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Julia Hudson:

I Just Want My Son Back

10/25/2008 9:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An emotional Julia Hudson just stood in front of the media and begged for the safe return of her 7-year-old son, Julian King.

Julia Hudson: Click to view!
Julia, standing next to Julian's father Greg King, told reporters how the Hudson family was holding up, described her last moments with her son and explained that Julian would respond the nicknames "Juicebox" and "Dr. King."

Julia also said she was the one who told Jennifer about the terrible string of events that took the life of their mother Darnell and brother Jason.


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Did you see the picture of Jennifer Hudson's brother with his baseball cap worn to the side looking all gang like? Hmmmm. Jennifer Hudson's sister is involved with a violent ex-con who is allowed to live in the home of Jennifer Hudson's mother and where there is a child present. Englewood is a horrible community, a ghetto, and yet when given the chance to move out and possibly better their lives, the mother refuses to go because she's "comfortable". She doesn't know any better. This is a dysfunctional family. It is also an overweight and unattractive family (did Jennifer Hudson ever take one of her family members to Hollywood and trot them out on the red carpet before the press?). They brought their misery upon themselves because of the people they CHOSE to associate with. Sad story. I hope they find the boy.

2134 days ago


I can not believe some of the comments on this blog. To know there are some very cold hearted people out there changes my perspective of the human race. The loss this family has suffered is beyond measure and to make the comments you have made is horrible.

2134 days ago


Just a question. If she's begging for her son's return, does that mean that William didn't do it? Because, I'm thinking that the police wouldn't let her say anything cause she could mislead the investigation. I mean, if the police believed William had done it, Julia wouldn't be out there saying these things, right?

2134 days ago


51. stay safe. hang out with white folks

Posted at 10:20PM on Oct 25th 2008 by Joey.t

White folks like Hitler, Ted Bundy, John Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Hillside Strangler, Son of Sam, the Green River Killer, Aileen Wuornos, Charles Manson, Diane Downs, the Columbine killers, Wesley Allan Dodd, Lee Harvey Oswold, James Earl Rey? White folks like that?

2134 days ago


That's a good question, #60.

But I think at this point, the police are telling her very little. And at the same time, are allowing her to say very little.

2134 days ago

ole man    

where was the mother???? its her 15 minutes of fame now, i feel bad for the child, he never had a chance in life. trash, all of them

2134 days ago


All I say to #61 is that all those White Folks you menationed never killed ANY family members.

2134 days ago


if Julia's ex-husband killed the bro and the mom, then Julia should be responsible at some level, after all it's her choice of man that led to this tragedy

2134 days ago

I told ya soooooo    

57. I know that the police is probably grilling him and trying to shake him up enough to give up any information however something is very fishy with Julia.

If she did go on myspace, I think she probably did it with the police knowledge. However, what i don't get is why did she go into Flex's myspace and change his mood to forgotten and Flex in Jail? I mean wtf?! I don't know if it's the whole being numb thing that is making her look non-credible or it's just that she is not.

I think there's a fair chance he MAY not want to go down the same road he's been before, but as a mother that answers that William would get arrested, why is it she would be involved with crap like that unless she herself relates to crap like that. Two peas in a pot perhaps? I just find it bizarre that she is composed enough to make statement, fine she has a lot of support but I think she could have just as well told someone to read a statement. Something stinks to high heaven here and it ain't my dirty socks.

Let's just hope she didn't have anything to do with it, and really I feel her incriminating Flex is stupid since she's the one that was with him poor judgement, poor ghetto family, gets you tragic results. Boy this is like a scene out of a gangster movie stereotypical black family that doesn't want to get anywhere because they've got a family member taking care of them.

2134 days ago


I don't give a damn if I weighed 1000lbs. if my baby is missing or yours you'll be doing the same thing. Pleading for your child. But you have uneducated out of tough people with reailty that has time to comment on somebody's weight. Sheri is a prime example of dumb and out of touch. Go read your Bible and pray. My thoughts and prayers are with the Hudson family hopefully a good thing will come out of this and they will find this child alive and well.

2134 days ago


White folks like Hitler, Ted Bundy, John Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Hillside Strangler, Son of Sam, the Green River Killer, Aileen Wuornos, Charles Manson, Diane Downs, the Columbine killers, Wesley Allan Dodd, Lee Harvey Oswold, James Earl Rey? White folks like that?

Posted at 10:35PM on Oct 25th 2008 by puhlease

Dude- if you want to make a point about anglo killers you should use WWII. There are common street thugs in Chicago that have killed more people than the white folks you mention. If you research CURRENT times on the Dept. of Justice website you will CLEARLY see who commits the majority of murders in the US.

2134 days ago


63. All I say to #61 is that all those White Folks you menationed never killed ANY family members.

Posted at 10:39PM on Oct 25th 2008 by macunit

A. It is not alleged that the person in this case killed family either. He wasn't married to the mother or related to the missing child.

B. Diane Downs did INDEED kill her WHITE children (as did Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, etc.)

So your point is what? That white people who kill and eat strangers are ok, but black people who might have killed their GF's family are somehow more evil? Good grief.

2134 days ago


#63, If you take a look at the ENTIRE press conference, you will hear Julia say that her mother (the grandmother) did EVERYTHING for the child, cooked for him, did his laundry. AND that the child had gone out with his mother for her birthday just a couple of days before the shooting and couldn't wait to leave his mother and be with the grandmother.

One of the first things out of her mouth at the press conference was to say "I work, so my Mother did everything for him."

They were all living together under the same roof, yes, but clearly the grandmother was the one parenting this poor child.

2134 days ago


#65 Since it's Halloween time I loved the movie Amityville Horror did you watch the movie it's a true story.

2134 days ago

Makinley's Mimi    

This goes out to Stupid Sherri, How dare you? You are an idiot. I can only hope that one day you might have to go through the pain of loosing your mother and brother and not now where your your niece or nephew are at. Your a cold hearted bitch! My thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer Hudson tonight.

2134 days ago
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