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See You Next Tuesday, John McCain!

10/22/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do John McCain, Jane Fonda, Harvey Levin and Kyra Phillips have in common?


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A bunch of meaningless comments....May I suggest less time blogging hate and more time improving your community. All of this talk about America will be this way or that way if Senator Obama or mccain wins. Regardless who wins, American citizens need to be active in their own community, working with faith base organizations, non-profit organizations, community centers and local advocates for change. While you are downgrading others experience, may I ask? What have you done for your community lately. Many spend so much non-productive time on this blog spewing hate, I am sure is not involved in any program to improve his/her community. From all of the hate that being spewed out, I would surmised that many practice hateful exchange within their own families. If you are going to down the candidates, at least brag on your own positive contributions. I am sure responses from hateful, non critical thinks, will reply with the usual marginally educated juvenile rants.

2189 days ago

hell with them all    

Number 66 you need to get the facts. His father was not a US American Obama Mom was not married at that time and Hawaii has nothing to do with him being a talking BSer to get to the office. McCain was born a US CITIZEN

2189 days ago


"74. i don't give a f*ck what people on here do. what am i going to do?
Freedom of speech buddy. enjoy it.

Posted at 2:57PM on Oct 22nd 2008 by D"

What he's saying is I am exercising my right to be hateful because the Constitution said I have the freedom to speak and say whatever I want. Yeah. The Constitution never mentioned being an *sshole. You're right. Proceed.

2189 days ago

Big Mr. P    

Well you see the problem with Mhenad and people like you is that when someone who knows what they are talking about brings up anything about your messiah Hussein Obama you immediately throw out the "racist" word to protect this bum. I for one am not afraid of that word "Racist" and I will stand up and show people where this Hussein Obama is not fit to be a dog catcher none the less a President.

2189 days ago


wow for complaining about wasting time you sure wasted alot of it.

2189 days ago

concerned citizen    

After reading these hateful comments, I just made another donation to the OBAMA campaign.

According to Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary.


Adjective: 1. Tending to oppose change. 2. Moderate: cautious. 3.
Traditional in style or manner. 4. Belonging to a conservative
political party. 5. Tending to conserve: preservative.
Noun. 1. A conservative person. 2. A supporter of a conservative
political party.


Adjective: 1. Generous. 2. Abundant:ample 3. Not literal:loose. 4.
Of, pertaining to, or based on the liberal arts. 5. Respectful of the
ideas or behavior of others:tolerant. 6. Favoring democratic reform
and the use of governmental resources to effect social progress. 7.
Liberal. Of or belonging to a political party that advocates liberal
views, esp. in the U.S., Great Britain, and Canada.
Noun. 1. Someone who holds liberal opinions or ideas.

I choose LIBERAL over CONSERVATIVE any day.

2189 days ago


so what kind of rant do you call that?

2189 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

What these intolerant, hypocritical, right-wing Christians fail to realize is the OBVIOUS!! The more you spew about socialism, Ayres, terrorists, etc the dumber you look and the bigger Obama lead becomes in the polls. Honestly, you had your turn with that big genital wart of a president, Geo W Bush and look at what happened...we are sick of it and the right wing will no longer dominate poitics in this country. OUT WITH THE BUMS!!!
I know it will be hard to pry your intolerant little claws off of the power, but it's time to give it up!! The sooner the better...

2189 days ago


freedom of speech= be an ass if you want.

and i want real proof. not obama propaganda

2189 days ago

Big Mr. P    

Look at that middle name Adrienne. "Hussein" Remind you of someone? It should. Doesn't that scare you? Again it should?

2189 days ago


Big Mr. P, are you a 72 year old Republican with one foot in the grave? Just curious...

2189 days ago


Right wing Christians are hypocrites

you need to read an updated site. he isn't leading in all polls.
and your democrats are the reason for the way things are. look at congress. get informed moron.

2189 days ago


if you want people to leave you alone, then stop calling out other people.
doing that gives people the reason to do it.

2189 days ago


Sorry Mhenad, they just put a few more cases on our desk.....Campaign contribution fraud, Voter fraud, Ties to Tony Rezko, oh yeh and there is a allegation of Obama and Biden lying to the Public!....Hang in there!....we will get to it!

2189 days ago


your proof is not proof at all.
He has posted more then one certificate and they are all different which means he is a fraud.

2189 days ago
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