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DJ AM -- Plane Crash Saved Me ... For Real

10/17/2008 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hard to believe, but the plane crash that nearly killed DJ AM and Travis Barker may actually have saved AM's life.

He tells People doctors at the burn center found a blood clot in his leg that could've killed him if it hadn't been treated. AM says the clot "could have traveled to my heart and I could have died" but docs put a filter in his vein and gave him blood thinners.

"I have a great deal of faith that everything happens for a reason," he says.


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There is no God, or he would have saved all of the people. It's called fate. You aren't special, dude. Now go away.

2197 days ago


God is real. Stop trying to squash people's happiness and joy.

2197 days ago


DJ AM and Travis will both feel terrible guilt that they survived and the other people didn't. That's human nature. If they choose to believe a god decided it should happen this way, and if that makes it easier for them to accept and move on, so be it. They've both been through hell and deserve any comfort they can find.

2197 days ago

nira k    

God or fate, the potentially fatal clot was found and a filter was placed.
Adam, you have survived two life threatening events. You are here for a reason.

2197 days ago


God is an outdated concept. It's hard to believe people still think there is a "man in the sky" Organized "religion" is nothing but politics and brainwashing. Priests molest children. Get a clue, people.

2197 days ago


#5 Priests are not God. Anyone can claim to be religious, godly, become a priest or nun; it does not mean that God directed them to be a-holes. You forget there is an invisible war around us, between good and evil. People should and are able to believe whatever they like; however do not blame God for the free will of man. God let's us choose our path.

2197 days ago


I always thought that if you have a blood clot, that that part of the body would become swollen, hard,hot and painful. How could he not have known?

2197 days ago

To #26    

"everything happens for a reason?" DJ AM, tell that to the families and friends of those who perished so that your blood clot could be found.

2197 days ago


"I have a great deal of faith that everything happens for a reason. I put myself in God's hands." -DJ AM

2197 days ago

John Edwards    

So God killed several people and wounded another so he could save this idiots life. This guy is a mental case.

2197 days ago


God is very Real DJ AM, and God has saved your life for a reason...the blood clot is just more evidence that you were saved for a purpose. I'm praying for you and Travis.

2197 days ago


Yea, four people died so that doctors could find a blood clot in DJ AM's leg because his life is so important to this world. I mean what would the world do without another celebrity DJ. I think that is a pretty heartless thing to say that the plane crash happened for a reason. Like his life is so important that it required divine intervention and a plane crash to save him from a blood clot. Please. He needs to get over himself.

2197 days ago



2197 days ago


Anyone with "DJ" before thier name is!

2197 days ago


Geez, what's with all the atheists? First off, get educated!! God doesn't go around killing and saving, that's not the point. People need to take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming it on outside forces. The point was to come down and learn in a negative environment, if you all wanted paradise you'd still be there! Do you call your mom and dad whenever you encounter a problem and expect them to fix it? God isn't there to FIX things, he's there to teach you the hard lessons so that you go back SMARTER. DJ AM is now a smarter person and a smarter soul and he realizes it. The ones who perished, their lessons are OVER, no one TOOK them like a thief in the night. They chose to get on that plane, remember? Too bad Travis doesn't want to learn to let go of all that anger.

2197 days ago
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