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Who Wants To Be a Thousandaire?

10/20/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's another reason why people hate America -- other countries can't even afford to play our games.

"Who Wants to be a Millionaire" just got picked up in Afghanistan, where the prize of one million Afghani is equal to roughly $20,000.

But comparatively speaking, 20K is enough to make you rich in Afghanistan -- the average citizen makes about $340 a year.

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Your post is the reason there is so much discrimination in this country. Sikhs are being targeted as Afghanis when they are not even Muslim. Your picture is depicting a turban from a sikh from India, not a muslim from Afghanistan. Two different style and types of turbans. This irresponsible journalism is what causes senseless acts of violence, such as the deaths of innocent sikhs in US(balbir sodhi) who was killed because he thought that his turban was that of an afghani muslim.

2158 days ago


Just want to point out that the Turban is a symbol of the Sikh faith and is should not be confused with Islamic headresses and the muslim faith. The picture of Regis clearly depicts a Sikh turban. This type of confusion has led to Sikhs being murdered in the US after the 911 attacks and humour like this adds to the confusion and ignorance of so many people out there.

2158 days ago


I don't see why they are made at us. It's not our fault their currency isn't worth the same as ours.

2158 days ago


Hey Jheer. Lighten up Francis. People take things waaaaay too serious in your part of the world. Just take it down a notch for Christ sakes.

2158 days ago

Big Dee    

I just want to second what Jheer said. THis is just another example of American ignorance that makes us hated and ridiculed around the world. Also, the writing is in Arabic, which is not the first language of Afghans. They are not Arabs or Sikhs. TMZ sucks. If you had Regis dressed up like a hasidic Jew there woudl be hell to pay, but ridiculing Muslims, Sikhs and others is just fine with Harvey/

2158 days ago

Indian Sikh    

i agree with the first comment.. this style of turban is a symbol of Sikhism, and should not be confused with Afhgan's... this ignorance was the major reason why a lot of Sikh's were targeted in the US after 9-11, infact a few were killed!!
you should fix your picture.. u will just add to the ignorance..

2158 days ago


For God sakes people. Its an innocent image. TMZ did not go out of their way to offend an entire race of people. IT'S JUST A PHOTO! My God! You all should really lighten up and stop being so angry at ever little thing like a stupid phot of a guy wearing a turban. One of the problems with that culture is they cant laugh at themselves or just take a joke.

2158 days ago


Also, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire is NOT American you ignorant pigs. There are OTHER countries in the world too!

The show was British BEFORE it branched to Australia which was YEARS before it got picked up by the American networks.

2158 days ago


Jheer, you can't expect TMZ to do ANY research, just look at the previous "articles."

2158 days ago


So let me get this right.... Because they got the wrong "style" of turban, your people or their people, whoever, would kill someone over that? Talk about an uncivilized people. " I'll cut your head off because you have an orange turban on". Sounds like something the Crips and Bloods would do for having the wrongs colors. Gang mentality. Your people have not progressed in the last what 500 years. Let's come into the 21 century people. Too many people have died innocently over trivial BS. ------Thanks and have a wonderful day.

2158 days ago


I completely agree with DJ. If your people were a bit more civil, it wouldn't happen. Also, you can not group all of Americans into one ignorant group- or you're being a hypocrite.

2158 days ago


Way to completely cave in TMZ. LOL

2158 days ago

Ticked Off Taxpayer    

Stop caving in to the cry babies, geesh. What has happened to this country? Regis looked hilarious with the turban.

2158 days ago


DJ: What are you talking about?! He means white Americans killing Sikh Indians in America because they thought they were Muslims. We're talkinng about some Americans 1.) being racist murders and 2.) not even having the common sense to know they are not targeting the people they mean to target. Think before you write.

2158 days ago


Nobody said anything about killing anyone over the wrong color turban so you all need to stop making general statements about his people, my people, their people or any people being uncivil because that in itself is uncivil. Just because one person gets online and leaves a comment correcting a research challenged celebrity gossip site, doesn't mean you need to paint a picture where all Middle Easterners or civilians from countries associated with terr*rists are uncivil butchers, OH CIVIL ONE.

Furthermore, the typing on that screen is Arabic letters but does not make a single complete word.

Also, and most importantly. The reason America, the country, not the people, is hated is because of Bush's involvement in foreign affairs. The currency here has nothing to do with it. I hate to break it to you but the American dollar isn't worth sh*t right now. Wake up, open a newspaper and read before you make passing judgments about people envying the mighty dollar.

2158 days ago
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