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Jethro Bodine: 'Memba Him?!

11/5/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Max Baer, Jr. became famous playing the Clampett nephew Jethro Bodine on the '60s TV series "The Beverly Hillbillies." Guess what he looks like now!
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Pray for Them

All the Hail Marys in the world aren't going to help some of these celebs.
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Barack Loses in Hollywood

Winning the Prezidency was a breeze for Barack Obama, compared to getting into Coco de Ville.Obama look-alike: Click to watch
The club's doorman -- who recently denied Chuck Liddell entry -- was clearly not impressed with the popular or electoral vote. The doorman initially turned away the Obama impersonator with faux Secret Service, but management eventually vetoed that decision, making Coco de Ville a "Yes We Can" club.

Oh. Yes. She. Did.

The first thing newly elected President Barack Obama needs to change ... Michelle's dress.
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Women aren't the only ones in Hollywood with baby bumps. Some of La La land's most masculine men have been rockin' the belly too!
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No Avatar

Erich Brock    

Why can't you people spell? In the Jethro piece you have "Memba him" and in the Obama piece you say "prezidency". I know you are pandering a rather large moronic base, after all look who you elected, but do you think, just maybe you could spell words as they are in the dictionary? Just an idea, or is being literate not cool anymore? I haven't kept up.

2186 days ago

Old School    

Fu*k YOU for making fun Michelle Obama dress...YOU are an AS*HOLE TMZ and NOTHING but.

2186 days ago


Looking flawless?! Hardly. He look so pale and tired and has obviously gained alot of weight.

2186 days ago


Anyone who has actually watched the Beverly Hillbillies knows that it was about a bunch of backwood people who didn't speak correct English, Jethro especially. Maybe you should be become more informed before you post!

2186 days ago


I to was taken back by your "memba him" in the title.
Who is writing this crap, a bunch of bush monkeys?
The spelling and grammer on this site always seems sto amaze me.

2186 days ago

Dexter Von Quigley    

Yes we remember him.......and his name is NOT Jethro Bodine CLAMPETT. His mother was Pearl Bodine. He was the nephew of Jed Clampett, but at no time in the entire run of the series was he ever called Jethro Clampett. The family was called the CLAMPETT family, but only Jed and and Elley May were actually Clampetts. Granny was actually Daisy Moses.
So when all you people that get paid fairly good money to do research and come up with all these articles do your home work and do more that just do a bit of internet search and go and watch the shows then maybe you can get all the facts correct.

2186 days ago


To Erin Broch, " I haven't kept up." ia an incomplete sentence. And to Mark, "grammar" is spelled with an "a" not an "e". I think both of you qualify to write for this website.

2186 days ago


who cares if these old dudes don;t have a perfect bod???? LEAVE THEM ALONE!

2186 days ago


Your right. Mrs Obama's dress was a O-noma. Bad all the way to the bank.

2186 days ago


Dearest Mark/Comment #5: Grammar is spelled with an A - not GrammEr.

2186 days ago

Obama Sucks    

Hey, to all you losers that made Osama a winner. I had an interesting conversation with a black man today and I asked him why he voted for Osama ...and he said like many others, because he is black. Pretty sad and it is a good thing that "real" Americans didn't vote white because of color. Then I realized of course his color ...what else has the homey done? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2186 days ago


Wow, Dexter . . . I liked the Beverly Hillbillies, too, but you must have really liked it! Thanks for clearing up the Clampett/Bodine family trees.

2186 days ago


Hell Yes, her dress was horrible. Maybe GOV Palin instead of donating her clothes to charity, she can let Michelle wear them. And they were in Chicago! Damn, why didn't Oprah drop a few dollars and buy her a dress. Now, for an acceptance speach, many Americans willl remember the words spoken by Pre-Elect Obama but visulaize the hideous outfit worn by his wife!

2186 days ago

Fanny Mae    

I never post in these things but I was also horrified when I saw Michelle's dress. Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin looked so classy and then came Michelle!!!

2186 days ago


To all the African Americans that voted for Obama merely because he is black, just remember, he is only half black ...the other half is white.

2186 days ago
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