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Remains in Custody

Still Not Charged

11/10/2008 12:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

William BalfourThe parole hearing for William Balfour, the main suspect in the Hudson family killings has ended, and he will remain in jail at least until December.

We're told the key evidence against Balfour came from a former girlfriend, who said she saw him with a gun that appeared to match the murder weapon. He will have another hearing on December 3.

The parole board did not make its decision because of the murders, although it's curious why it mentioned the weapon.

The board also said it made its decision because he was in a place where drugs were sold.

Balfour has been in custody since October 24.


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Thank God, hopefully in the next few weeks the results of any DNA testing will come back, maybe a few witnesses will come forward (I said MAYBE so keep your panties on) and the CPD will have ample time to put a solid case together.

2171 days ago


Aww poor Julia will have to find another lover until William gets out.

Sweet angel mom Julia has been the best mom, she deservs time with her man

2171 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Burn in Hell, baby killer.

2171 days ago


From the Chicago Tribune:

"The Illinois Prisoner Review Board ruled this morning that there was reason to believe that William Balfour, 27, had violated his parole. The major reason was that his girlfriend had said that she had seen him with a gun that matched the murder weapon, according to Jorge Montes, chairman of the review board. In addition, the board said he had violated parole by being in places where drugs were sold. That stems from a June 19 drug arrest, but Balfour's parole was not revoked at that time."

"Balfour acknowledged being at the Hudson's Englewood home on the morning that the actress' mother, Darnell Donerson, and her brother, Jason Hudson, were gunned down inside the house, law enforcement sources said."

"Another full hearing to decide whether to revoke Balfour's parole was set for Dec. 3."


2171 days ago

northern gypsy    

this is what freak's me out...when i look at this kids pic...don't see triple murder suspect !!! walking down the street i wouldn't think twice if he passed me... dna will tell us the truth...what a tragedy...

2171 days ago

Missing MJ    

If the CPD don't charge him in the Hudson murders with something after this gun sighting by an ex-girlfriend, then it is obvious that they are having the state hold William on this "parole violation" to keep William in "protective custody".

Either way, it was smart on the part of CPD to turn him over to the State for the alleged parole violation. They either have time to pursue a clean and error free investigation of the murders without the fear of their main person of interest skipping town, or they can keep the real killer(s) thinking that they have gotten away with it and wait for them to slip up, because they always do. William may even be providing some "tips" about the murders himself.

2171 days ago

pattie in cali    

i hope an pray this guy gets life, what was he thinking????? that poor boy, why do people hurt an kill childern. why????
i hope he gets everything coming to him. GOD BLESS THE FAMILY, keep the faith, GOD IS THERE FOR ALL OF YOU, just call on him, hes already there, so very sad,

2171 days ago


Hopefully Julia won't be far behind, maybe they can share a cell if they have one big enough.

2171 days ago


Well considering how passionate people are regarding this case it is a good thing he stayed in b/c if let out I don't think he would make it 24 hrs on South Side Chi! Someone would take him out just for admitting that he was their that morning they would kill him and we would never get to know what actually happened and who were the rest of the individuals involved and why did this happen in the first place.

2171 days ago


Bryon Wolf The parole hearing for William Balfour, the main suspect in the Hudson family killings has ended, and no decision has been made yet as to his release.

Bryon Wolf We're told the key evidence against him was a former girlfriend, who said she saw him with a gun that appeared to match the murder weapon.

Bryon Wolf Jorge Montes, Chairman of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, will now forward the case onto a three-member panel for review.

Balfour has been in custody since October 24. Bryon Wolf

2171 days ago


I bet he will try to blame it on spanky, weezer or pete the dog

2171 days ago

Shane Hunter    

There's nothing "curious" about it...they refer to the gun because he is on parole and having one in his posession is a violation

2171 days ago


At first I was sure that he had done it but, it is taking the law for ever to get there and it makes me wonder why. I know many people would go after him if let lose without solid evidence, but for love of God, if he didn't do this i pray they get the story straight cause it's not fair for him either to be paying for something he didn't do. Now if he did do it then at least have the decensy to charge him already. I rember the chief of police saying that more than likely they could have charges filed as early as monday almost a month ago, and yet he's still sitting in jail with nothing filed except bogus drug charges. Anywhere you go in the southside is going to have drugs and drug dealers it's inevitable to go there and not have some one near by smoking some nature. As far as Julia goes, I am bewildered by her behavior seeing how she bounced "back on top" so soon. Oh well, time will tell I suppose.

2171 days ago


By the way shane makes a good point about the gun and the violation

2171 days ago

white girl from damascus    

he's innocent

2171 days ago
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