Jethro Bodine: 'Memba Him?!

11/5/2008 2:55 PM PST

Jethro Bodine: 'Memba Him?!

Max Baer, Jr. became famous playing the Clampett nephew Jethro Bodine on the '60s TV series "The Beverly Hillbillies." Guess what he looks like now!

Pray for Them

All the Hail Marys in the world aren't going to help some of these celebs.

Barack Loses in Hollywood

Winning the Prezidency was a breeze for Barack Obama, compared to getting into Coco de Ville.

The club's doorman -- who recently denied Chuck Liddell entry -- was clearly not impressed with the popular or electoral vote. The doorman initially turned away the Obama impersonator with faux Secret Service, but management eventually vetoed that decision, making Coco de Ville a "Yes We Can" club.

Oh. Yes. She. Did.

The first thing newly elected President Barack Obama needs to change ... Michelle's dress.

Eating for Two ... or Three

Women aren't the only ones in Hollywood with baby bumps. Some of La La land's most masculine men have been rockin' the belly too!