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Nancy Grace

Goes 1-On-1

With Balfour's Mom

10/29/2008 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of William Balfour -- the "person of interest" in the murder of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew -- was a guest on "Nancy Grace" last night. Like any good mother, she had a perfectly good reason for everything people are saying William did.


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This lady is a true idiot. Your son is Going to jail for LIFE. Get over it. You should have done a better job as a parent Get over it. His azz is getting the DEATH PENALTY.

2187 days ago

big joe    

you should arrest her for being the mother.

2187 days ago


his mother sounds like a freaking crack head. she acts like her son is an angel. he was in jail for attempted murder dummy

2187 days ago


What an idiot! She needs to have a family spokesperson or something. She sounded so stupid when Nancy asked her where the heck he was. "Oh, my oldest son________ ____ ____" WTF! IDIOT!

2187 days ago



I want to see this, hope it's on again

2186 days ago


"he studied horticulture" in jail.
gee i wonder what for????

2186 days ago

nancy lover    

Wow, perhaps her sons lawyer may want to put the kibosh on mom calling in to news shows?

2186 days ago


What's up with Perez Hilton's website? Anyone know?

2186 days ago


Nice to see the boy found a wife just like dear old mom.

Julian never had a chance with a bunch of crackheads like this surrounding him.

I also blame Jennifer Hudson's mother. She didn't do a stellar job with her children either and look what it got her and her family.

Wake up! You surround yourself with thugs you end up dead or in jail. There is nothing glamorous about this thug lifestyle.

2186 days ago


I love watching Nancy Grace, getting tired of the Casey Anthony hour, hope she starts going with this case

2186 days ago


This whole thing is just sad! Will's mother obviously believe's her son is innocent. We shall all soon see, there should be enough finger prints in the SUV. We all know he used to stay at the house, so that is to be expected. But one thing is for sure, something is not right. Things are not adding up. We are definitely not getting the full story....I think they are stil looking for 1 more person.

2186 days ago

Burn Baby Burn    

Why does the news need to say that he got his GED in prison or that he studied horticulture? Wake up Momma, you may think you raised him not to disrespect people but what you raised is a killer.

2186 days ago


The apple does not fall far from the tree. I had to watch last nights episode twice, is she serious? Because the owner of the car he jacked jumped on the hood of the car its the owners fault? Julia put the drugs in the car and the police had no probable cause to stop him after hearing gun fire? What ever. I hope she is on tonight also, Ignorant people like this should be sterilized.

2186 days ago


say what you want about Nancy Grace, but nobody calls people out better!!

2186 days ago


You all is saying my son did..... Blah blah blah.... My son got his GED while he was in jail..... Well isn't that nice, maybe he can get a college degree when he's in there this time. I'm surre that JULIA put the drugs in that poor baby's car. I mean you know WTF is wrong with people? He shot a LITTLE boy in the fing head! A little helpless boy in the head because he was a crackhead!
I hope he rots in jail

2186 days ago
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