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Palin's Biggest Fans Call Her Stupid, Really Stupid

11/6/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been less than 48 hours since the election has ended, and the Sarah Palin bashing and blaming is already in full force -- and it's Fox News leading the charge?!

Basically, Fox News reporter Carl Cameron went on the air with Shepard Smith yesterday to reveal all sorts of incredibly damaging "off the record" juicy secrets about Palin -- like the fact she didn't know Africa was a continent. But It gets better....

In the report, the woman who several Fox News personalities hailed as a person qualified to run the country is portrayed as someone who couldn't pass the 4th grade.

There's the bus -- and there's Sarah Palin being thrown under it.


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lets throw Sarah under the bus when we can not mold her into a typical washington stuffy suit. Sarah you stick to your guns we love you

2114 days ago


I am a big stinking pig. I am a pig to everyone.

2114 days ago


America get ready - this was all planned by the Republican party. They aligned these two to make sure they lost. Its a pretty good strategy so they can regroup, revamp in four years with a bigger, brighter puppet who will raise the party from the ashes. Watch and see.

2114 days ago


My friend told me about this website and said i was on it. I checked it out and its soo cool its like gossip girl but for college. I LOVE IT

2114 days ago


Hey Joe,

Quit spamming the site. You are getting annoying.

2114 days ago


I'm glad these stories are coming out so you stupid supporters of hers can see how STUPID SHE IS and why I voted for Obama. I'm also glad FOX pointed out that McCain's Neighbors started to slip not because of the economy but because OF HER INTERVIEWS. She is an absolute joke and a DUMB BIT^H. SARAH PALIN SUPPORTERS: DUMMIES OF AMERICA.

2114 days ago


Carl cameron Sherpad Smith Bill o'reilly are all pinheads for reporting on such CRAP

2114 days ago

M & M    

Screw FOX. I am never watching them again and that goes for Katie Couric (who I can't stand). She thinks she's holier than thou.

2114 days ago


Why do people feel that the new president is going to "ef up big time"? Do you not understand how "effed up" the country has become because of your previous 2 choices in the presidential election? Why are you calling TMZ morons? Hello!! They post news like this about EVERYBODY!!! Noone is exempt from this. And all they did was post the video on the website. Youtube has the same video. Are they morons as well? Stop acting as if we've never had a democratic president before. So Sara Palin was governor of the 48th largest state in the country. Obama was part of the Illinois Senate as well as the US Senate, so where does he not have experience. George Bush was a governor before being elected president and look at what "experience" gets you. For all of you who feel the world is coming to an end because a black man is president (not because the democratic party won, which has happened so many times before so that couldn't POSSIBLY be the problem here), calm down. You'll have your chance again in four years. Deal with it and move on.

2114 days ago

who really cares???    

So, Palin is stupid for not know Africa is a continent???? Then what does that make Mr Obama for thinking he visited 57 states and had 2 more to go????

2114 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

'65. I am a big stinking pig. I am a pig to everyone."

Glad you can admit it. Maybe now you'll go get some help. First step: STAY AWAY FROM THE BBQ. and go cash your welfare check. (s)

2114 days ago


this information is not surprising about Palin. the fact that McCain chose her shows his lack of good judgment. Obama has already hit the ground running and his acceptance speech was articulate, intelligent and humble. I feel hope for the country finally since JFK.

2114 days ago


I roll with the pigs. I roll around in my cesspool with the flies landing on me.

2114 days ago


That's nice Where's Joe. We all knew that you are a worthless piece of pig crap.

2114 days ago


I am so intelligent that I can tell you everything I know in 10 seconds.

2114 days ago
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