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Which Old Biddy Is Sorta Related to Shauna Sand?

10/22/2008 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These lovely octogenarian beauties showed up to a NYC event Monday night and one is kinda-sorta related to Lucite mother of three Shauna Sand. Guess which Golden Girl got mixed up in Shauna's gene pool!
Which is sorta related to Shauna Sand?


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Who is the Elton John look-a-like

2136 days ago


Sorry, lady, but you look ridiculous in those glasses. Just saying.

2136 days ago

Big Mr. P    

My friends – As we move closer to election day lets keep in mind the safety of our troops and our families. We cannot afford to turn over the control of this country to a modern day Socialist Marxist like Hussein Obama/Joe Biden. If you heard Biden the other day he is already predicting a terrorist attack within 6 months of a Democratic takeover of the White House. Let’s keep this country safe and vote for McCain/Palin and also vote yes on Prop 8 in California. Keep marriage between a man and a woman.

2136 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

My chest is raw, burnt and itchy, yet I still go for radiation so I will be alive to teach and love and protect my kids. As I approached the radiation room today, I thought of it like a torture chamber. Then it hit me, John McCain went through torture and now he is running for President. A light at the end of my radiation tunnel. A hero to look up to. Then I thought what has Obama ever DONE that I could look up to? I could think of nothing. I am no longer undecided. You can look at Obamas inexperience with Palins, and come up with the same argument and solution, they will not be alone. They will have advisers to help them make decisions. Who were Obamas advisers before running for office? Criminals. Is there any wonder how he is able to raise so much money? I don't think its from us Joe the Plumber type people. Then it came like a flood the Fairness Doctrine limits speech, He gave ACORN money and they have scandalously made up voters. He also wants ACORN to be tax exempt. Who is going to pay for all these people to try and weed through which voters really exist as ACORN floods the system with fake voters? WE ARE. The man Obama brought his house from ( @ $300,000 ) below market value is a criminal named Rezko. Obamas preacher of over 20 years was spewing anti American sermons. This is Obamas track record.

War Hero tortured for America

No executive experience who hangs around with Anti Americans and Criminals

When you take away all the B.S. Promises, which often change after election. this is what you have? We have become so addicted and inundated with side shows, we need to look at the facts before we pull that lever. This is possibly one of the greatest elections that will become part of America's history. The smooth talking socialist who plays on our current crises to scare us away from another republican. Or the proven Maverick Hero who is does not owe favors and chooses what he believes is correct regardless of who offers up the idea. I just hope you can see as I do now that I have put all the side shows on the shelf, the decision seems blatantly obvious. Vote McCain
Put Obama in public relations not the White House.

And for all you who are voting for a man because of his skin color, this man went to Harvard and lived wealthy, he does not represent you. President Lincoln, the tall wrinkly unattractive exterior is still the man who fought for your freedom, he was also white, and the troops who fought for your freedom, also white. This is not about color, it is about Americas Freedom.

2136 days ago


Number 3 - you're an idiot!

2136 days ago

oh brother    

oLD lady says, Nicole Ritchie eat your heart out....[and then fades away somewhere in her ginormous glasses.]

2136 days ago


Here I come to save the day!!!

2136 days ago


Like any of you losers at TMZ could ever look even half this good at 80. In fact, she probably looks better than most of you now. Nothing "biddy" about her.

2136 days ago


They both look better now than Shauna does.

2136 days ago


Oh yeah and these political ranters are getting on my nerves

2136 days ago


The one on the left can pass as an old biddy but the one on the right looks like a prune being eaten up by a giant ant!

2136 days ago


Aw- it's Paris and Britney in 15 years. (Britney is the one with the bug eye glasses of course)

Such a good feeling....

2136 days ago


if that ass-clown in the bozo glasses is considered fashionable, I must be a flippn GQ model!

2136 days ago


Back in the day a lot of these older stars wrote "beauty books" which I collect. Ms. Dahl wrote "Always Ask A Man" which has been in my personal library forever. Her handy tips and advice ring true even in these days. Ms. Dahl is a classy, brassy LADY. She recently celebrated her birthday at a gala event in NYC where there was not a dry eye in the house when her children spoke so lovingly spoke about her. BTW, the decorations were lovely, even by New York standards.

2136 days ago


I think that websites like these are leading to the breakdown of society. There is no respect left for anyone in this country! These are older ladies and you people need a little bit of respect! I've had it with making fun of people because they are old. You will more than likely be old someday also. You need to give respect to get it and believe me you won't get any with the way you write about people.

2136 days ago
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