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Victims Had Multiple

Gunshot Wounds

10/25/2008 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Cook County Medical Examiner just told us both Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, each suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Police said there appeared to be defensive wounds on one of the victims, suggesting at least one of the shootings involved domestic violence.


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oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

thankyou very much!

2189 days ago

Jackie from cleveland    

Prayers out to the family of Jennifer Hudson. Let's all pray that they find 7- year- old Julian ALIVE and well. I hope they fry that psycho William Balfour. His mother claims he would never do this to them: Whatever Michele Balfour, your son is a psychopath and I hope they fry his crazy ass!

2189 days ago

that's all    

This is common in New Orleans. People busting in and shooting willy-nilly, sometimes over drugs and money, sometimes over a slight. If there is a shooting at a gas station, thugs will run over to the gas station to shoot as well, but don't know what they're shooting about. It's "da cultcha" and I don't care if I'm called a racist. I've seen this "culture" ruin a once great city and turn it into a stopped-up toilet bowl. Some people don't want to leave the hood anymore than hillbillies will leave the hills. They like that dangerous way of life of crime,murder, drugs, or moonshine, and find it a thrill like some find roller coasters or sky-diving living on the edge.

2189 days ago


FYI..A Medical Examiner is not a Coroner.

2189 days ago


To the family members,
I am so sorry for your loss. This is a very tragic event. I truely believe that your lost ones are in a better place. A perfect place. One that is way above this kind of dramatic events. You are all in my prayers.

2189 days ago

two cents    

That boy is D-E-A-D! No doubt about it. As for blk woman 2008, you're an idiot. "I don't think william did it because he hasn't been convicted and they don't have any evidence". Really? Seriously? Because we all know that minute they find evidence, they alert the media and send TMZ an email. D'uh! They are NOT goin to release any other info, for fear of tainting the jury. Now we just have to wait for someone to complain about "a smell" and that boy will also be found murdered. The mother was trash. She brought that pig into their household. It's HER fault that her mother, brother and son are dead. But at least she can still work on her myspace page. That's all that truly matters, don'tcha know? Stupid bitch.

2189 days ago


I read all the news posts concerning Jennifer Hudson's mom and brother and pray for peace and comfort for her family at this time. I also hope that justice comes swiftly for those responsible for this senseless tregedy.

My one question is this--

When will a judge issue a search warrant for William's home or his mama's home? I'll bet the police and the FBI will be able to solve this whole mess once they get a chance to search their premises.

2189 days ago


To Post #50 Yeah, I said it---

We can't really know if Julian is alive (I sincerely hope so!). But then again there's nothing to say that the child is dead, either. I hope to God the boy is found alive and well. Don't give up hope!

I just hope a search warrant is issued for William's and his mama's house. Stupid criminals always leave evidence at familiar places.

2189 days ago


2189 days ago


I hope that Jennifer is surrounded by friends and family that are supporting her right now. The woman needs all the caring she can get right now and I sincerely hope that the little boy can be found and brought home.

2189 days ago


#5 with all due respect, only ignorant people lump groups of people together and if that's what you've seen, I apologize for those people. I've never read anything but lovely things about Jennifer Hudson's sister and when I look at her page I see the words "Proud Mommy" prominently displayed, pictures of her family and her mom listed as her best friend. As far as I can see, Jennifer Hudson's sister offered love and forgiveness to a person that didn't appreciate or honor that...that's not her error, it's his failing. I hope she knows that and doesn't blame herself for someone else's actions.
My prayers and wishes are with the Hudson family. God Bless.

2189 days ago


Re: Posts insulting Julia for keeping her myspace profile public, checking it, and adding friends

Did you consider maybe it is not her online? I would hope law enforcement would be monitoring ALL means of communication for information or possibly contact from the sick individual responsible for this child’s disappearance.
If it is her online HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE! You don’t have a clue what she is going thru and if my child was missing I would be checking any and all means of possible contact. I seriously doubt she would be online updating her profile and editing survey’s. It amazes me how quick you all are to judge and cast stones. Unreal.

2189 days ago


Please don't knock me for this, but I have been reading these posts all day, My question is - has Jennifer been so busy being a celebrity all this time and never knew what was going on iher own family???

2189 days ago


that entire family obviously eats buffet style, and dont know when to say W H E N. Put the food back people! I am surprised bullets were actually able to penetrate that much fat and find organs to hit. Are u sure they werent harpooned multiple times? The other headlines in Seattle say 7 killer whales are missing, I think I found half of them at the Hudson family dinner table.

2189 days ago


Wow, I am so depressed over t his huge tragedy.I dont' know anyone involved except for Jennifer's amazing gift of voice, but I feel so bad for everybody.I am white, I like black people, Indian people, chinese people, mexicans, all people. I sometimes hate my own white people but in the end only kindness matters to me, not the color of skin.Who could have done this family in like this?Where is the boy?As more time goes by things look grim finding him safe, there is still hope, poor baby.I wonder what he saw, heard, felt.The one thing her mother did for me was to help me inspire my own daughter's dreams by how she did for hers.Tears flow, sadness is overwhelming, and this is just me.I can't imagine how she is feeling.I will love my family harder, stronger, cherish every moment with them. And seriously, John McCain had me all the way until he decided to tax healthcare.Now I am all for Barack Obama Bring IT!.Barack Obama is even shedding tears for Jennifer Hudson.Thank you Barack.And not to stray from this story, there is the Anchor Woman who was beaten during a robbery just died.What is wrong with the fabric of this Great Nation?It is so frayed and withered.People should not do this to other people.And to the the black woman yelling at other black women for being overweight and such, you are all beautiful.Even the big girls.Just change your diet and you will feel better.US white women don't always pick the right white guys ya know but maybe the white ladies took all the good black men off the market.Nahh, or maybe the good ones just got taken by other good black women.Or I really just don't know maybe you are right black woman.I dunno, I am soo sad, my god and then another murder will take place and another person somewhere will die from someones hand.It goes on and on. God Bless The Hudson Family.My deepest most sincere condolences and God speed to the safe recovery of that poor young baby boy. Peace.... april g...

2189 days ago
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