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Palin's Biggest Fans Call Her Stupid, Really Stupid

11/6/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been less than 48 hours since the election has ended, and the Sarah Palin bashing and blaming is already in full force -- and it's Fox News leading the charge?!

Basically, Fox News reporter Carl Cameron went on the air with Shepard Smith yesterday to reveal all sorts of incredibly damaging "off the record" juicy secrets about Palin -- like the fact she didn't know Africa was a continent. But It gets better....

In the report, the woman who several Fox News personalities hailed as a person qualified to run the country is portrayed as someone who couldn't pass the 4th grade.

There's the bus -- and there's Sarah Palin being thrown under it.


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Fox is losing its credibility and should be ashamed what hypocrites

2145 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

Thankfully that airhead redneck Palin is GONE! What an albatross she was for the McCain and the Republicans.
Now that things that were off record are now on .... people will see how dumb this woman is. She abused the power she has in Alaska, she took full advantage of the GOP funds for things like clothes for her since this woman is a big redneck who has no sense of style or taste. She was all about "Joe sixpack" but then OVER spent money for clothes for her, her husband, children, jewelry, luggage, etc while using Palin staffers credit cards and a wealthy donor to all pay for it.
Nothing but a hypocrite and loving the spotlight she was in. She really thought she was going to be the next VP and live the life of luxury. Thank God people saw through this woman. She won't be back in 2012, she is a running joke amongst
DC and anyone in politics. There are some unintelligent people (mostly uneducated white females) that still stand by her, knowing she is as dumb as dirt. But then they are too.

Our best bet is President Obama, it may take him years or like he said, another term to fix things. Remember, he didn't create this mess, the Republicans did. So nothing happens over night. Praise Obama!!!

2145 days ago


There is no real honest news anymore now that Fox has gone into the liberal tank of hypocrites

2145 days ago


Yeah. Palin has more experience than Obama. More experience at being DUMB!!!! I pray thanks to God for getting this woman out of my sight. PHEW!!!!!

2145 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Lelsie B. and Dallas are two (2) morons.

I fuct Sarah Palin. And so did Jon McSame.

2145 days ago


Read Dummies,

TMZ is a liberal site that posts garbage about Palin no matter where they get it from. They got their garbage from Fox, so what? That was a garbage piece too. They just obtained their trash from a conservative site. This just adds fuel to the fire.

2145 days ago


It's scary that there are people that would vote for Sarah Palin, because she's so 'folksy' and 'one of us' etc. I know that I would not be up to being president and I would not want 'one of us' having that responsibility. I'm great at some things and I suck at others, so ti's not that I don't think highly of myself. Sarah Palin does not have what it takes to be President or VP. Shame on those of you that would vote for someone in the highest office of this country just because they remind them of yourself and feel they're 'down to earth'.

Be honest - would YOU have the capabilities to run this country? And would you want someone LIKE YOU be in charge?

2145 days ago


Exactly Bill. Maybe Fox will become more liberal and get bought out. They are jumping on the bandwagon too. The liberals are having fun with this piece.

2145 days ago


I love Sarah Palin! We lost because Bush is extremely unpopular and the economy is in horrible shape. McCain didn't stand a chance.

2145 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

"! Experience does not equal intelligent!

Posted at 12:24PM on Nov 6th 2008 by TINALOUISE"

Just Rest your head, you've had a long night. fyi it's INTELLIGENCE , (IDIOT MORON)

2145 days ago


today journalism died in america now that fox has gone in the tank of liberal hypocrites there is no news channel to watch anymore

2145 days ago


No, she probably does not have the credentials to VP. Trashing her when the campaign is over with is getting old though. No one is going to care about her anymore though. Many people keep trashing the Obamas too. Enough is enough. I would rather this site just go back to celebrity gossip. The Jossip might be good.

2145 days ago

driving miss daisy    

#21 I think you are the stupid one for voting for this anti-american anti-christ, he is a muslim and clearly stated that he would side with them! also look up on the internet Obama anti american there is a picture of that a**hole with Hillary Clinton and he would not even put his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Alligance!! and now this piece of crap is the Commander and Chief!! good by america, as we know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also if you are a working person say goodbye to your maney and "SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND"

2145 days ago


just because they couldnt mold Sarah into your typical washington insider they threw her under the bus way to go shepard,carl and o'reilly what journalism

2145 days ago


Ooh, someone made a typo, and you have to call someone a moron and idiot. You are a true a'sshole. I am sure you never made one yourself since you are so perfect. Yeah, right.

2145 days ago
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