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Madge to Guy -- You're a Retard

10/16/2008 3:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna didn't waste any time throttling her now-estranged guy Guy Ritchie at her gig in Boston last night.

Without naming names, she intro'd her song "Miles Away" by saying it was for the "emotionally retarded ... You might know a few people who fall into that category ... God knows I do."

But it could be Madge who ends up looking like a bigger 'tard because she didn't sign a prenup -- and could have to shell out as much as $200 mil to Guy, even though he's being quoted in one Brit tab saying he doesn't want a penny of her cash.

Right ... and Heather Mills isn't a golddigger.


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The only thing this BITCH has going for her is her wealth. I hope Guy gets half. Then I hope the public stops buying her tickets and songs. All of HOLLYWOOD BRATS need to be put in their places..

2135 days ago


I always knew Madonna was self-centered, but now she's even dedicating her songs to herself!

2135 days ago


We as a society need to stop using the word Retard as a derogatory descriptive word it is offensive to people who are mentally handicapped, that the word was originally intended., I am surprised as a society we find using words that are making fun of medically or physically challenged people is not only tolerated but is considered funny.

2135 days ago


Alright now. Let's see if I've got this right. This is a woman who's worth 600 million dollars who goes to England, meets a guy who is so broke he dosen't have a pot to pee in, then marries him absent a PRENUPT. And she now calls HIM the idiot retard!!!! Geez! Where do we get them?

2135 days ago


she's the most annoying person in hollywood!

2135 days ago

Illinois person    

Madge should have been more concerned about her own marriage and kept her nose out of Palin's business. Madge devours men which is why none of her past relationships have worked out. Beyond this, no way in hell will Guy walk away w/some $200 mill. A) that would be the bulk of her wealth B) quite certain she has a pre-nup C) Guy will be lucky to get $10-15 mill. However, that's not a bad stud fee, is it?

2135 days ago


And you want Palin to go away. Where is your rock....find it and crawl back.

2135 days ago

love her!    

I could care less about madonna or TMZ...I do care that people who have to have some higher level of education and wise knowledge WOULD NOT use the word Ret@rd. Way to set a very large amount of the population back about 1,000 years. I am only one person but I am asking you to remove that word it's unfair and totally uncalled for. Mentally handicap people are people too & can not help the life the are handed. If anyone sees this message copy, paste it & repost it so that tmz will take it off....

2135 days ago


I hope he takes her to the cleaners. I agree with the other person, she needs to crawl back under her rock she came from. She thinks she is all that and she is so not. She slam's everyone in the name of her faith and people still go see her. Last I checked old Testiment or new you don't call someone a retard. Grow up Madonna and get a real life!

2135 days ago

hot snot    

Guy is WAY too good for that woman. He is a genius at films and I think he should say good riddance. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't just sign divorce papers and walk away from her. I think he DESERVES a huge chunk of money, but I think he makes enough on his own that he really would just rather be rid of her.

I cannot WAIT to see if he makes some sweet ass revenge movie...

2135 days ago


can't even hear it!

2135 days ago


I'd rather be a retard than and old, slut, home wrecking, ho-bag who is UGLIER than sin!

2135 days ago

hot snot    

Oh and one more thing - Separated for a year or NOT. Madonna is the emotionally retarded one. Not taking her vows seriously and cheating on her husband with that fug ass A-Rod. There is NO comparison between those two, Guy is incredibly gorgeous, and a rod looks like dumbo - and has less brains

2135 days ago


So much for the "stable" family she promised when she purchased little David from his broken home in Africa. David should go back to his biological father, Lourdes should go with her father Carlos Leon and Rocco should go with Guy Richie. Madonna is not fit to raise any innocent child. She is white trash to the Nth degree!

2135 days ago


Guy Ritchie is worth 35 million, independent from Madonna. And, pre-nups are not valid in the U.K. so there is no sense in writing something not worth the paper it was written on. Sheesh, didn't you people learn that with the Macca divorce?

2135 days ago
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