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ID's Bodies

10/26/2008 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer HudsonThe Cook County Medical Examiner told us Jennifer Hudson showed up to identify the bodies of her mother, Darnell, and brother Jason.

It's "standard operating procedure" for a family member to do this, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

UPDATE: William Balfour is now under the custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections. Cops told us the IDOC have taken Balfour for breaking the terms of his parole.

The nature of the violations are unclear, but we're told that although Balfour is in the custody of the IDOC, the "homicide investigation is still active and ongoing."


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Solay, correct, there is no proof that he committed this crime, but he is the prime suspect. Number one, they have called the FBI to help find Julian, just in case he is across state. William did not have enough time to travel across state, since he was caught that day. If the lil boy was taken across state it's either there was another person involved in the shooting along with William, and he has the lil boy, or this could have also been a robbery gone bad, and there sleeping on all options, and are focusing on william, because of his record, the threats, and the issues within the marriage. If William did do it, and had Julian, then he must be hiding him really good in the state of Chicago, or like I said has another person involved in the shootings and that person may have Julian. There are so many different ways this case can go. It sounds more like an inside job meaning someone close to the family, but it could also be that someone thought, "That's Jennifer Hudson's family home, we could get x amount of whatever goods,"and it didn't go to well. It could go so many ways. But I do hope they find the lil boy. Young Elizabeth from Utah was found 8 months after her disappearance and she was alive. God bless Jen and her family.

2132 days ago



Tell me what does class have to do with this.....I think that you just wanna be down.....get off the net cause you aint talking bout nothing......You dont feel dont even know those just reading the news and talking a bunch of dont know what i got.....cause you dont know least i am real....and not on here being a foney like you.........I am just telling it like I see it........


Please shut up now.....cause you pointing finger on someone and there is no proof ........Stop would you like if you felt sorry and married a Fat girl and got blamed for double homicide murder on her folks..........stop it now

2132 days ago


Solay..if you would take time to read you would know that

J. Hudson wanted to move her mother out of the S. Side but her mama didn't want to go.

That is her home. Don't blame Jennifer for something a cruel human being did. This could have happened anywhere.. look how a anchorwoman died because someone broke into her house and tried to rob her and beat her.

Have some class...

Jennifer...don't let these people bring you down...

My prayers are out there for her family and hopefully they will find her nephew safe and sound

2132 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Lets be realistic. Look at the Hudson Family. Look at Jennifer's sister and her husband (the ex-con). Something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. If you play in the mud you are bound to get dirty. The kid that is missing would of most likely grown up to be a criminal like his dad. Lets call off the search off and save the tax payers a little money from the future prison sentence. Its bad enough we have to pay for his dad's food and housing, "again". And whats with Jennifer's sister saying the kid answers to the names "Juicebox" and "Dr. King"? Like he is a dog or something. He is seven years old, doesn't he know his own real name?

2132 days ago


Having so class doesn't always mean how much you have or where you live

I'm talking about the class where you respect the deceased.

I hope no one talks like that when about you when you're gone...that would be horrible.

An child is out there missing and you are calling him a future criminal because of his parents.
What if it was your child?? This world will never change...

2132 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

""Tragic stuff, give the girl some space. TMZ, try to show one ounce of human diginity."" That's what TMZ does best. They take a sad story like this and run it into the ground with no thought what so ever to the grieving family. Then they run it into the ground some more. How many posts on this so far? At least a dozen. A bunch of complete nimrods.

I wonder why they suddenly stopped hassling the Prince, Perhaps a lawsuit.

2132 days ago


Wow. Good job, Carl. You seem like a real swell guy. Your mom must be so proud. Wow.

Anyone with information on this missing little boy needs to call the police and get him home. Any little piece of info could help, help his mom get her baby back.

2132 days ago


Solay, I can see why you love modern minstrel shows like I Love New York and Flavor of Love. Personally, I feel they insult my intelligence. Then again, judging by your grammar, (or lack thereof), I can see why you're on here dragging something stupid like that into this tragedy. You don't need to personally know a victim to sympathize. I don't know any victims of genocide, so should I not care? We don't know the 7-year-old missing nephew, so should we not worry for his safe return? Your comments sound very ignorant and immature. I sincerely hope you are only a clueless teenager and not an adult. Please turn off VH1 long enough to read a book before coming in here and looking foolish. People like you bring us all down.

2132 days ago



First off I am doing other things while typing very fast......I am not using spellcheck or going back to read my comments....Its not that serious, I am not getting a grade or money writing you people.

Second has Jennifer offered award money for the finding of her nephew.

Third, I do sympothise....with the mother and brother because they was short changed and they died behind it.........

2132 days ago


"homocide investigation is still active and ongoing."


this isn't a gay thing it's homicide

2132 days ago



How would you like if you daughter blew up and left you in some Bum hood? if you say you wouldnt care then you are lying to yourself........At least Miss New York takes care of her mama. and if you know who she is then you are watching and liking her shows as well as me....

moe you sound like a Fronting SISSY.

2132 days ago


We cried and prayed. I pray that Julian would be returned home safely.I cant stand people who comment hurtfull stuff and try to hide because you can remain anonymous. Cowards! If you dont have anything to say to help then STFU.

2132 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

I really, really hope Julian is found unharmed. The more I read about this story the more I fear the worst. This wasn't a custody fight. This was a revenge attack over reporting of a car stolen by "conversion" (selling and profiting from sale of someone elses property). William Balfour is NOT the father. He has no connection to that child. My fear is that he did in the child also, but hid Julian's remains for fear that a child killer in jail doesn't have a long life span. He was angry, betrayed, rejected, unbalanced. This is an act of senseless rage. William Balfour may even had specifically targetted his rage at Julian. Like a male lion that encounters a cub sired by another male. And I mean this the most serious way, I am NOT trying to make light. I am just trying to get into Balfour's head. What did he do? And why? And why leads back to what. Intensity of motive relates to the viciousness of the crime. Viciousness of crime reveals intensity of motive.

2132 days ago


solay did your mom drop you on your head when your were growing up??

2132 days ago



sadly enough I think so too, if he did it he dont look like he got enough money to hide him anywhee rent free.......its sad to say but i think so too

2132 days ago
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