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The French Disconnection

11/2/2008 12:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The real Sarah Fey-Palin was caught like a moose in the headlights yesterday by two Canadian comedians -- who duped her into thinking she was talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Sarah Palin: Click to listen!
Ms. Alaska was clueless on Montreal radio station CKOI, as the fake Sarkozy awkwardly talked about his sex life with his wife and his love for the XXX-rated "Nailin' Paylin."


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Leave Sarah Palin alone. She will be our next VP, without a doubt.

2180 days ago


What an idiot... no surprise.

2180 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

@JILLIAN (#1):

If McCain gets the Presidency, and that dumb b**** Palin is within a heartbeat of becoming leader of the free world, God help us all. You must not be too bright yourself, if you think that Palin would make a good ANYTHING, much less Vice President of the United States.

2180 days ago


Sarah is a typical "Air Head"!

2180 days ago


The radio station's name is CKOI by the way, not CKY

2180 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Not surprised at all. Please, dear God, only 2 more days until we can send her and her entire hillbilly family back to Alaska.

2180 days ago


# 1 are you f********** crazy? It will never happen that is why so many rep are jumping ship, this bit** is flat out stupid!!!!

2180 days ago

how do you say that?    

What TMZ doesn't say is that they also gave fantasy names to both Canadian and French Prime Minister and she never picked up on it. The scary part is that if she becomes VP, she'll have to work with those people she doesn't know the name of starting week! Because even if she is not taking office until january, she still has to work on the transition.
That prank just shows how ignorant she is when she's not preped. She's so not ready for the job...Come on I can understand she doesn't know the french PM, but the Canadian PM?! WTF she has only 2 country surrounding Alaska, and she still can't learn the name of their leaders?!

2180 days ago


CKY is a station in Winnipeg... WTF?


2180 days ago


Not only did she fail to notice that the world leaders' names were wildly incorrect, not to mention the inappropriateness of much of the subject matter, her ridiculously giggly manner in speaking with someone she supposed was a world leader truly shows her to be completely out of her league. The Republicans should be utterly ashamed that this woman's name was placed in nomination by John McCain to pander to the religious right. Country first? She is a world war waiting to happen. As hilarious as it is, it is also frightening.

2180 days ago


GET OUT ON VOTE on Tuesday, November 4!!!!

We must come together and ensure this ignorant woman is not sent to the White House! I've heard it said ~ "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" and that has never applied more greatly than this election. Let's no longer perpetuate the "dumbing down of America"!!!!!!!!

2180 days ago


I live in Montreal and the station' s ID is CKOI 96,9 FM, not CKY...Guys, get your facts straight!

2180 days ago


I think that radio station should have called Obama pretending to be terrorist from Iraq. I'm sure Obama would have plotted along with them, helping them plan out their next attack on America. If he wins I'm sure he will invite them all over for dinner at the White House. Great guy you democrats put up for president.

2180 days ago


CBC shows "Talking to Americans", basically made every single person in American politics look like an idiot for years. I still remember Rick Mercer going up to President Bush and asking
"Do you support canadian prime minister Poutine"?

george bush- "I am a huge fan of prime minister poutine"

In case you don't know, our prime ministers name is not Poutine. His name at the time was Chretien, after him Martin, and now Harper. Poutine is the tastiest food ever made. Fries, with cheese curds and gravy.

The show made fun of americans all the time. They would not only make politicians look like idiots, but every day people as well. They would go to schools like USC, Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth and ask students and professors there stupid questions, to which they would give stupid answers. We love americans, but by god people pick up a book

2180 days ago


Um TMZ, the radio station is CKOI not CKY. Just a fellow Montrealer correcting you.

2180 days ago
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