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Body Found

Matches Missing Boy

10/27/2008 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chicago cops have found the body of a child and are investigating whether it's the body of Jennifer Hudson's nephew, Julian King. The medical examiner has not yet made an ID, but we are now told the body is that of a 7-year-old African American boy, the same age and race as Julian.

The body was found inside a 1994 white Chevy Suburban. It is the same SUV owned by Jason Hudson, the murdered brother of Jennifer. Before his arrest, cops were looking for William Balfour, the suspect and estranged husband of Jennifer's sister. The license plate of the Suburban matches Jason's SUV.

The SUV was found a few miles from the area where cops arrested Balfour.

The SUV is now being towed from the scene. Unclear if the body is still at the scene. No ID so far.

Neighbors say the vehicle has been parked there since Saturday. Balfour was arrested Friday night.

The SUV has been towed with the body still inside the vehicle. The SUV is now at a police garage in Chicago.

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blah blah blah etc    

:( poor baby. the whole crime story is sad and now the little boy i prayed was going to be found alive and ok, is gone :( the murderer needs to pay dearly for his actions. nothing made him do this, it was his own choices.
to the hudson family: you're in my prayers also, from afar.

2185 days ago


OMG! Normally, I wouldn't be in favor of the death penalty but in this case, its sorely needed.

2185 days ago


This is got to stop. What the hell did that 7 year do to deserve this? Absolutely nothing. Seriously, this needs to stop. Fry his ass. I am so f'n pissed off right now.

2185 days ago

Ms Nisha    

I don't believe in violence but in this case i feel the perp. should die a slow violent death. To hurt a child of such innocence is cruel I am truly sorry to the hudson family for your senseless tragic loss

2185 days ago


I'm so sorry for the Hudson family, it sounds like they found the boy. I hope the person responsible pays dearly, unfortunately i believe it is William that did this, it could only be done by someone with a lot of hate for the family, considering the problems they had with him it sounds like he could do it, i'm sorry for Julia for this.

2185 days ago


My heart is broken...

2185 days ago


So so sad :( What kind of monster's can kill an innocent child. I hope they burn in hell.

2185 days ago


My heart is broken.

2185 days ago


I just noticed this: what kind of neighbors do they have??? they said the SUV has been in the neighborhood since Saturday? And not one of them reported it to the police???

2185 days ago


Don't worry, the piece of crap that did this will get off with the help of bleeding heart liberal lawyers, juries and judges. If you think our criminal justice system favors the criminal now, just see what happens if OBLAHma gets the white house.

2185 days ago


How do you do this to a child? I mean how do you kill ANYONE but especially a child. I hope when this low life gets his and goes to prison, that every inmate knows what he did and real justice will prevail.

2185 days ago


this kid was dead already when he witness the killings, that stays in your mind forever and creates devastating trauma, so sad!

2185 days ago

Another Day In Paradise    

OMG...this is just horrible, horrible, horrible! My heart and prayers goes out to the Hudson family. We cannot even begin to imagine what they're going through.

2185 days ago


Aww man this is too sad keep your faith in the Lord, J. Hud the lord will see you through this horrible time. We are all praying for you and your family.

2185 days ago


How absolutely tragic for Jennifer and her sister. My thoughts are with them. I hope they give Balfour the death penalty, and that everyone in that neighborhood who did nothing when they heard shots fired sleeps well tonight. Maybe this could have turned out a lot better if it hadn't taken the police hours to get to the house, and maybe Jennifer's sister wouldn't have had to walk into that scene by herself and find them. Maybe her mom & brother would still have died, but her nephew would still be with us. Just because hearing shots fired is "normal" and "no one pays attention" is no excuse to be wilfully blind to your fellow man.

2185 days ago
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