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TV Preacher Leads TMZ to "Jesus"

10/17/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog had a real religious experience yesterday in NYC -- when he found televangelist Joel Osteen ... and then JC himself!
Joel & JC: Click to watch
And is it us, or does the modern day Jesus look a helluva lot like Viggo Mortensen?


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Not a religious man myself, I see no problem with others who feel the calling to preach the gospel.
HOWEVER, when a preacher abuses followers for personal financial gains and luxurious living, I have a MAJOR problem with this.
Many of these financial donors give away life savings/money for bills in order to be "saved" and enter heaven as these preachers dictate.. Even pensioners are targeted.

Now that is a disgusting travesty.

2194 days ago

registered nurse    

Well said TLT!! As a Christian I could not agree with you more.

2194 days ago



2194 days ago


Ok, how about the next person to spot on the streets is the Catholics Mother Mary and Allah..

2194 days ago


I choose Joel Osteen's positive, uplifting messages of hope and prosperity over hate filled rantings of Reverin' Wright.

2194 days ago


I have never listen to him but I personally like Dr. Charles Stanley. He is a great teacher of the bible. I like him a lot. I also like Dr. Billy Graham who has preached the gospel to more people then anyone. I think they are both "real."

2194 days ago

Big Bear    

Joel was almost injured last weekend. Joel was walking across the lake near his home and a ski boat almost ran over him. I understand Joel was walking his pet duck.

2194 days ago


I heard a piece of toast vith the Virgin Mary on it sold for big bucks on E-Bay.

2194 days ago


How did this fugly faker get such a hot looking wife?

2194 days ago


God Bless Joel and Victoria Osteen. I only hope TMZ posting them to their site can help someone in need look them up and be saved by their wonderful message of Christ's faith. I was a Saul and now I am a Paul; meaning for those who haven't read the Bible that I was an agnostic unbeliever brought to the Lord by the message of Joel Osteen. I haven't paid one red cent to him but I began my faith because of him. So I guess your arguments that he's the next Swaggert aren't true for me. If you have ears to hear go to Joel Osteen's website. You won't regret it.

2194 days ago


barf barf barf barf!!!

2194 days ago


I am very disturbed by this. Joel is a good Christian man. I use to watch TMZ every night just to get the scoop on things but now I see what kind of people they really are and TMZ will not be shown in my home ever again.

2194 days ago


What would Jesus do? Did Jesus rake in thousands and thousands of dollars and build huge churches, so that he can fill it, in order to gather more money? No, he hung out with the people who were poor, lowly and shunned. Jesus had no worldly possessions. To you people who worship the Olsteens, 5 and 15, idoltry is a sin and God will bite you.

2194 days ago


Jesus wept ...when he ound out this doofus was placing a price on faith.

2194 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Been there to Lakewood Church Interesting. I went twice a it i a real tourist attraction. The message-theygive a high powered , uplifting, Dr.Philish, sermon, funny, no fire and brimstone to damantion you go ,no telling people who to vote for, no Rev.Wright hatred, none of the old time 1980'2 tv millionaries stuff. He and his wife deserve every cent of their money from their books. All priests, minsters, rabbi's, etc. get a salary from their parishes, chruches, etc.
Lakewood ranks in the money. All IRS audits have been clean. Osteen hs been giving back his 200,000 yrly. salary to the chruch. Problems I have and time will tell : Are they flying on their , I mean the churches Learjet, which is one in the same because they are Lakewood Chruch? Did they buy a jet? How much does Lakewood rake in weekly? There is no public record of this? How much of the chruch does Jole andVictoria own ? No public record of that. They still live in their same homeinTanglewood. Don't seem very showy with their money like Jimand Tammy Bakker did,, etc.
What chraites dothe chruch give to? Hurricane Ike relief fund? Texas Children's hosptila? Homelss sheltersin Houston? No record of that or is the chairitable organization Lakewood Church. Are they goingto eventually have afairs, get divorced like TRandy and Paula White and tehn stuff come st olight like Paula White's Trump Tower Apt? Time will tell.

2193 days ago
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