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Unmasked Jacko is Backo

10/24/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson has come out of hiding ... he was all over L.A. yesterday, spending money, working on his skin and buying antiques -- who said there's a recession?
Jacko - click to launch
Jackson, who is famously financially-strapped, went to the offices of his long-time dermatologist in Bev Hills, then hit up a cosmetics boutique for a package of Epicuren Discovery, then headed to Melrose Ave. for a little antique shopping.

Jackson bought a a silver model airplane. His bodyguard did the heavy lifting, dragging it to his SUV. Jackson then drove down Sunset Blvd, with more than 40 paparazzi cars following behind.

Fallon from "Dynasty": 'Memba Her?!

Pamela Sue Martin is best known for playing the original Fallon Carrington Colby on "Dynasty" and Nancy Drew on "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries." Guess what she looks like now!
Pamela Sue Martin

Maya Rudolph Goes Barack to "SNL"

Since they've had great success with Tina Fey and Will Ferrell, well placed sources tell us "SNL" is once again bringing back a former cast member ... Maya Rudolph will play Michelle Obama this weekend.

Besides playing Mrs. O, we're told Maya -- who left the show last November -- will once again co-star with Amy Poehler in their "Bronx Beat" skit. Oh my gawd!

Tragically, we're told Tina will not be back playing Sarah Palin on Saturday.

Let's See Tina Fey Do This ...

Club Paradise held it's half-naked, Sarah Palin look-alike contest last night -- where some were hot and others were just a hot mess.
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God Bless America!

Star -- No Fun in Fungus

Star Jones says her dee-luxe apartment in the sky is a big mold trap – and, well, she's a lawyer, so guess what she's doing?

Star claims in a lawsuit she's been forced from her leaky, moldy penthouse triplex because it's an "unhealthy and dangerous" place to live. According to the New York Post, she wants $700K because she hasn't been able to live in the pad since March 2006.

Star's had to suffer the indignity and inconvenience of renting a place ... for $17,000 per month.

Michael Phelps Goes to the Hood

Phelps was on the DL at Tao in Las Vegas last night -- trying to keep a low profile by being the only one in the club with a hoodie on.
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Probably doesn't help that he's also 6'4".

Britney Patches Things Up with Her Kids

Britney Spears spent some quality time at a pumpkin patch yesterday with her lil' pumpkins, Sean Preston and Jayden James.
Britney and kids
For Halloween, Britney is going as a healthy mother of two.


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I'm.... really gettin' sick and tired of MJ being called Wacko... For a good 20 years, or a lil less, he was worshiped by the media and his fans. Now he'd hit a little bad publicity, and anyone with a hand in the media's taking any plausible shot at him possible. It ain't funny anymore, he's... a human bein' for God's sake. And there's not enough evidence to call him 'crazy,' just very... eccentric and emotionally different, maybe. What does the media get out of taking such low blows at the King of Pop....... is what I don't understand.

2188 days ago

Ricky Rock    

Nice to see Britany having a little peace in her life! She's beautiful again!

2188 days ago


MJ...just another spade ...wishes he was white!...How typical!

2188 days ago


To all the "Dave's" in the world. Your racist comment shows the ignorance that still exists in this world. If being white means being a cynical, bigoted, redneck like yourself then I don't think that MJ wants to be "white". And for the people that are white who are embarrassed to be associated with the likes of your kind you might just want to just end it now because soon you will be saying "President Barack Obama". How's that for typical!

2188 days ago


Her kids still suck on pacifiers? are you kidding me?

2188 days ago


If her kids keep sucking pacifiers they'll grow up and have teeth like horses!!!

2188 days ago


whacko jacko ain't the king of anything ; he might be the queen of something or another. if folks don't like him being called whacko too f%^kin' bad , little boys are on his menu , hell little boys ARE his menu. lmmfao !!!!

2188 days ago

just mouthing off    

talking about mj being or wishing he was white. Let us remember who is running for president , everyone is calling african american . Is that possible when you are half white and half black I would think that the blacks would not like him for that . would that be considered a half breed.

2188 days ago


wow, michael phelps has really just exploded into the scene... he's just living it up it seems... hope he doesn't get blinded by his success...

2188 days ago


OMG!!!! He is looking more like Liz Taylor every year---has he had breast implants yet? What a freak!!!

2188 days ago


Dave! What the hell is a spade. What do you call your kind? An Ace? Joker? Definately not a king

2188 days ago


IT's about Dave (comment #4) ... It's the Millenium and ignorance is still ALIVE and WELL; how sad, how scary.

2188 days ago

lodi dodi    

uh yeah about yall who are saying MJ wants to be white, he has a freakin skin disease and cannot help that. Furthermore, is it totally wrong for a guy to take care of his skin? Next, who are any of you to judge somebody else? Let the man who is without sin cast the first stone, ok.

2188 days ago


All over L.A.spending money, working on his skin and buying antiques? Michael Jackson and I could really hang out together! Except I'm not in L.A., my skin is long gone and I can't afford any antiques....

2188 days ago


King of Pop? More like King of the Poop-chute! LMFAO

2188 days ago
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