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McCain Drops Out of Race

10/26/2008 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain's brother Joe just announced he's withdrawing from the campaign ... so now Palin really is John's #2.

Joe's announcement came days after a 911 tape surfaced, in which he bitched about traffic and then dropped the F-bomb.

The effect on McCain's campaign is unknown.


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Mr. A    

44. Poor Mr. A
The conspiracy theories get more and more frantic with each new rant, and never more credible.. wonder why that is.
I think that it is hilarious that the network that used to be an absolute JOKE as far as credibility as a television network (look at the shows they put out, seriously) SUDDENLY isn't full of sht once an election year comes around and they happen to lean right, while every other network leans left? THAT makes them fair and unbiased? Surely you jest! Now, I don't watch fox, as I don't need to see crap to know that crap is out there.. but I don't drool over the anchors of any other network either, you weirdo! Then again, I also don't refer to U.S. Senators as "butt puppets" or "petty btches" either, so maybe it's a maturity thing.

Posted at 6:53PM on Oct 26th 2008 by lizkirby

Poor Liz.

Stupid and naive is no way to go through life. You've added "out of your mind" to the list as well, so I guess you're a hopeless case. The only compliment I could even offer ya is that you're any good follower of their leader could be, you're right there in lock step with whatever the Nazi's (you worship) tell you to THINK..DO and SAY!

I've merely cited the very words of your candidates and expanded on their fear mongering rhetoric and what it MEANS, and yet you just spew non-relevant and nonsensical garbage accusing me of playing some "conspiracy" card, which is about as much a LIBERAL political tactic as you could GET.

You're the most dangerous kind of mindless idiot out there. Don't have an honest bone in your body and have to resort to calling everyone else a LIAR to justify your own shortcomings.

2155 days ago

ACLU member    

Stupid old fart, just as dumb as sharon stone

2155 days ago


Do you want a one party State? Careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

2155 days ago


Hmmm, I wonder if someone should be watching or checking in on Mr. A... besides his psychiatrist .. .. I mean someone out there is crazy enough and angry enough to be shooting bear cubs and wrapping Obama signs around their head.. sounds like something Mr. A. is certainly capable of judging by all his ranting and raving here , others beating and cutting themselves and then lying about it being an Obama supporter who did it, can we all say desperate... throwing around words like Nazi, terrorist and other wack job titles when referring to a presidential candidate... and then toss out the word Liberal like it's a dirty word, these people are completely insane!! If McCain's followers are this crazy before the election you have to honestly wonder what these nut jobs will do after Obama wins.

2155 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

Mr. A.. you are demented.
You are right, i am loyal.. but not to a freakin politician, idiot! I am neither stupid nor naive, and yes.. FOX is full of steaming, moronic crap, no lie.

You don't have to tell me what you said in your previous post, I read it.. You decided to take a simple statement and "expanded" it to be what you want it to be.. that's your thing, go for it. Do not call me a liar though, because I am not. Nor do i lash out at strangers calling them liars without anything to base such an accusation on. Did i say "conspiracy card"? nope! In fact i doubt you have ANY card to play at this point.. you're just sad.

The only thing you forgot to comeback with was the maturity angle.. don't bother. We both know who's got that one.

2155 days ago


I have never read any article about Obama's past that was more damning than the one I read about McCain in Rolling Stone...try though they might, the Republicans can't come up with anything in Obama's past that is as irresponsible as McCain's first 42 years as an American.

2155 days ago

Mr. A    

Yeah...I'd say it's safe to say that the debates here (with Kitty and Lizzy) have reached the asinine level of "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE..BUT WHAT AM I?"


If you have anything intelligent and HONEST to say about your MESSIAH Obama, that's based on FACT...based on his RECORD and based his BACKGROUND as to why you THINK he's such a wonderful Messiah to begin with, and why you think he has all the right STUFF to lead this country out of the very sh@#hole the liberals in Washington and their mouth pieces in the press have dug us into (because Gore and Kerry were both defeated by BUSH)...please post it, because so far, you're just spewing typical anti-conservative rhetoric you've read somewhere else and decided to regurgitate it here as though it's an original thought of your own.

2155 days ago

Mr. A    

51. I have never read any article about Obama's past that was more damning than the one I read about McCain in Rolling Stone...try though they might, the Republicans can't come up with anything in Obama's past that is as irresponsible as McCain's first 42 years as an American.

Posted at 7:48PM on Oct 26th 2008 by Tracee

Please share, so when can fact check that pile of sh@# for nuts and corn kernels. I mean, if Rolling Stone is what you libs are holding up as legitmate political reading material, fair & balanced and whatnot...I'd like to see it for myself, so please link the article. It just HAS to be the truth..right?

Have you read OBAMA NATION by any chance? That's a good read as well as far as "damning" material, but i know that wouldn't interest you.

McCain bad press = REAL

Obama bad press = ALL LIES and RACIST!

Hard to defeat that kind of narrow-minded logic.

2155 days ago


No where in this article posted my TMZ was Obama mentioned. Please find a I Hate Obama site and post your racist hatred there instead. We're quite happy bashing McCain's brother for being a moron.

I'm guessing it's OK to say FU to a 911 operator.. You must do it all the time.. Dumba$$ conservatives..

2155 days ago


Don't you think this country needs a change? Look where it is now! Right in the toilet and sinking fast. Do you think another REPUBLICAN in the White House is going to make things better, especially a tired old man like John McCain and his dumb as a bag of hammers sidekick?....nothing wiill happen except more of the same. Obama is younger, motivated, intelligent and can't wait to get things done in a good way. There have been 43 white Presidents - surely just one with darker skin can't be that upsetting to you? Or can it?

2155 days ago


Mr. A, why your obsession with the idea that Obama is the
'Messiah'??? Are you also a religious freak? I don't get it. You
just vomit such nonsense and make no sense at all.

2155 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

it just tickles me when conservatives throw out the word "messiah" as an insult to the intelligence of democratic voters... I have never called Obama my messiah. Obama has never referred to himself as anybody's messiah. Talk about spewing rhetoric.. what the hell do you think you are doing Mr. A? You don't talk up your candidate, you spew garbage about ours.. You define hypocricy.

2155 days ago

big john    

he is almost as stupid as his big brother

2155 days ago

Big Bear    

Ole Joe is going to be Transportation Secretary if his brother wins the election. Joe is a transportation pro!!!

2155 days ago

Mr. A    

Luis Farrakhan called Obama the "Messiah". So once AGAIN, if we take that and REPEAT it, we're the ones with the problem?

Somebody took a typical shot at FOX news, and how it should be BOYCOTTED so I repeated the rhetoric that Obama and Biden have both spewed about the "fairness" doctrine regulating talk radio and how Obama himself cries about Sean hannity as though hannity is the oNLY reason somebody might not be voting for him...

and AGAIN, the nasty grams come flying my way for simply stating the truth of what's being said and what's being THREATENED by the Obama people.

You people really are out of touch with what's going on.

2155 days ago
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