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John Shows Jen the Door

10/28/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop the presses!!! John Mayer took Jen Aniston out to dinner in Hollywood last night -- and he even opened the door for her on the way out! What a gentleman.

So much for "wanting to be alone."


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Run, Jennifer, run!!!!!!!

2156 days ago


Jenn Aniston is not stupid. She is desperate. John Mayer is playing this "OLD MAID" for her waining P.R. value.

2156 days ago


That woman has lost all sense of dignity.

Go to a small town and get married. You're just torturing yourself!

2156 days ago


Jennifer Aniston needs a MAN in her life and this couple is not generating the vibe for the media that it should. We all know that nothing matters except how TMZ bloggers respond, and where Jupiter was in the NYSE horoscope charts when a partial solar eclipse is seen in far western Alaskan islands (apparently Alaskans have a lot of weird delusions and governmental criminals who promote those delusions) after graveyard "Ruskie-watch" shift when the vodka sets in.

Jennifer Aniston, if a man opens a door for you, which came first?

2156 days ago

Ghost of Christmas Present    

Jennifer Aniston is a needy-has been. As soon as she left "Friends" her career tanked. That was how many years ago? Her last movie hit was what? She pales in comparison to Angilina...not that Iam comparing them or anything!lol! I have always felt bad for Jennifer's real friend, Courtney Cox. Iam sure Jen has pulled down that poor lady and her family for many years with all the drama, breakups, divorce and lack of positive things going on in Jens life. It's a shame. Iam pretty sure down the road that when baby Coco grows up and is looking at the family album she'll say, "I know that's me crying Mommy, but who is that other "baby" crying in all the pictures?" Courtney will have to reply, "That's your Aunti Jen,my dear!" It's great to have a best friend and all but you can't keep dumping on them year after year after year. It's time to grow up Jen.

2156 days ago

the loser    

he is a true gentlemen, but i wished he opened the door for me and not her... I am the future Mrs. Mayer and not her

2156 days ago


The boy is turning into a MAN!

2156 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Jennifer supposedly has $100 million so I do not think she needs a man. There are some women who date just
to be dating and then 20 years later they can't figure out why they are not married. Jennifer needs to date
someone her age and Hollywood status like Clint Eastwood or Bob Barker from the "Price is Right".

2156 days ago


I like this couple together.They are both single and are not hurting anyone.They were just going to dinner and getting into the car. They were not standing around,trying to get attention like Shauna Sand does. TMZ, the title of this is misleading,
be nice!

2156 days ago


Yes! This is what I want to read instead of the mass murderer in Chicago.

2156 days ago


Why do women think they cannot live without a man..????????Just another broken heart for you, Jen.

2156 days ago


Ok, I don'tlike her because she seems like a whiny b&tch and I can't stand him because he looks like a two-timing p*ssy. I say, let them stay together! Misery deserves company.

2156 days ago


I heard they are trolling for pretty girls to join them for threesomes.
So totally true.....

2156 days ago

Ghost of Christmas Present    

Posting #10 From "Her Honor"
After reading what you wrote it reminded me of something...long, long ago. It was a visual image of a picture that was taken and published during the weekend of "The Last Farewell" with Brad and Jennifer arm and arm, walking in the sand, during the mini vacation they used to announce their break-up. And also along for the ride were Courtney and David Arquette. I never did understand that week-end. I guess that's a new way to tell the world you're divorcing...walking arm and arm in the sand. Huh?! Obviously, the famous four-some knew what was going to happen that weekend, and the public were the only ones that were shocked. So right from that weekend (and after Brad left and ran like hell back to Angelina ...hell, who wouldn't?!) Courtney was the take-along shoulder to cry on and by now her shoulder must be a tsunami waiting to happen!! Courtney is probably in therepy from all the crap that Jennifer has laid on her over all these years. Brad sure has recovered and moved on and I doubt he's been using his buddy George Clooney as a sounding board for all these years. Grow up Jen.

2156 days ago


Whats the big deal with a simple picture of them leaving a place & getting in a car... Celebs once they are famous think they shouldn't have a picture taken, if they weren't famous yet, they'd be begging for there picture to be in a magazine!! Jen & John will last about 2 minutes or less..

2156 days ago
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