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Trig, Bristol, Track and Piper Up for Adoption

11/9/2008 3:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Palin fans looking for a post-election keepsake -- take note.

Four doves named after the Palin clan are up for grabs on the Anchorage Animal Control website -- and if you act now, you get a free, limited edition election results newspaper to line their cages.


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Al Baby    

And this is the best you guys can do. Tell that surfer dude with the dirty blond hair he has a purdy mouth He is the biggest fruit cup I have ever seen

2177 days ago


What it is TMZ? >>>> you have to play your little dirty games with the conservatives? of course you can, because if you did it with Obama and his clan you'll be swiped out for sure!

You guys are scary cats

2177 days ago


TMZ is for the Birds!

2177 days ago


Who needs a new first dog? Michelle is moving into the White House on January 20th.

2177 days ago


The TMZ people are cowards they would not dare run any hateful info on the Obamas. But the Bible does say "thall shalt not take thy Lord's name in vain."

2177 days ago

ready for change    

Yikes.. bitter bitter repubs here today... TMZ pales in comparison to the dirt and mug you guys love to sling.. hypocrits.

2177 days ago


Where's Truck,Traech, Brit, Brat and Bort?

2177 days ago


I always wonder about people who give their children ridiculous names. A plea for attention? Displaying a belief that their darling children are somehow just a little more special than the rest of ours? Or...could be just plain POOR JUDGMENT?

2177 days ago


Haaaa! Great job TMZ. This is PRICELESS! I knew they were all animals.

@#3. Roger.. Awe are you still salty because a black family is gonna get to live in the white house sweetie?? Well here's a little advice for you..GET OVER IT!! Talking bad about the first lady and the first kids isn't gonna change that. I'm sure you must still be bitter after old man Mccains loss to Obama huh? Well America spoke loud and clear and chose who we wanted in the white house. Just accept that. And lets also not forget the Animal Control people have a donkey in there too with your name.. ya big j@ckass!

2177 days ago


Geeze Roger, racist much? Better get with the times, pal - enjoy the fact that our country is finally going to pull itself out of this pit that George Bush dragged us into. Either that or just sit around wallowing in your bitterness...whatever. Calling the Obama children "monkeys" just shows what an ignorant, scared, pessimistic person you must be. Fear of change is no reason to call little girls names, you pathetic coward.

2177 days ago


ditto Vanessa... Roger represents the ignorant, racist side of the Republican party... His MO? He's probably a 30-something guy living with his mom at home, very few friends, and spewing hate online makes him feel big for once.... LOL.

2177 days ago

ready for change    

You nailed it Vanessa, God forbid any Dems mention Palins kids but apparently it's fine for the repubs to racially slur two innocent little girls.. racism.. alive and well in America... how pathetic.

2176 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

Speakin of monkeys.. anybody taken a good look at our very white current President lately? He gets more and more chimplike by the day.

2176 days ago

Wizard of Oz...Staring McCain as the Tin Man and Sarah Palin as the Scarecrow    

Those posting racist comments come on TMZ, hiding behind their keyboards....much like in real life when they hide behind their white hoods. Nothing but a pack of cowards. You make me ashamed to be white.

2176 days ago


"Q-What's the differance between a puppy and a liberal hypocrite? A- puppies stops whinning after thay grow up."

2176 days ago
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