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Joy to Elisabeth - "I Will Burn You Down"

10/23/2008 4:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And you thought things got hot on-air at "The View."

Things got so nuclear, according to a report on Defamer, after the show yesterday, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were screaming at one another. It started with a Hasselbeck comment about Joy shilling her stand-up show on-air, prompting some back and forth yelling that ended with Joy telling Elisabeth to "f**k off."

A "View" rep says the story is "completely ridiculous and untrue."


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sick of paris    

this "show" is circling the drain.It is no longer "THe View" Waa- Waa has let it go into the toilet. I betcha it won't be around much not understand why anyone would want to be a guest on that show. THose "women" are bitches

2188 days ago


joy is a discrace to the human race she is a pig the most disrespectufl person i have met, she was rude to bill she went off on bill for calling obamna a name but hang on what about when she called sarah palin a million different names but thats ok.

joy adds absolutley no substance to that show and thinks she can get away with what ever she wants to say because she is a comedian . ok she hates mccain but atleast respect him for fighting for the country and keeping her safe and free.

this woman gets inder my skin and barbara is just a dummy that follows suit . elizabeth should leave that show before it ruins her career as everytime she tries to make a balanced comment they all talk over her anyway.

screw the view

2188 days ago

Lenn K.    

You four left wing socialist and against one right winger and from Carrie's point of view you need to get rid of the only right winger and bring in another left winger. Carrie #14, that's what they do in Cuba, China and Russia. There are more opinions than just the left wingers point of view. Joy is just trying to copy how Rosie acted and is doing a good job of it. I'd check to see if Joy is gay.

2188 days ago


The only 'View' on this show is Joy's. I can't stand her. Elizabeth should move on for her own sanity. If Joy is trying to turn everyone to Obama she is doing a rotten job. Her opinion means nothing and I hope everyone has the sense to not listen to this mouthy, obnoxious person.

2188 days ago


Amy, did I read you correctly? Joy was rude to Bill O. Have you wayched that man's show? He screams and interupts anyone he doesn't agree with. They showed a clip of him screaming at Frank and not allowing him to say one word. As for Elizabeth, she is tha one who is rude, and stupid. The woman's claim to fame is Survvior, and she didn't even win that. Let her go to FOX with other narrow minded bigots!

2188 days ago


That show the View is ridiculous and should be taken off the air. Everyone except that poor woman Elisabeth is allowed to voice their views without everyone jumping down their throats. That loud mouth PIG Joy is totally out of control. She has absolutely no class what so ever. How was she ever picked for a show is beyond me. Its either her view or no one elses. She treats any guest that has a different view than hers as total crap.Who the hell does she think she is always rolling her eyes and ranting? Whoopie is a big liberal but she at least talks without the ranting and ravings of that lunatic Joy.(Boy if ever a child was named the wrong name it was her) She is no joy to be around. Barbara lost her control of the show long ago. She is so meally mouse. If you want the show to be fair put another conservative on the panel. Otherwise change the name to Left wing Liberal Views. God help Elisabeth.

2188 days ago


Does Elizabeth not see what McCain and Palin are doing. The evil phone calls made to voters and the pamplets with a plane burning and falling in the back ground. Calling his opponent baby killer and terrorist, this is from a man who on two different interviews claimed he was going to run a clean campaign he was not going to go negative becauuse voters do not like this kind of dirty campaigning they just want to stick to the issues. Maybe he should listen to his own advise. Every day McCain starts to act and sound more and more like George W. Bush and Palin well she is a female George W. Bush.

2188 days ago


M, you show the true class of your party. So glad you are on the other side! Bet you are a great date.

2188 days ago

Mary Schwartz    

I think it is time for Joy to hit the road, and take Barbara Walters with her. They are rude and obnoxious and do not allow anyone who has a different opinion from theirs to be heard. There treatment of Bill O Rilley was insulting to him as well as there audiance. I thought the VIEW was suppose to be exactly that.....THE VIEW...everyones

2188 days ago


Hooray for Elizabeth. She speaks for a normal American with her right to have an opinion - AND, the opinion of millions of other people. Joy is a big fat loudmouth. She is sooo low class and sooo uncouth and she makes a fool of herself and BABa is just an ugly old woman who does not allow "freedoms of speech" to all. She is a "has been" jealous of young attractive women with class. Joy is the person women always "ran away from, ignored, and refused to be in her company". What an example of "money can't buy class". Joy - go back to your low class existence and stay there.

2188 days ago


Elizabeth just yaps and yaps. She is a Republican propaganda machine. She can't stand to hear an opposing opinion, cuts everyone off when they are trying to make a point, and doesnt even have enough respect for her co-hosts to SHUT UP for a minute and let them finish. She NEVEr considers that any opinion other than her own might be valid. She drives me nuts. I always enjoyed the show for the intelligent opposing views but it has just turned into a smackdown. Ugh.

2188 days ago

my, my, my    

It is not so much that everyone is liberal, it is that when Hasslebeck offers an argument, it is so ridiculous that she looks about as intelligent as Sarah Palin. You can ask her the time of day and she will refer to Barack Obama as having moved the hands on the clock. It is sad when she has to contact Sean Hannity, the biggest idiot over paid entertainer in the business, for talking points. She has so much padding to her arguments that the other ladies have no choice but to buffer the Fox news points she prostitutes. I would like them to have a show where she and joy have a debate that is set up like the presidential debate. Bring in a legitimate unbiased anchor to ask the questions and let them go at it. That would be wonderful.

2188 days ago


Elizabeth had no TV career before The View AND her husband was sacked as Quarterback of the NY Giants, I don't even think he plays in the NFL anymore.She needs to listen more than talk that's how to learn.

2188 days ago


I believe the view going down the drain.And I for one can't bear watching it anymore Dem.or rep.I can't stand watching it anymore.
The view is only if you have the same view as the majority ,nothing else period! And Barbara is letting her credibility slip all the time.

2188 days ago


joy needs to take her meds she is so up tight i think she is going to have a stroke

2188 days ago
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