then herself. Jennifer A. is a selfish B and doesn't do anything for mankind except focus on her , getting old, body. She is not young anymore! And she only is concerned with sunbathing . How self center person she ...she is really awful. No guy wants her except for publicity , money or sex. She doesnt do any charity work. what a LOSER

2199 days ago

Common sense rules!    

Wow, that last post sounds like sour grapes. Jen is intelligent and may be using him for sex just as much as he is using her for publicity. I think people need to worry less about what celebs are doing and more about being good honest and decent people to each other. Jen has an amazing body for someone her age and if she wants to sunbathe and relax, who are you to say it's selfish? You will only hope you look as good as she does when you are her age.

Score one for Team Aniston!

2199 days ago


People actually care about her? That's the news!

2199 days ago


It's no wonder Brad left her. There's something wrong with her brain. I agree with you Susan. She's a loser!

2199 days ago


Yes, i too am very disappointed with Jennifer decision. I'm mean really, are you that desperate to go back to an ex? It's sad. I can see if they had a long history together, then maybe. However, that's not the case. Jen stop playing with these young boys. Get yourself a man. You're 40 years old now. Almost! It's time to start focusing on family instead of chasing around with young boys.

2199 days ago


I, too, would be sad if my Gorgeous husband left me for someone considered the most beautiful woman in
Hollywood. Then to see them with 6 beautiful children jet setting from here to there around the world would
make me even more sad. Jen, you had your chance to have kids with Brad but for some reason you didn't.
Yeah, I know your career was too important and more of a priority. In a nutshell, America thinks you are
pathetic and you definitely have issues. Find a good therapist, Sweetie. You need one.

2196 days ago


Let's hope beautiful Jennifer Aniston finds the happiness she deserves.

2172 days ago

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