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Cheech Takes Pot Shot at Obama

10/28/2008 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If there's anyone who would be the know-all, end-all on weed smokers, it'd be Cheech Marin -- and when we asked him if he thought Obama ever inhaled, he had a great answer.
Tommy Chong: Click to watch
If this YouTube clip is any indication, Cheech was right.


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bite me    

oh and BTW hello kitty, the majority of votes in both the house and senate on the bail out bill was passed by democrats. They way I understand it Obama wasnt rich, he worked and put himself into Harvard as my daughter is planning on doing, or maybe he had some unknown pay his way, either way he isnt going to make college "affordable" as you put it. A college education, a good one anyways isnt always easily obtainable, but with hard work and fortitude it can be achieved.

2187 days ago

Yall Make Me Sick    

You can complain all you can try to discredit OBAMA but the proof is in your face. McCain is going to lose. He is losing and losing bad lol. I did military media for 10 I know first hand about the lies. OBAMA is about as honest as you can get from a politician. It's getting late and some of you need to go to bed. Pay attention to whats going on in your own family and homes...

2187 days ago


Good Ole Cheech, good to see him kickin', "I did inhale and I am having relations with the American People and READ my lips, I will spend YOUR MONEY!!

2187 days ago


To: "bite me"

You seem like a very intellectual person (which is a norm in conservatives)...I see that you and "hello Kitty" are going back and forward with comments. My advise to you is: don't waste your time and don't get yourself on the level of "hello kitty"

you will never reason with the mind of a true liberal. And in the case of "'hello kitty", she is typical brainwashed individual from Obam's cult. So, there is no use to get that person to reason with her

I wonder what flavor of kool-aid "hello kitty" likes

2187 days ago


Heck I think the country en masse needs to be put on Valium to mellow out. Man your stress levels must be in the red zone. Chill people. And for those who prefer prayer, please do so, or try yoga, meditation, or just go out and do some sports - it might take the edge off.

If that doesn't work - keep going the way you've been going - it makes for great entertainment if nothing

2187 days ago


hey "katie"...I can tell you already drunk the "kool-aid"

2187 days ago


What is it with you Americans and kool-aid? Personally I never touch the stuff - way too much sugar, bad for your health.

And yes I know you were being sarcastic, as was I. 8-)

2187 days ago


Tonight will be, for all intensive purposes, President Obamas first state of the union. He is taking yet another step in the preparations that the country will need into the bright future he will provide for.
I am also convinced that Sen. McCain will continue to work hard in Washington.....we need him too.

2187 days ago
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