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Victims Had Multiple

Gunshot Wounds

10/25/2008 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Cook County Medical Examiner just told us both Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, each suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Police said there appeared to be defensive wounds on one of the victims, suggesting at least one of the shootings involved domestic violence.


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2154 days ago


ENOUGH with the multiple Jennifer Hudson family nonsense. Sure, it's a shame, but move on! And take a look at the number of stories on the front page that feature...whatever.

2154 days ago

name withheld    

This is just beyond tragic.

2154 days ago



2154 days ago


The media and comment posters should keep in mind that some of the Hudson family see these reports on the web, Jennifer Hudson's sister Julia has been checking her myspace yesterday and today, and many of their relatives are on the web surfing also.

2154 days ago


I just don't understand WHY her sister doesn't put her myspace page on private. I'm a black woman, and it makes me cringe to see how she validates almost EVERY stereotype white or other people of non-color have of us!!! SO WHAT he was a childhood friend, why MARRY someone who u KNOW will have a very hard time getting a reputable JOB! - What urks me the most is all her neighborhood and 'friends' saying, Julia, God this, God that, I'm praying, etc, etc... and then read her page - i.e.- she likes SEX, mentions the 'N' word, and makes herself look like a complete and utter fool. It's obvious she didn't have alot of self esteem - geez - LOSE some weight and present yourself in a more respectable manner. What is up with us black women, being BIG is NOT cute, I don't care how much MONIQUE or anyone else wants you to believe that untruth,.-- aside from homocide and just being black, being UNHEALTHLY is just as bad.; - In no way am I trying to lessen the fact that this family has experienced a complete tragedy...but my goodness... don't make us ALL look bad in the process. I hope they find the little boy, but if they haven't by now, its safe to probably think the worse.

Black Women, choose your mates wisely and of course we can't choose where we come from, but we can choose where we are going...

Honestly, I see why some really IGNORANT people lump us all into one big pile of nonsense.. here's a celebrity who's family is obviously hella ghetto...but just FYI folks..there ARE some middle-class mindset people out here too!!

2154 days ago


But her myspace page was like that before this happened. Maybe law enforcement does not want her to alter her page, it is my understanding they are reviewing all of the myspace pages, her brother had one, her husband had one, etc.

2154 days ago


#2: "whatever" explains YOU. PRAY. Do you have a family? Would you want to read this. Ask forgiveness as you appear to be with the antiChrist.

2154 days ago


I don't think any of us can imagine the pain and dispair Ms. Hudson and her family must be going though now and for a lifetime. My heart goes out to them. Ultimately, having a positive attitude is the only thing that will get you through the worst life hands you, and stay sane.
How fabulous that her beloved Mother and Brother were able to experience her tremendous recent career success.
At least there is that.

And, when life returns to reality - the earlier comments by "BLK WOMAN 2008" is pure poetry.
EXACTLY the advice that is needed to be heard by EVERY WOMAN in this country.
WHY??? Have we women ALLOWED ourselves to be so ROUTINELY cheapened, DE-VALUED, USED, and ultimately simply disposed of? BECAUSE WE WOMAN DON'T WANT TO MAKE THE EFFORT TO MAKE OURSELVES SPECIAL AND VALUABLE TO MEN. 2/3 of the "Women's Movement" was an absolute crock. And we fell for it. Still do.
It's the end of civilization as we know it.

2154 days ago


I think they should look in area hotels for Julian, it doesn't make sense dad would kill his son over a car deal gone bad...

2154 days ago


Anger makes you do things you end up regretting later on. There is no excuse for murder. Situations like these happen everyday but you don't hear about it on the television or in the newspapers. These are signs of the times!!!

2154 days ago


I made a HUGE error in my post above which suggested that being BLACK was bad when I said "aside from homocide and just being black, being UNHEALTHLY is just as bad" - what I meant is that in many of our communities, we have to deal with the obstacles of just BEING black in addition to the increasing homocide rate in many areas. Just wanted to clarify that.

Regardless of if her myspace was published as it is currently before this Shay, my point still remains the same. She was then, as she is now, a relative of a celebrity. People look up to stars, therefore, their family should at least conduct themselves in a better manner and publish more user-friendly pages on the internet. She has a son for goodness sake...and she publishes her biggest weakness is Good d***!!! Goodness gracious! And it wouldn't surprise me if she was the first one on the alter Sunday mornings hoopin' and hollerin'.

At any rate, this whole ordeal is a typical 'crackhead' move. You don't steal and sell someone's car, especially a family member. That's a crackhead move. More than likely, he was on drugs, has been on drugs, or ran with druggies, or possibly had some sort of debt. But again, as I said before, his 7 year stint in Penn St. SHOULD have been a big inkling to Miss Julia on the type of lifestyle he would lead her AND her family into. Women of all colors amaze me. You know he is a jailbird, or a womanizer, or what have you, and as soon as something happens, you are completely in shock. Duh! It's almost as bad as the women on Jerry Springer who confront and fight each other over a man, then the man comes out and they ASK HIM to make a choice.

Ladies...we gotta do better than this!

2154 days ago

two cents    

#5 BlackWoman 2008, what's truly disgusting is that her brother and mother were just shot and murdered, yet she seems to be very busy on myspace with "adding" all her "new friends". Yeah, she's really heartbroken over her son missing. She's "bored all the time" yet she has a 7 year old son. Great mother. You can take the girl out of the trash, but you can't take the trash out of the girl. Some people have absolutely no heart or common sense.

2154 days ago


My thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer and her family.

I hope the little boy is found safe and sound soon.

God Bless Jennifer's mother and brother.

2154 days ago


Well I went to her page yesterday and she didn't check it, but had checked it today. I can't knock her for getting on the internet for a bit to check her page, but I thought at LEAST she'd have enough sense to make it private. However, none of us here know all the facts about the case. I can't speak on her motherhood abilities, but she (and all of us as women) need to make better choices in men ESPECIALLY when there are young children involved, particularily young boys. Otherwise, we are just continuing the cycle. On her survey it says, which friend most likely to be arrested, and she writes: William.

Yea..good decision making skills there...most definitely!

2154 days ago
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