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Bloodsuckers Trample Kids at "Twilight" Signing

11/10/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kids were trampled, the cops were called in, blood was reportedly spilled -- all over a chance to see a guy from a film that hasn't even opened yet.
Robert Pattison: Click to view!
Things got nasty at San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria this morning when a crowd of roughly 3,000 anxious tweens grew out of control while waiting for a chance to see "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson.

The crowd -- nearly 10 times larger than event officials prepared for -- mutated into a mob scene when a push to get into the mall got so wild, that several kids fell under the crush. One girl reportedly broke her nose and another fainted.

No arrests were made and the event was canceled for obvious reasons.


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Sounds like the shades of The Who disaster of the 70's with the exception of the police being called

2142 days ago

truthfully yours    

Sad to think that young kids would stand in line to watch or see someone related to a vampire movie, but wouldn't be caught dead in a church.

2142 days ago

Nobody In Particular    

No school today?

2142 days ago


Church.....Umm most girls I am sure are going to see Twlight Friday an go to church on the weekend to pay for their sins. HAHAHAHAHA Twlight is awesome. It is not your tipical vampire movie. It is a teen romance story. I have to say I caught on to it very late but once I started reading I finished all 4 books in a week an a half. I am not one of those people who reads all the time either. But when I find a good book I am all over it. These books are not small either. The story envokes emotions on all kinds of levels I would say. I think that is why most teen girls or women can get into this story.

I figured I had time to get tickets to see it on opening day but they are sold out at both Arclights opening weekend. It is cool though I will see it ssoon.

2142 days ago


You're so right "I've always been proud of America". These actors are just people with probably more problems than we have. Stop idolizing them. It's really sad. As for me and my house, we will worship the Lord. May God's love be made known to these kids.

2142 days ago


I'm so glad Henry Cavill turned down this movie. He doesn't need this kind of fangirl hystrionics.

2142 days ago


This guy is not Edward Cullen with his bushy eyebrows and his unwashed hair! This movie looks like it had a budget of 1,000!! the girl that is playing bella needs to stick to lifetime movies the only person who fits is the kid playing Jacob.. Loved the books but i cringe and die a little on the inside every time I see a preview of this movie!

2142 days ago


Actually Twilight was written by a Mormon and promotes abstinance. Go figure for a vampire book or movie. :P

2142 days ago

Alaska is not a continent    

#2 and #4 how do you know that these folks dont go to church? Assuming they dont (or dont like to) its probably to avoid self-righteous, judgemental fools like you.

2142 days ago


And nobody saw Rob! They canceled the event. What a bunch of crazies!

2142 days ago


What the heck are all you people talking about? I bet all those kids in line actually read the book series, and are fans of the movie as a result. And you're complaining cause they went to a little fan signing? Give me a break.

And Um, Henry Cavill is an old man-- he couldn't play a seventeen year old, hello! Now, Little Pretty Pony McPattison? He's just the ticket. I love this kid. I love that he doesn't wax his eyebrows either and look like a pansie like Chace Crawford.

2142 days ago


dude, I'd totally bloody people's noses to get to Robert Pattinson. I'm just sayin...get between me and RP, and I'll totally open a can of whoop azz.

2142 days ago


Is this a Brittish thing? I've never heard of "Twilight".
Also, church people~I'm a Christian too, but this is a site for pop culture and celebrity news, can we keep the preaching in church?

2142 days ago


What kind of hypocrite criticizes kids for not going to church--when they are on a gossip site wasting time commenting? Give me a break.

And oh---you know blood shedding is totally justified for this guy. He's freaking hawt.

2142 days ago


A kids obsession is a powerful thing. Think about all the stars that are famous because kids freak out about them: Miley, Britney, Jonas Brothers...the list goes on.

2142 days ago
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