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Gives Chick a Lickin'

11/11/2008 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson clearly has a taste for women.

During a recent night out with a few of his co-stars, Robbie P. decided to give co-star Anna Kendrick a tongue bath -- and for the record, she looks like she liked it.


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i agree rp is not edward cullen but he sure is close. edward wouldntr lick anyone, hes too much of a gentelmen but rp sure is lovely, RP, RP, RP the amazing RP is so close to edward its scary. have you seen jacob though OMG!!!!!

2170 days ago


The guy is only 22 years old. Let him stick his tounge where he wants to- and 99% of women out there (and some men) certainly wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of that tounge. I certainly wouldn't mind.

2170 days ago

Emy Dacalos    

oh, please, he's not edward. he is robert pattinson.
& don't tell some of you people commented here haven't done
alot of those poses in those pictures. The difference is that his acts are being highlighted cuz he's an actor.
other than that, he just a normal guy trying to have fun.

p.s. his tongue does look like gene simmons! lol

2170 days ago


these aren't RECENT. They're from the summer.

2170 days ago

just my input    

oh the things that tongue could do...had to say it...don't tell me many have not thought it!

2170 days ago

♥Nëwხ0rn V4ლpiяє    

I know ugh! I agree with Santa up there^^^^.
This is totally NOT Edward type behavoir!
Way to ruin the image of Edward Cullen for everyone -sigh-.

2170 days ago


i think people should calm down. Rob is beautiful and perfect for edward. he isnt a little disney channel star he can do what he wants hes 22. Its not like they are having sex they are taking a funny picture. so people should just relax and not judge him so much

2170 days ago


oh get over it, he's out and drunk and having fun at a club.

we all do silly things when out, i'm sure there's silly photos of you guys doing similar things - there's a hundred of me doing absolutely ridiculous things. go out and get a life people, yes i love twilight but i'm not going to just assume that Pattinson is going to act like Eddie all the time, cos he's not. and he's not out making sex tapes or taking nude photos, this photo is SO harmless.

as for the buffy thing, Meyer has never seen an episode of Buffy in her life, it's no buffy rip off, get over it and read the book, you know nothing.

2170 days ago


haha just out of curiosity, who is that other fellow?? isnt he like an interviewer?

2170 days ago


What about Nikki Reed? She was there too. She's one fierce lady, the more she hangs around Patts the more I hope their dating. If so I say good for her. She's super hilarious and has a great personality.

2170 days ago

ProRob AntiEdward    

Dear people in the comments.

This man is NOT Edward Cullen ANYWHERE but on A) SET B) SCREEN. He's not at ALL. He never HAS been, he never WILL be. If you knew anything about him before this stupid TWILIGHT crap you would know that hes known to party alot harder than this.

Besides, the guy hates Edward Cullen, why on earth would he try to be anything close to him?? Leave him alone and let him be a human being plz. Stop comparing him to your ridiculously high and illogical standards.

2169 days ago


i wish that he wasnt licking her though
i wish it was nikki reed or kristin stewart instead
id love to see him end up dating one of those two girls:D

its a hard realization to come to, that he is not edward
we all want there to be a real person/creature like him;)

i wanna get drunk with this man

2169 days ago


get drunk with him?
i second that one.
dude knows how to party.

2169 days ago


i agree with all of those in favor of the "GET OVER IT; ROBERT IS NOT EDWARD" clause. seriously, if u guys were 22, and u actually had a life, u would be taking pics just like this. i do. and if i saw ur myspace or facebook or w/e, u do too. so lets all stop acting like 13 year old bitchy, adolescent , tweens, and accept this for wut it is: a picture of some (really hot) inebriated actor doing wut every ohter drunken human being does. so suck it up and accept the fact.

2169 days ago


Who cares about this loser? Saw him on t.v. last night at a book/poster signing with thousands of screaming girls. Now the real beauty in Twilight is the vampire played by Cam Gigandet (James). That tongue of Pattison's could go a long way tossing Cam's salad!

2169 days ago
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