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Let's See Tina Fey Do This ...

10/24/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Club Paradise held it's half-naked, Sarah Palin look-alike contest last night -- where some were hot and others were just a hot mess.
Palin look-alikes: Click to watch
Mini Obama from Jeff Beacher's Madhouse was there too -- and got motorboated. God Bless America!


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Ha ha ha! First!

2191 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

This only makes me want to vote for her more!

2191 days ago


Palin is so hot. I can't wait for her to be VP. McCain/Palin 08 baby!!!

2191 days ago


Tina Fey in a bathing suit? NO WAY! Not even with a bag over her head

2191 days ago


Stay classy TMZ.

2191 days ago

Lenn K.    

McCain got them where he want them. Palin is everything to the media and they're losing their mind trying to put this woman down. I love it and Obama and Biden get a pass. There's no media bias, yeah right!!

2191 days ago


Sex sells.

2191 days ago

let's save the world    

Let's have some fun America while it lasts, 'cause if that faux-messiah wins the freedom of speech will be over for America

2191 days ago


Question - I know it has nothing to do with the above pics but could someone tell me if and when John and Sarah lose the election, does Sarah still stay governor of Alaska and John still stay Senator of Ariz. or do they both stay out of politics for another 4 years.

2191 days ago


Hey, at least there's something for Sarah Palin to do after she loses the election with McCain this november...LOL

it's a win-win situation... we don't have to hear any more of her embarrassing gaffes on TV and public (thanks for calling parts of the US "unamerican".... brilliant! LOL!!! What a fool!

2191 days ago


Did the judges look like McCain?

I think he chose Palin to run with him because he has the hots for her. Cindy McCain has been acting like a total crab lately, and who can blame her?

2191 days ago


@ #10
Yes they keep their current jobs....

But that won't happen. McCain and Palin will win the election

2191 days ago


Nailin Pailin ~ Oh please! Let's talk about how Mrs. Obamie said, "for the FIRST time I am proud to be an American". So, who is the fool?!!!? You are!

Please get back under the rock you craweled out of!

2191 days ago

Straight Talk    

How dare they insult us conservatives! I suggest we boycott all strip clubs until they--wait, what am I saying! Never mind.

2191 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

This is so disrespectful to Sarah Palin. She is a governor and the running mate of a presidential cadidate. And for those of you who keep saying she is a fool or not ready to be the president, if necessary, you apparently have not watched much of your Joe Biden - I truly believe he is imbalanced. Stop watching and listening the candidates that you don't intend to vote for and START watching and listening to the ones you do intend to vote for - you just may change your mind.

2191 days ago
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