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Lindsay Lohan: Hooray for the "Coloreds"

11/11/2008 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is it 1945 again? Lindsay Lohan is now calling Barack Obama America's first "colored president."
Lindsay Lohan: Click to watch!
The clip currently appears on "Access Hollywood's" website. And here's the most shocking thing -- neither she nor Maria Menounos acknowledged it.


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We need to stop looking to people like Lindsay Lohan for inspiration, guidance or even their opinion. Sadly, and for some reason, the entertainment press continue to think folks like Lindsay have anything interesting to say... typically they don't and utter vapid responses to even the simplest questions.

Regardless of all this, I do believe her heart was in the right place... even if she completely botched the delivery of the answer.

2118 days ago


Lindsay is RIGHT!
there's no black,african american in my book or background. from Alabama, I
grew up as colored and all of this "black" and "african american" stuff came along
as a result of trying to add labels to try and get along in this world, and all it did was
piss people off because they had a hard time trying to figure out how to address a certain
people without hurting feelings. people simply don't have time for that nor should they.finally,
if we had remained colored all along, the whole country would be much further ahead in that
sense. i am proud to be colored and to be called colored. go girl.

2118 days ago


50. Okay first of all, Obama is black it is so funny to me that now he is mixed his Mother is white his Dad is black he is black...his wife is black and his children is he is mixed why becuase he is in the "white" house? if he was of the streets and doing unjust things and his momma was white and his dad was black then he would be the another black man committing a is sad to say that some people just don't give credit where credit is due. god forbid he gets into that "white" house and does something that is not pleasing to some people watch how black he becomes then. If he is not black then why all the hate crimes with the kkk and skin heads and and the horrible pitures of things hanging from trees etc? bottom line, "Black Americans" have made history and for the one that commented on he is not the first black president, name one that admitted to being black? That African American gene that he has then is very dominate because if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck then what the hell?

Posted at 12:13PM on Nov 11th 2008 by Angela

This is by far the most ignorant, grammatically incorrect, and miss-spelled comment I've read in this entire post.

And for the record, ANGELA, anyone who has parents of different races is bi-racial. The stupidity in this post astounds me. I could edit it for you, but then I wouldn't be able to actually LoL at the word 'pitures'.

2118 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@Jeff Dranetz "colored" is derogatory. Period. So are the majority of "names" that Black people are sometimes called. Just because you don't get it, doesn't make it any less offensive.

I am so SICK of people pulling the free speech argument out of their a$$ when Black people get offended. We get offended and you want to say free speech - GET OVER IT, but when YOU get offended - by let's say a Rev. Jeremiah Wright - it's different? BS!!!!!! And what is REALLY crazy is that Rev. Wright NEVER invoked race. Rev. Wright only talked about some
of the actions and offenses commited by the American government. Yet, there were MANY people calling him a racaist and it was unfounded. I am not saying Lindsay is a racist, but she should know that "colored" is offensive.

Damn, it is 2008 and you all STILL don't get it. Why does it matter to you? You want to call Black people names that badly? Or you're just confused because rappers say the N-word or because the NAACP says colored? Gimme a break. You aren't THAT stupid. Frank Sinatra used Italian slurs - but that doesn't give me license to use the slur. There is a magazine titled with a derogatory name for Jewish people and it is a publication BY Jewish people - that doesn't make it ok for me to say the word.

This just doesn't require a lot of thought. It is Black or African-American. A white person from Africa who is now a naturalized citizen - like you REALLY know any - doesn't really complicate this issue. You can say African-American (non-white) the same way applications say White (Not Latino). That should clear it up. If not, take a look at the ethnic groups according to the census and see ALL the distinctions that are made.

If I tell you that I am offended by a word, you can ignore it - like you usually do or you can correct your ignorant behavior. Plain and simple. There are some offensive names that most Black people just don't want to hear - but say them if it's that serious to you.

There is freedom of speech, as well as freedom of reaction. Peace.

2118 days ago


RE: #53 Posted at 12:16PM on Nov 11th 2008 by not a dumbass

Dear Mr. Dumbass,
I am not sure where to begin with you. My point is that people should not make a big deal about race because it does not matter. Is it elitist to believe that people should “not but judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character? I am not sure who told you that you were clairvoyant, but I can assure you I do not have a guilt complex and my intention to persuade people that the man-man construct of race is not something that should separate people. Furthermore those that refer to race often incorrectly use it when they really mean culture. Of course our cultural differences make this country and world great. It is not the fact that someone has dark or light skin, black or blond hair. I am not attempting to blur lines whatsoever I am trying to eradicate lines or racial separation. I am by no means trying to “diminish accomplishments”. But, I would remind you that you are lauding a man for his accomplishments because of his race. I am simply suggesting that you laud a man for his accomplishments regardless of his race.
Oh and if you would like to read more about the other African-American presidents. Have a look here You really should educate yourself before you call someone idiotic. It makes you look, well…

2118 days ago


First...why would anyone take anything the loser, washed-up, rung out, drug abuser also known as lindsey lohan says seriously? is the whole freedom of speech thing bs? It sure seems to only apply to some. Sure, some words are offensive, but who forces anyone to listen. If you don't like what you hear can't you just not listen? Political correctness is bs and it does nothing but hinder freedom of speech. How did this nation become so full of soft skinned, whiny losers?

2118 days ago


Facepalm...go palm your ognorant ass can't understand it or don't understand it because you my dear are I'm sure the one hanging sh@1 from the trees...I guess you wouldn't understand it bastard....

2118 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Since she stumbles and mumbles through her word choice "colored," I think it's more an example of her uneducated, moronic point of view than of anything else. This is a person who probably didn't finish high school, right? She has lead a falsely sheltered life and for all we know, she thinks the word Colored is au currant. Just another reason why no one should give a F about what she or other celebrities think. Harvey is just like her for broadcasting this. The other twit should be working a soup line. What a cow-tow stupid idiot she is.

2118 days ago


How many of you have stopped today to thank a vet for fighting the "Krauts", "Dagos", "Japs" and "Redcoats" etc. for your freedom?

2118 days ago


There really IS too much emphasis being put on Obama's color, especially considering he is biracial. This country needs to rise above all the race and partisan CRAP and just come together to help this man lead our wonderful country out of the war and recession.

2118 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Just more crap from the deluded left wing . You can't have it both ways, these folks call themselves , "WOMEN OF COLOR" then become offended when Linsey calls them colored , Is it me or are they all confused ?

2118 days ago


68. Facepalm...go palm your ognorant ass can't understand it or don't understand it because you my dear are I'm sure the one hanging sh@1 from the trees...I guess you wouldn't understand it bastard....

Posted at 12:35PM on Nov 11th 2008 by Angela

Angela, you're an idiot - plain and simple. Ignorant posts like this assure me that you aren't worth my time and trouble to even bother to comment further. But, now that I'm 'ognorant', I have to say - step back and take a look at yourself. You should re-read your posts and use a spell check before you try to insult someone. I LoL'd at this.

2118 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

by Her ignorance is showing"

And so is yours, so is yours.

2118 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@ Buster - I understand what you are saying, but I disagree with you.

Being the first of one's group to accomplish such greatness is something to be commended. Irisha-Americans celebrated Kennedy - so why should we be expected to forget all that we have gone through in this country and not celebrate this election? Do you realize that a woman voted in this past election and she is only a generation past slavery? Imagine what she has seen in HER OWN lifetime.

We should ignore that?

Is the racism that I experience here in Georgia going to stop because Obama is the President-elect? No. But it is proof positive that race doesn't ALWAYS matter. It is not that race doesn't matter. And if you don't believe me, holler at some people who live in red states and ask them about the atmosphere in the state the day after the election. Sure, there are some people who are disappointed because they don't think that Obama is going to do a good job, but there are a lot of people tearing him down because of his color.

The answer is not to ignore our differences, but to understand them and respect them.

2118 days ago


Why is this so shocking to anyone? It is a general term in Long Island that black people are called colored - and they call Italians Wops and the Irish are Mics - what no one knows this about Long Island? Oh, and they all think they are normal!

2118 days ago
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