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Suge: I Might Know Where My Missing GF Is...

10/30/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog was brave enough to ask Suge Knight about the mysterious disappearance of the girlfriend he allegedly punched and left naked on the side of the road -- and lived!
Suge Knight: Click to watch
According to Suge, the Las Vegas PD can apparently find her with our photog's "daddy".


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It's safe to say his GF is dead. Suge is a monster and fails to realize karma is a bitch with a good memory. He's done so much dirt that it is bound to return to him 10 fold sooner or later.

2149 days ago

Proud American    

Now THIS is what you call a THUG! There's no telling how many bodies he's got out there. This is the kind of person the police should be getting off the street. I wouldn't even mess with this fool, he's like a bear!

2149 days ago

d to the izzle    

Suge is what's wrong with the American Justice System, and maybe the American GENE POOL

2149 days ago


I agree with you, JJ. I wouldn't mess with that crasy thug either.

He should come with a warning label on his forehead.

2149 days ago


Please people....Please help find his girlfriend..She may have bumped her head and can't find her way home..Surge is a nice guy..only missunderstood, the media makes him out to be a bad guy..Once his girlfriend shows up again, she well tell you the truth about his kind-ness....Please help find her people.........And Please end the total Mad-ness of Black on Black Crime.....Obama will end it if he is elected, I am sure of this...Thanks

2149 days ago


HelenTootToot, if you truly believe that, then I have some magic beans to sell you.

2149 days ago


Suge Is a funny guy...His girlfriend got out of line and now no one can find her...hahahahaha

well that is her fault if she is "lost"...hahaha Everyone knows who Suge Knight is and what he is capable of, so if she wanted to walk on the wild side she has to deal with whatever.

And to #5 how about we just try and put a stop to crime..Instead of just black on black crime you moron..Btw when obama is elected change doesnt happen over night it is a process and people have to be willing to change.

2149 days ago


I can't get over how he spells his name. Suge is supposedly short for Sugar.......Then he should spell it "sug" or at LEAST "shug" Not Suge...u would pronounce that "SOOGE" as in STOOGE. Sheesh

2149 days ago


the man`s(beast) a killer,we all know that(tupau,biggy)now his little girlfriend.karma hasn`t even started on this guy
(beast).all the pain he`ll feel,(who know`s maybe that`s what he`s wait`n for)we should pray for his sorry soul too go to hell!!!

2149 days ago

michelle from cols oh    

Hopefully theres a special space reserved in hell for suge knight to be occupied very soon!!!!!

2148 days ago


"OMG", CRAZY GANGSTRA THUG is more like it! Shame a female is so hard pressed that she got to hang with Suge nite especially when you heard about the beat downs @ death row if you messed up a track or just made a mistake. Look after @PAC got shot & killed that was an omen, even Dr. Dre, Snoop & others stepped off becuase if you "LIVE LIKE A GANGSTRA THUG, THEN U DIE LIKE A GANGSTRA THUG"!

2129 days ago

Che Joubert    

I'm glad Obama has been elected - in reference to the commentor who was so sure he would save us. Obama was a right wing hoax, and so is the anti-Suge stuff (I agree about the crazy spelling of his name.) Anyway - it's P. Diddy you're looking for if you want to find the real criminal amongst the rappers. Look at how many people died in Death Row, and how Bad Boys survived. Bad Boys has become none other than Universal Music, which used to be MCA (Music Corp of America) The MCA peeps are totally corrupt but White and powerful - they will never be busted. Diddy comes from organized crime - look at his background - the police will never bust him or ruin his rep because their lives would be in danger if they did.

1519 days ago

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